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QloApps Channel Manager

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If you are running any hotel and your rooms are getting booked via multiple platforms like the hotel website or different OTA’s.

And your hotel has a limited number of rooms. These same rooms are getting displayed on all the OTA’s.

So it becomes very hectic to update the real-time status of the room on each channel.

Hoteliers face problems like over-bookings, inconsistent inventory management, and missed opportunities.

To overcome this problem here comes the role of the channel manager.

Channel Manager is a centralized software that helps hoteliers to get hassle-free synchronization of property booking details availability, rates, and inventory with OTA channels and the hotel Website.

It will resolve major hotel-industry problems like over-bookings, inconsistent inventory management, and missed opportunities.

So, the Channel Manager is useful in updating and syncing the room type, pricing, and room availability.

Let’s start with each step one by one

If you are already a registered user fill in your email and password.

In case you are a new user click on Sign Up to create an account.

After this, the registration form will appear.

Fill out the fields of the registration form

  • Name: Enter your name.
  • Email: Fill in the email id.
  • Hotel Name: Mention the name of the hotel.
  • Password: Fill in the password for login purposes.
  • Confirm Password: Confirm the password.

After that, once you log in the landing hotel page will appear.


Here on the top, you can see: “You are using Trial Plan. Plan will be expired on Date

QloApps Channel Manager upgarde plan

Without any upgrade plan the price and inventory will not get synchronized.

Note: In the trial plan, price and inventory will not get synchronized. To synchronize the inventory and price you need to upgrade the plan.

QloApps Channel Manager
  • Go to your profile logo
  • Click on the drop-down
  • Click on Subscriptions

Now you will get the list of subscriptions purchase or you will purchase for the first time.

QloApps Channel Manager

Click on the Upgrade Plan.

QloApps Channel Manager Subscriptption
  • Now select any one plan monthly or yearly. Click on the SELECT PLAN.
  • Enter the number of properties.
  • Then click on CALCULATE PRICE for calculating the final plan pricing for entered properties.

After this final price will be shown on per month or yearly basis for any number of properties. Then click on Proceed.

Fill in the billing address and click on Proceed to Payment.

After this, all the payment methods will appear.

Then select the preferred payment method. Then proceed with the payment.

After that plan is purchased, the subscription page will get updated with the purchased plan.

Click View details to check the Subscription Detail

Subscriotion detail

Now users can synchronize price and inventory after upgrading the plan.

From the menu click on Hotels. The hotel list will appear. After that click on Add hotel.

QloApps Channel Manager add hotel

Now the hotel page will appear. Fill out the hotel form and given fields in it.

The hotel and currency will be shown according to the selected time and currency.

QloApps Channel Manager hotel form

Once we add a hotel, users can see the added hotel on the hotel listing page. Here users can edit and delete the hotel.

QloApps Channel Manager edit hotel

After creating the hotel, the hotel logo is seen in the header. Choose any hotel in the header to create the data.

QloApps Channel Manager select hotel

Note: When you will select any hotel in the header then only for that particular hotel data will be managed further.

After creating and selecting the hotel we will create the room types.

From the menu go to Room types the room type page will appear.

QloApps Channel Manager

On the Room types page click on Add Room Type. After this fill out the Room type details form.

Fill in the room type details

  • Name: Enter the name of the room type
  • Total Room: Enter the total count of any room type
  • Default Occupancy: Default occupancy in the room of the hotel
  • Maximum Adults: Maximum number of Adults allowed in the room.
  • Maximum Children: Maximum Number of children allowed in the room type.
  • Max Infants: Number of total infants are permitted in the room

Click on ADD

Once you add the room type you will get the list of room types page. From here user can add the rate plan, edit room type and delete room type.

QloApps Channel Manager edit roomtype

Now go to the options menu, and from the dropdown menu select Add Rate plan or Click the button as the given image above.

To add a rate plan fill in the given details:

QloApps Channel Manager room wise
  • Name
  • Base Price
  • Price Model: select the Price model as occupancy wise or room wise

Now let’s discuss each price model one by one.

Room wise: Select the price model as Room wise to set Room wise price for the rate plan.

Occupancy wise: Select price model as occupancy base price to set per occupancy based price for the rate plan.

Rate mode: How the price will get updated is decided by the selected rate mode. Rate mode has three options i.e auto, manual, and derived.

Now let’s go through each rate mode one by one.

In Auto rate mode, you can set values for price calculation according to per occupancy increase or decrease on behalf of default occupancy.

You have to enter the price for only default occupancy of the room type and for the other occupancies price will automatically be set by saved formula.

QloApps Channel Manager rate plan

Users can increase or decrease the price in two ways either in percentage or fixed cost.

QloApps Channel Manager Auto rate mode

While sending rates from the “Price and Inventory” page to the user of the channel has to set the price for only default occupancy and other occupancies. Prices will increase/decrease according to the set formula.

In Derived rate mode, you can set formula for a price calculation for all occupancies.

You have to enter a price for only the default occupancy of the room type and for the other occupancies price will automatically be set by the saved formula.

QloApps Channel Manager Price model

Here, the user will enter the price that will be decreased or increased on the base price as per the occupancy mentioned.

While sending rates from the “Price and Inventory” page to the user of the channel has to set the price for only default occupancy and other occupancies. Prices will increase/decrease according to the set formula.

Here you have to manually enter the rate for each occupancy while sending the rate to the connected channel.

QloApps Channel Manager Rate plan

Here you have to manually enter the rate for each occupancy while sending the rates from the “Price and Inventory” page to the connected channels.

Here in all rate modes, the child and infant section is common. Here users only has to mention the price according to the given currency.

Before adding channels at QloApps Channel Manager for your property, You have to complete the setup process of the channel at OTA (channel) account.

Follow the below guides for the Channels set up at the channel’s account:

Set-up channel for QloApps Channel Manager

Set-up Expedia Channel for QloApps Channel Manager

After creating the property and its room type, you can create a channel for the property at QloApps Channel Manager.

From the main menu Go to Channels. The channel page will appear. Here the user can add the channel.

QloApps Channel Manager Add Channel

Click on Add channel and select the channel, and click on Proceed.

After this enter the channel property information.

General Settings

  • Property id: Fill in the property id given by the channel
  • Currency: Currency used for the business flow
  • Conversion factor: enter the currency conversion rate.
  • Live Rate: Here you can see the option of live rate. This is used to check the current conversion rate between two currencies.
  • Live currency converter: Here you can enable the live currency converter. This will automatically update the conversion rate. After this click on Test Connection.
  • Test Connection: By clicking on test connection we can check channel property is successfully established or not.

Then click on Submit.

Room/Rates Mapping

After general setting, go to Room/Rate Mapping. Here user will map the QloChannel room rate property with the channel OTA’s property room rate.

QloApps Channel Manager Property Details

Then click on Save mapping.

Once the channel is added successfully the channel can be seen on the channel list page. Here users can edit and delete the channel.

When the user clicks on the edit button user can update the general settings and room rate mapping.

In the price and inventory section, the user can send updates on the following things:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Min LOS(length of Stay) Arrival
  • Maximum LOS arrival
  • Minimum LOS stay
  • Maximum LOS stay
  • Stop Sell
  • Close to arrival
  • Close to departure
  • Min Booking Offset
  • Maximum booking offset
  • Additional guest rate
QloApps Channel Manager Price

In the price and inventory page top, there is All dates pannel.

On the left hand, there are parameters which are need to be update like the price, CTA(Close to arrival), CTD (close to departure), and many more.

Here users can update the inventory for multiple dates. Select the Date From to Date To. 

Select the Update Type. After this mention the number of inventory you want to update.

Here in the Bulk update section of the price and inventory page users can update the many parameters in one single click for multiple date rage.

There are 4 combinations to make a rate plan and update price and inventory.

In the room type edit rate plan select the price model as Room price.

Now on the Price and inventory page, the user can enter the price of any room type that he wants for any particular date

Here in Occupancy price modifications pannel enter the value that will be increased by or decreased by on percent basis or price and update

Now Go to price and inventory.

Here user will enter the value of the price for the default occupancy.

Now on this value, the price for 1 occupancy, 2 occupancy, and others will be calculate for chosen dates.

Here the selected dates and values will become green.

This means that the data gets update but it is not syncing with the channel managers.

In-room type and rate plan go to Occupancy price modifications pannel

Here the user will fill the rate that will increase or decrease price either percentage-wise or price-wise for each occupancy option as given below the image.

Price for 1 Guest

Price for 2 Guest

After that, go to Price and inventory. Here enter the select the default occupancy under the selected date.

Choose the update type as the price and enter the price.

Now you can see that the price for 1 occupancy and price for 2 occupancies will get updates automatically on the basis of the price we have entered.

In-room type and rate, plan to go to Occupancy price modifications pannel

in the occupancy modification panel, you can see it is mention here that “In Manual rate mode, you have to manually enter prices for all occupancies while sending rates.”

Now Go to Price and inventory

We can see that for each occupancy and each date we have to enter the price manually.

In the bulk update, the user can select the multiple date range. For that multiple dates ranges the other price and updates will get update.

Go to Bulk Update. Select the Date From and Date To. By this you will add one date rage.

Clik on Add Date range to add another dates range. Now enable and disable any parameter as per your choice.

The user can select multiple date ranges of different months. After that update the price and other parameters.

But that will get updates only for one room type. After this select pricing for that room type.

After that, completing all the above processes click on the Full Sync to update the price and inventory on the channels.

PMS is the property management software to manage your property.

From the menu Go to PMS. Then set the general settings

Here you will have to fill out the QloApp credential. i.e  QloApps webservice key and QloApps webservice URL

We have integrated QloApps PMS with the QloApps channel manager.

If you have running website with QloApps you can sync it with Qloapps Channel manager easily.

For this users need to get get the QloApps webservice key from the QloApp backend.

Go to Advance parameter>webservices

After this, in Configuration panel Enable Qloapps’s webservice

In the webservice Account panel click on Add new Webservice key. Click on Generate to get a new key.

For all the resources grant all the permission to add, delete, modify view, and fast view. Then Click on save.

Copy the key from here.

Now in the Qloapp channel manager in PMS paste the key in QloApps webservice key.

If QloApps is installed at the root folder of your server, API URL will be:
If QloApps is installed in a subfolder (qloapps/) of root folder on your server, then API URL will be:

Map the QloApp channel manager property with the QloApp backend hotel(Property).

Map the room type of QloApp channel manager property with the QloApp backend Room type.

Then synchronize it by going into general settings.

If we delete any room type in the QloApps backend and synchronize the property again.

After this we try to map that room type with the QloApp channel manager then it will show the alert as “This room type is not found at the PMS while Syncing.

For more see the given image below.

QloApps Channel Manager PMS

From the menu Go to Bookings, we can see the list of all the bookings done from different channels of the property.

Here In booking details user can see which booking is sync or not

From the actions and view details, user can check all the details of booking.

All the vital activity and changes are in the log if done in the QloApps Channel manager

From the menu Go to Logs.

In API logs three types of logs are there

  • Price/Availability feeds: When any rates and inventory gets update they will log in price and availability feeds.
  • Property details feed: When any property details are fetched they will log in to the property details feeds.
  • Booking feeds. Any booking details if fetch will get log into the booking feed.

The dashboard will provide you the all the visual data of the channel manager.

Channel Dash Board
room stats

Users can see the Following things:

  • Channel stats
  • Room Type stats
  • All channels: active and inactive.
  • All information: Today’s new bookings, total channels, total room types total room plans.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System.

In case of any query, issue, or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum.

Moreover, you can raise a ticket to connect with our experts for any assistance.

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