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Goibibo & MakeMyTrip Set Up For QloApps Channel Manager

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QloApps channel manager can be synced easily with the Goibibo & MakeMyTrip easily in the given way.

To add the channel in the QloApps channel manager follows the given method below.

Go to Channels

Here the Channels page will appear. On the Top right Click on Add Channel.

Here in the Select Channel from drop down click on Goibibo & MakeMyTrip. Then click on Proceed.

Here mention the channel property information.

Property ID: Property Id is the Hotel Id used by the channel.

Bearer Token: When the QloApps channel manager is added by the property. Go to MMT extranet, a unique Bearer token will be generated for the property.

Currency: The currency used by hotels for business processes.

After adding the property ID and currency the following fields will be asked. As given in the below image.

Qloapps channel manager

Conversion Factor: Enter the currency conversion rate.

Live Rate: Here you can see the option of live rate. This is used to check the current conversion rate between two currencies.

Live Currency Converter: Here you can enable the live currency converter. This will automatically update the conversion rate. After that, click on Test Connection.

Test Connection: By clicking on test connection we can check channel property is successfully established or not.

After that, once the connection is tested successfully user can submit the details for establishing the channel and proceed with Mapping.

Here the mapping is done between the QloApp channel manager room rate property with the Goibibo and MakeMyTrip’s room rate.

Here users can see that on the top it is written that ” This channel requires needs to save some extra fields for rate plans to send availability and rates to the channel. So save the fields in the rate plans before sending availability and rates. Go to rates”

When the user clicks on Go to Rates the following window will open.

To edit the rate plan click on the edit icon. From here enter the plan information and Goibibo & MakeMyTrip fields.

In the plan information fill the following details:

  • Name
  • Base Price
  • Price Options
    • Price Model
    • Rate Mode
  • Fill the fields of Occupancy Price Modificator
  • Child and Infant Price
    • Children Fee
    • Infant Fee

After that, filling in the plan information fill the Goibibo & MakeMyTrip fields:

Here add the Extra adult price and extra child price(from 0 to 2)

Here it is given that “Enable / Disable the switch whether you want to send the field value to the channel or not.” After that, go to channels.

Once the channel is added successfully. The channel can be seen on the channel list page. Here users can edit and delete the channel.

This was all from the process of setting up Goibibo & MakeMyTrip. I hope I was able to clarify it for you.

If you want to learn more about QloApps Channel Manager then click here.

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In case of any query, issue, or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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