Qlo Channel Manager

Real-time sync with the world’s most popular OTA Channels like Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, Google Hotels, and many more.

It synchronizes Inventory, Rates, Restrictions, and Bookings of room types & rate plans with connected OTA channels and QloApps PMS.

How Channel Manager works?

A Channel Manager synchronizes your room availability and rates across all connected online distribution channels.

When a booking is created on any distribution channel, inventory of the property is updated to all connected channels.

Synchronization between Channel Manager, PMS, & OTAs

Bookings done on the channels can be synced and updated with the QloApps channel manager.

Similarly, It will update the PMS with room availability, rate, inventory, and also easily synchronize over all the connected OTA channels in a few seconds.

Increase visibility and revenue

Getting more property impressions by travelers on the world’s leading Online Travel Agencies as well as on the QloApps Hotel reservation website will boost your online brand visibility and return you more reservations.

Relevant channels

Connect with only those global or regional OTA channels that matter to your hotel business the most to execute an effective distribution strategy, and keep the available inventory & rates of your property always in sync.


Save time and effort of manual working hours with One-Click Rate/Inventory updates on your connected OTA channels and online bookings get synced into your QloApps PMS.

Features of Channel Manager

Get numerous advanced channel management features that will take your hotel business to new heights.

QloApps PMS Connectivity

Channel manager is already integrated with QloApps PMS which automatically maps your booking details and inventory on your connected OTA channels.

Analytics dashboard

Provides an intuitive & analytical dashboard that brings useful data of Channel & Room Type stats, Today’s new bookings, Total channels, and Room plans.

Inventory Management

Provides auto-updates room mapping of inventories from QloApps PMS & connected OTA channels for any new booking or cancellation request.

One-click rate changes

Seamless Integrations with international OTA channels like Booking, Expedia, etc. QloApps PMS, and Payment gateways for centralized data management.

Real-time integrations

Seamless Integrations with popular OTA channels like Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, Yatra, etc. QloApps PMS, and Payment gateways for centralized data management.

Avoid manual work

Save time & effort from manual working hours to update inventory, room rates, and bookings of hotel rooms on connected OTA channels and QloApps PMS.

Save time and reduce errors

With the One-Click Rate and Inventory updates, directly push availability and rates on the connected OTA channels & pull back online bookings into QloApps PMS.

Free training and support.

Comes with FREE Consultation & dedicated assistance to answer all of your doubts or queries and be ready to hop on a consultation call (if required).

Never miss a booking again.

Inventories are auto-managed on all OTA channels when a booking or cancellation request comes from any OTA channel or PMS to avoid short, double, or overbookings.


Choose the perfect plan for your properties.



Per Month

In this plan, the user will be charged $ 30 USD per month per property.

$360.00 Save 16.6%


Per Year

In this plan, the user will be charged $ 300 USD per year per property.


We are crazy about our Customer Support

Help is free forever, and you’ll always get support from a real, live human being. If you want us to integrate any of the preferred OTA then contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a centralized software that synchronizes availabilities and details of the property across all platforms i.e. online travel agents (OTA’s) and other online distribution channels.

What does an OTA mean?

An online travel agency (OTA) is a web-based marketplace that allows guests to search and book travel-related products and services like hotels, tours, vacation packages, flights, etc.

What is a PMS?

A hotel PMS (Property Management System) manages all aspects of hotel business operations and aims to deliver amazing guest experiences. It covers front-office capabilities like booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, billing, etc.

What are the subscription plans available for the QloApps channel manager?

Currently, there are two subscription pricing plans available:
1. Monthly plan : In this plan, the hotelier will be charged $ 30 USD per month for every property creation.
2. Yearly plan : This plan will be beneficial in the long run and the hotelier will be charged $ 300 USD per year for every property creation.

What are the refund policies of channel manager?

As per the refund policy, no refunds will be issued once subscription is purchased. Customers may cancel their subscription at any time, but no refund will be provided for any remaining period of the subscription term. Customers can continue using their accounts until their accounts expire. QloApps does not offer prorated refunds for cancelled subscriptions.

Please refer Channel Manager Refund Policies for more details.

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