QLO Reservation System

In today’s era the online hotel reservation from hotel websites are changing drastically. Qlo hotel reservation is the new and most advanced module which will help admin to add their own hotel rooms as product with description, features, price, images etc. Users can check the availability of room and can book rooms instantly. Admin can check the booking status and can update data on the site.

  • Admin can easily launch a beautiful hotel booking site.
  • Users can add number of rooms from different hotels in single cart.
  • Users can add number of rooms of different dates in single cart.
  • Admin can manage offline booking also.
  • Admin can easily reallocate rooms if necessary.
  • Admin can add number of hotels on their site.
  • Admin can add different hotel features and can assign those features to number of hotels.
  • Admin can add number of rooms to their hotels.
  • Admin can check the status of the room i.e. full, partially occupied or empty.
  • Admin can add room features with their images.
  • Admin can set full/partial payment option for users.
  • Admin can easily manage tax in the hotel reservation system.
  • Paypal payment gateway is integrated in our hotel reservation system.
  • Admin can manage different refund rules.
  • Users can request for the order cancellation easily.
  • Admin can manage refund status according to the request made by user.
  • Admin can customize landing page of their hotel reservation system.
  • Users can give their testimonials for the site.
  • Users can do location wise search for rooms.
  • Users can book the rooms anytime.
  • Users can easily sort/filter their search.
  • User can view the whole detail related to booking on checkout page.
  • User will get instant email regarding the confirm booking of rooms.
  • Admin can offer discounts on rooms.
  • Our hotel reservation system supports multilanguage and currencies.
  • Reservation system can be easily translated into any language.
  • The reservation system is user friendly booking system.
  • Reservation system provide quick checkout process.
  • Reservation system provide unlimited rooms and hotels to users.
  • Reservation system theme is responsive in nature.
  • Users can subscribe for the newsletter.
  • Reservation system is complete SEO friendly solution.
  • The view of whole landing page has been changed.
  • All the configuration settings has been moved to a single tab named as “settings”.
  • Admin will have different tabs in “settings” to visit the various configuration settings.
  • Admin can edit the order easily.
  • Admin can also restrict the booking by defining the maximum date range.
  • Admin can set the date for a hotel or global, to restrict the further bookings.
  • Landing page now have a block to display the hotel interior/event images separately in a slider.
  • Admin can add as many images from back-end for the block.
  • Admin can display the hotel on google map and it can be accessed by user from “contact” button.
  • Separate review setting is provided to admin.
  • Admin can allow/disallow guests to provide reviews.
  • Admin can enable/disable the automatic approval of review.
  • Admin can create as many review criteria on which the rating will be given by user.
  • Admin can set multiple price plans for specific dates, weekends or special days and date range.
  • Admin can temporarily deactivate rooms for selected dates.
Adding Hotels

After installing the module, a new tab will be added i.e. Hotel Reservation System.
Firstly, admin has to add their hotels . From here admin can add number of hotels.
Go to Hotel Reservation System-> Manage Hotel tab.

Adding Hotel Features

Now, admin has to add hotel features to their hotels.
Go to Hotel Reservation System-> Manage Hotel Features tab.
From here admin can add new hotel feature list according to their requirement. We have already provided list of popular hotel features.




Admin will click on “assign features” button to assign these hotel features to their hotels.


Adding Rooms

Now, after adding hotels admin has to add hotel room type in the hotel reservation system.
Go to catalog-> manage room types-> add new product.





Note– Categories will automatically be created as soon as the hotel is added to the hotel reservation system.





There are various configuration settings to manage the whole landing page as well as front-end.
Go to hotel reservation setting -> settings15Admin can easily customize the landing page according to the requirement-rsz_16

Hotel General Settings

Go to hotel reservation system -> settings -> Hotel general configuration
From here admin can set the heading and content of header block with image. Admin can define hotel chain name and the contact details.





Visit the contact CMS page to view the google map locating all the active hotels.


Hotel Interior Block Settings

An image block is provided on landing page to help admin to display their hotel images in slider.
Admin can add various hotel image to the slider on the landing page by visiting “hotel Interior Block Setting”.




Front-end View



Hotel Amenities Block Settings

Now, admin can move towards the display of Hotel amenities on landing page. Admin can add as many images as per their desire with description from back-end.
Go to Hotel reservation system -> Settings -> Hotel amenities block settings




Front-End view


Hotel Rooms Block Settings

Go to Hotel Reservation System -> settings -> Hotel rooms block settings
From here admin can display room type on the landing page along with their images and short description.



Front-End view



Hotel Testimonial Settings

Go to Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Hotel Testimonial Settings
Admin can create a slider on the landing page showing the testimonials for the site.




Front-end View



Users can search the availability of the rooms according to either city or state or country.
Once user select the hotel in that region and check in and out date, user will be redirected to the page containing list of all the rooms available in that hotel between the selected check in and out date.

Here user can view the list of available rooms, the search box and the filters.



Now, User can view the full detail of the room and can select the quantity. Click on book now button to book the room.



User can view the cart with the room detail, quantity, price etc.


While final checkout process, user can view the full detail of the booking i.e. room name, image, check in and out date, room capacity, unit price and total amount.
To book the room user has to sign in to the account.



  • User can add number of rooms from different hotels in single cart.
  • User can add number of rooms of different date in single cart.
  • User can make full or partial payment for the booking if set by admin from back-end.

Finally, user has successfully booked rooms. User will get the confirmation mail.


Admin can also book the rooms from back-end. Admin can manage their offline booking also.
Here admin can view the status of all the rooms i.e. rooms are fully occupied, partially occupied or empty to book room from back-end.
Go to hotel reservation system->book now


Admin can also manually allocate the rooms.
Now, admin will click on cart to book the room.




Finally the room can be booked by the admin from back-end.

To book rooms there are two options available to users.

Partial Payment Process

Users can book the rooms by using the advance payment method, if set by the admin. Users do not have to pay full amount, they can book rooms by paying certain amount fixed by admin to book rooms.

Now, when customer reach to final check out page, partial payment option will be available to them.



Now, admin will go to orders->customer order and then there they can view the amount paid by the customer. Once the customer reach the hotel and pay the amount admin can update the amount in customer order.


Payment Gateway

Admin can integrate the paypal payment gateway to the system.

Go to hotel reservation-> settings -> payment module setting


Now user can pay through the paypal payment gateway.


Admin can also reallocate the rooms to the customers if rooms are not available or if customer want to change the room due to any reason.

Admin will go to hotel reservation system-> book now.




For refund process, admin need to set refund rules.
Admin will go to hotel reservation system-> manage order refund rules.



Now customer will visit order page to send the refund request to admin.




Now, when user will request for the refund then admin can view the list of the refund request.
Go to hotel reservation system-> manage order refund request.


Now, admin can view the list of refund request send for the rooms booked in single cart.



Once the status is updated from the admin side, customer can view the change status in the order and the customer will get instant mail also.


User’s can easily provide reviews to the hotel rooms. Admin can configure the review settings as per the requirement.

Go to Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Hotel Review Settings


Now, buyer will visit the room page to provide the review.




Admin will get the review request in case the configuration is set to validate the reviews before approval.



Now reviews will be visible at front-end.



Order Restrict

By default, admin can have the bookings for unlimited time but in reality it is not possible. So, we have provided a setting to restrict the order to have the bookings within the scheduled time only.

Go to Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Order Restrict Settings




Front-End View


Order Edit

It might be possible, that there is need of editing the order due to sudden change in the user schedule. Admin can edit the order from back-end by visiting the order page.



In this way, the admin can easily launch a very beautiful Hotel Reservation Website and can manage all the work with the software itself.

Admin can set different prices plans for the customers depending on the dates and days. This is possible with Qlo’s Feature Price function through which Admin can set different price plans as per:

1. Specific Date
2. Weekend or Special days
3. Date Range


Admin must Go To -> Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Feature Prices Settings


To add a new price plan click on ‘Add Feature Price

On the Add Feature Price page Admin has to configure the price plan settings.

Specific Date Price Plan

Admin can set a specific price plan for a specific date as shown in the screenshots. The price can be increased or decreased by amount or percentage.

Back-end View

Front-end View

Customer can view the changed price of the room type for the specific date.

Now the customer will visit the order page and check-out.

Date Range Price Plan

Admin can set a price plan for a date range price plan as shown in the screenshots. The price can be increased or decreased by amount or percentage.

Back-end View

Front-end View

The customers can view the price as per the date range chosen by Admin.


Weekend or Special-day price plan

Admin can also set a price plan as per weekends or any special days. Admin has the option to select weekday from Monday to Sunday. In this case also price can be increased or decreased by amount or percentage.

Back-end View

Front-end View


Now Admin can temporarily disable rooms for a selected duration in case the rooms are not available for bookings.Go to -> Catalog -> Manage Room Types

Then select a room type and go to -> Configuration

Select the status of a room as ‘Temporary Inactive

Then click on ‘Add Dates‘ button

On the pop-up screen select the dates, write a comment if you wish to and at last click the ‘Done‘ button.

In this way Admin can temporarily disable the rooms for selected duration from being booked.

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : http://webkul.uvdesk.com/ and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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