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  • Version 1.5.2
  • Version 1.5.1
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  • Version 1.4.1
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How To Use QloApps: All In One Property Management Solution

QloApps is a free and open-source software that provides a complete property management solution.

It provides users with a Free Property Management System, Booking Engine, and a Free and Attractive Booking Website to build and manage their properties.

It will help the admin to add his hotel and hotel rooms with descriptions, features, prices, images, etc.

Users can check the availability of rooms and can book rooms instantly. Admin can check the booking status and can update data on the site.

This User Guide will familiarise you with the various functions and features of QloApps.

  • Created QloApps APIs
  • It supports multilanguage and currencies.
  • Easy translation process
  • It provides a quick checkout process.
  • Responsive Theme
  • Completely SEO-friendly solution.
  • QloApps is now GDPR compatible
  • QloApps is compatible with PHP 7
  • System Compatibility checks: We have implemented aggressive system compatibility checks that prevent the installation from starting if the system is incompatible.
  • All compatible stats modules installed to QloApps
  • Now you have QloApps Data Cleaner free module for cleaning demo data from QloApps
  • Added occupancy-wise search and occupancy-wise booking
  • Improved Localization features and some security fixes
  • QloApps is compatible with MySQL 5.7
  • Employees can access the site in maintenance mode
  • Allow admin to configure the SameSite cookie attribute
  • Attractive landing page design
  • The landing page now has a block to display the hotel interior/event images separately in a slider.
  • Enthralling newly designed Contact Us Page
  • Dynamic contact header, contact content, global address
  • The Room Type Booking list and Room Type Booking status tables display the hotel name
  • Customer shopping list, Order confirmation, and order details booking lists show the hotel name
  • New Check-Out Page design
  • Improved Image Validation
  • New design for your room-type page
  • Improvements in calendar design on the date from and date to in QloApps.
  • Improvement of the search panel on all pages.
  • Options to choose if they want to install the demo data or not
  • Admin can make it compulsory for the customer to enter his address at the time of Guest checkout
  • Admin can add the preparation time for bookings.
  • Offer additional facilities with your room types
  • Add tax and charge on per day basis of the additional facility
  • Hotel-wise employee permission management.
  • Admin can select refund rules for the hotel
  • Feature Price Rule: Groups-wise Condition is also available.
  • Adin can edit the Additional facilities at the time of order editing.
  • Launch an attractive, easy-to-use, and customer-friendly website
  • Customize the landing page of their hotel’s free reservation system
  • Show his hotel’s location on the Contact Us page with the help of Google Maps
  • Add as many images from the back end for the blocks
  • Add custom explore links to show at the footer explore block and navigation menu
  • All the configuration settings are under a single option making the system easy to use
  • Show or hide the Hotel’s Name from the search panel
  • The links are dynamic in the navigation menu
  • Admin will be able to select a checkout date while changing the status of the room from the order details page.
  • Manage reviews for his rooms
  • Allow/disallow guests to provide reviews
  • Enable/disable the automatic approval of the review
  • Create multiple review criteria on which users can give the rating
  • Offer discounts on room
  • Set multiple price plans for specific dates, weekends, or special days and date range
  • The dashboard will display more details about room reservations. Hence, helps you to take sound decisions on time.
  • You can view details date-wise, month-wise, or year-wise on the dashboard.
  • Moreover, you can see the occupancy, availability, inflows of revenue, target, performance, and sales details.
  • To improve the performance of a specific page, you can view a list of all the recommended modules and services from the page.
  • If any update is available for a module, then you can view the update button beside the name of that module, and update from there.
  • Add module Dashboard Insights to the admin dashboard
  • Edit the order easily
  • Quickly reallocate rooms if necessary
  • Enable Guest Check-out
  • Splitting Orders hotel-wise.
  • Creation of new orders for each hotel,
  • Decide who will receive the order confirmation mail
  • Edit the payment in the footer
  • Display voucher name along with voucher code on the order page
  • Admin can upload check-in documents
  • Restrict the booking by defining the maximum date range
  • Set a date for a hotel or global, to restrict the further bookings
  • Manage different refund rules
  • Manage refund status according to the request made by the user
  • Admin can enable/disable refund for the hotel
  • As per the refund state setting the customer will receive the refund emails.
  • The room-type details page will display the Room-type refund policies in the policies tab.
  • Admin can initiate a refund after enabling the refund for the system.
  • Refund Process: Order return statuses improved for order refund statuses.
  • Admin can select the state to consider refunded completely in the return state.
  • Admin can select the state to consider as refunded denied in the return state
  • Admin can select the Global refund policies cms page from the refund rules controller.
  • Admin can enable or disable refund globally from the refund rules interface
  • Admin can select which email will be sent to the customer and admin for the return state.
  • Payment mode and transaction id can be saved for the refund.
  • A voucher slip can be generated for a refund.
  • A credit slip can be generated for a refund.
  • New order states ‘Partial payment accepted’ and ‘Awaiting partial payment’ added for the partial payment.
  • Added PayPal Payment option for payment process.
  • Add several hotels on their site
  • Can add different hotel features and can assign those features to several hotels
  • Add several rooms to their hotels
  • Add room features with their images
  • Check the status of the room i.e. full, partially occupied, or empty
  • Temporarily deactivate rooms for selected dates
  • Easily manage tax
  • Set a full/partial payment option for rooms
  • Added “Channel Manager Connector” module to QloApps
  • Users can add several rooms from different hotels in a single cart
  • Added Feature service products
  • Users can request the order cancellation easily
  • A User can give their testimonials to the site
  • Users can book the rooms anytime
  • Users can view the whole detail related to booking on the checkout page
  • The Users will get an instant email regarding the confirmed booking of rooms
  • Users can subscribe to the newsletter
  • The Free Reservation system provides unlimited rooms and hotels to users
  • The client can do a location-wise search for rooms
  • Your customers can easily sort/filter their search
  • The refund request process is improved for the customer. Designed is also improved.
  • The customer will have a separate tab for refund information

When you install the QloApps hotel reservation system, the first thing you should do is Add a Hotel.

To Add Hotel, Go to Hotel Reservation System> Manage Hotel in the main menu. Click on Add new Hotel.

When you click on Add New Hotel, you have to fill in the details in the following sections to add the hotel. For more see the below image.

In the Information panel fill in the details as explained below:

  • Enable Hotel: You can enable the hotel for the bookings.
  • Hotel Name: Enter the name of the hotel.
  • Short Description: To give brief give a short description of the hotel.
  • Description: Give a long description of the hotel.
  • Phone: Give the contact number that will be dedicated to the hotel front desk(Prefer).
  • Email: Provide the official email id of the hotel.
  • Address: Give the registered address of the hotel.
  • Rating: Select the rating from the drop-down.
  • Check-in / Check-out: Set the check-in and check-out time in hours and minutes.
  • Country: Select the country of the hotel.
  • State and City: Select the state and city from where the hotel belongs.
  • ZipCode: Enter the ZipCode of the hotel
  • Hotel Policies: Write the vital policies of the hotel.

Click on save to save the information.

In the Images panel, upload the image of the hotel, here you can choose any image as the cover image and prioritize accordingly. Then click on save.

Now go to the Restriction panel, here you set the maximum date to book the room and preparation time. For more please refer below image.

  • Use Global Maximum Order Date: When you set the Global maximum order date to No, then you can enter your specified maximum date to book a room.

To get the Global maximum order date go to Prefrences> orders

  • Maximum Date to book a room: Set the maximum date after which the booking was restricted.
  • Use Global Preparation time: Enter the number of days after which the booking will be accepted
  • Preparation time: The number of days is mentioned here after which the bookings are accepted. Set to 0 to disable this feature.

Now you can move to the Refund Policies Panel.

To Enable the refund select Yes. From here you can select the refund rules which are created in the manage order refund rules. Click on save to update the refund policies.

Once the hotel is added successfully then you can add the room in it easily.

To add a room type in QloApps, go to Catalog > Manage Room Types as given in the below image. Then click on Add new room type.

When you click on Add new room type then you can add the room types easily as given below by filling in information of room type in each section.

  • Room Type: Write the type of room you want to add. For example general room, the AC room, and the executive room.
  • Hotel: Select the hotel from the drop-down in which you want to add the room type. The Hotel once assigned cannot be reassigned.
  • Enabled: Select yes to enable the room type. If you want to disable the room type then, redirect it to the selected dropdown options.
  • Short Description: Give a short description of the hotel room you are adding.
  • Description: Give a detailed description of the hotel room you are adding. Here you can add the images in this description.

You can manage the room prices in QloAppsas discussed below:

  • Pre-Tax Operating Cost: This includes the operational cost of the room type
  • Pre-Tax Retail Price: Pre-tax retail price is the price for which you intend to sell this room type to your customer. It should be higher than the pre-tax operating cost. The difference between the two will be your margin
  • Tax Rule: Select the tax rule from the drop-down you want to apply in the invoice. Here you can add the new rule by clicking on Create new tax.
  • Retail Price with Tax: Enter the retail value of the room type that is included with the tax.

In case of sale click on the check boxDisplay the “on-sale” icon on the room type page, and in the text found within the room type listing.

  • Allow Advance Payment: If Enable the advance payment will be applicable on this room type. If disabled the advance payment does not apply to this room type.
  • Apply Room Type Advance Payment Setting: If the room type advance payment setting is disabled then the global advance payment setting is applied. If enabled then you can apply it in percentage or fixed value. Also, you can include tax in it.

Here you can add the advanced price rule for the room type. If the advanced price rule is not created here then you can create a new one by clicking on Create advanced price rules as shown below

The specific price rule is set for clients belonging to different groups, different countries, etc. You can click on add a new specific price to add a new rule

Priority management of price defines which rule applies to the customer first. You can set the priority among shop, currency, country, and group.

SEO details are the search engine optimization details used for the room type.

  • Meta Title: The meta title of the room type should be 70 characters. It will be the title for the public page
  • Meta Description: Enter the description of 160 characters, that will appear in the search engine.
  • Friendly URL: These are the human-readable URL, that is generated against the room type name. You can change it if you want.

By default the room belongs to the home category, the admin can see all the categories from here. These categories will be used while searching the location.

In QloApps you can easily upload as many images as you want in the room type. Also, you can select one image as the cover image. Along with this, you can give a caption to each image separately

Using this section, you can assign features to the room types in QloApps. To add a new feature click on Add a new feature

When you click on add a new feature you will be redirected to the feature page as shown below

In the configuration of the room type, you can add the room in the room type. As well as you can activate, inactive, and temporarily inactivate the room.

When the status is temporarily inactive then you can set the disable dates of the room. Click on add dates and select the date range.

The occupancy of the hotel room is the maximum number of headcounts that can stay in the room. Here you can mention the number of base adults, base children, maximum adults, and maximum children, and then save.

The services given in the room are the service products. Here you can set the positions of the service if there is more than one.

These are those services that are attached to the room type. Here you can set the price of the service. As well as select the tax you want to implement on the service.

The duration of the stay in the number of days is termed as the length of stay.

  • Set 1 day for setting no limit on the Minimum length of stay.
  • Set 0 days for setting no limit on the Maximum length of stay.
  • Enable “Length of stay for date ranges” for setting values of “Minimum length of stay” and “Maximum length of stay” according to different date ranges.
  • Length of stays (minimum|maximum) of all the dates which does not fall under the date ranges of “Length of stay for date ranges”, will be taken from the global values of length of stays of this room type.
  • “Date to” will not be included in the date range of “Length of stay for date ranges”.

The facilities provided with the room can be avail on the per day price basis or for the entire booking.

You can change the price of the facility after selecting the facility. If you want to add the new facility then you can click on “create new additional facility click here

When you click on “create new additional facility click here” the manage facility page will appear as shown below

When you click on Add new facility then you can add new facility.

Facility Name: Give a name to the facility you want to offer.
Create Advance Option: If you want to add the options in the facility with different prices you can add to it.
Tax Rule: Select the tax rule from the drop-down you want to add to the additional facility.
Per-day Price Calculation: Calculate the price of the facility either on per day basis or for the entire stay tenure.

In the below image, we can see the facility for the room type:

These service product gets attached to the room type in QloApps and is visible on the room type page.

To Manage service products go to catalog > manage service product. Click on Add New Product and then fill details in the following section:

In the Information panel fill in the following details

  • Name: Give a name to your service product.
  • Enabled: Select yes to enable your service.
  • Associated Hotel and Room Type: Select the hotel or its room type which gets associated with the service.
  • Auto Add to cart this product: Select Yes or No to add product to the cart.
  • When you select Yes the product gets added to the cart automatically. In the drop-down you will get two options as given below:
    • Add price in room price: The service price will be added to the room base price.
      (e.g., Room price: 500, service price: 50, final room price: 550)
    • Add price as convenience fee: Service price will be displayed in the order summary as “Convenience Fees”.

In auto add to cart product is not visible to the customer and the price is added to the final total.

  • When you select No you will get the following option:
    • Show at the front office: Enable if you want this product to be visible at the front office
    • Available for order: Enable if you want this product to sell from the hotel website
    • Allow ordering of multiple quantities: Enable it to order multiple quantities of the product for one room.
    • Max quantity allow: Enter the maximum quantity you want to get oderd. The default quantity to order is 1.
  • Short Description: Mention the short description regarding the service.

Here you will mention the price of the service product which you want to add in QloApps.

  • Pre-Tax Operating Cost: This includes the operational cost of the service product
  • Pre-Tax Retail Price: Pre-tax retail price is the price for which you intend to sell this service product to your customer. It should be higher than the pre-tax operating cost. The difference between the two will be your margin
  • Tax Rule: Select the tax rule from the drop-down you want to apply in the invoice. Here you can add the new rule by clicking on Create a new tax.
  • Retail Price with Tax: Enter the retail value of the service product that is included with the tax.
  • Price calculation Method: Calculate the price of the service product on two bases. Firstly per day calculation or the price for the entire stay.
  • Specific Price: You can set specific prices for clients belonging to different groups, different countries, etc.
  • Priority Management: Priorities allow you to define which rule applies to the customer if multiple price rules are applicable.

The services get associated with the categories defined in it. For default, the default category is there.

Go to My site to see the front-end workflow: Here is the first landing page of your website.

Hotel Location: Select the location of the hotel from the drop-down.
Select Hotel: Select the hotel from the drop-down where you are planning to stay.
Check-in –Check-out: Select the date in the calendar for check-in and check-out.
Occupancy: Select the number of adults and children.

Select occupancy by adding child and adult separately. Here you can add the additional room while creating the booking and add the occupancy in that room separately. Then click on Book Now.

Then you can proceed with the booking after checking your room and adult details. Here below are your cart details.

On Room Page, you can add the extra services to the room you want to add as shown below. From here you can add the extra facilities you want

When you add the extra service you can see the added price in the subtotal as shown below.

On the room and price summary page when the customer clicks on Extra Services you will see the popup to add the extra services.

Here we can see that the extra service price is added to the total fare.

After clicking on proceed you will be redirected to the Room and Price summary page. Here you have to login into your account.

Here you will get the option of booking for someone else.

When you click on Booking for someone else then you will get the page to enter the details of the guest and click to proceed with payment.

You can make the booking by choosing the desired payment option.

Here for now we have selected Pay by check as the payment method. Now the order summary page will appear. Then click on I confirm my order.

Now you will get the order confirmation with the booking details.

By clicking on view your order history, you can see your booking logs.

  • The user can add several rooms from different hotels in a single cart.
  • A user can add several rooms of different dates in a single cart.
  • The user can make a full or partial payment for the booking if set by the admin from the back end.

Finally, the user has successfully booked rooms. The user will get the confirmation mail.

To create an order from the backend Go to Order> Order.

When you click on add new order below window will appear.

Click on select occupancy to add the number of rooms, adults, and children to the cart.

Then click on ADD TO CART to add a room to the cart. Now go to the cart on the top of the order page as shown below.

Click on Book Now to proceed with booking.

Now the cart details page will appear. Here you can add the services in the order. In the customer panel, you can add the customer to the cart.

When you click on the choose, the further panels will get open as shown below to create the booking.

The edit or view the order you have to go to order> order. Here we will discuss each panel separately. In the order panel, you can see documents like invoices and credit slips.

The Room status of the order can also be updated in QloApps. The three options are there to update the room status, Allotted, check-in, and check out. Here also the user can upload the documentation needed with the order.

In the payment method, you can add the payment method for creating the booking as shown below:

In the order detail panel, you can change the check-in and check-out time of the room, occupancy, facilities, and service and price by clicking on the edit button, then updating the details.

By clicking on extra service you can edit the facilities and services of the order.

Here you can see the option of Add New Rooms in the order detail panel. Here you can add the Room Type, check In check out occupancy then click on add.

order details

In Add a new discount section the user can add the extra discount. The discount name, Type, value, invoice, and can apply a discount on all invoices.

apply discounts

If the admin has enabled the guest check-out then the User can book the room without registration.

To enable the guest check-out, go to Preferences> Orders

enable guest checkout

Once the user proceeds with the booking, then on the checkout page he will be asked whether he wants to log in or make a guest checkout.

guest checkout

Once the user clicks on Guest Check-Out he will be taken to the Guest Checkout Page.

guest checkout page

After Saving these details and making the Payment the Guest will get the Order Id.

order confirmation

On clicking the Follow my order button the guest can track his order.

Order history

Admin can also make the customer enter his address otherwise the hotel address will be taken as the customer’s address.

To make the customer enter his address at the time of guest check out go to Preferences–> Customer

customer prefrences

Once you have enabled this option the customer will have to fill in his address details at the time of checkout. Otherwise, the guest will not fill in the address and the system will take the hotel address as the customer’s address.

Guest Information

The user can reallocate the booked room of any order. For this Go to the hotel reservation system > Book now.

Reallocate room

Go to Room type( select any room type) and then Booked room. Here you will get the option of Reallocate Room. Click on reallocate room.

room reallocation

Here select rooms from the drop-down available rooms to reallocate, then click on Reallocate for reallocation.

Here in the other panel, there is the Swap option. Select the room to Swap, and click on Swap for final swapping.

room swapping

To manage the hotel settings Go to Hotel Reservation System > Settings

hotel settings

To make the General Setting Go to General Settings.

From here admin can set the heading and content of a header block with the image in QloApps. Admin can define the hotel chain name and the contact details.

hotel genral configuration

Enable Hotel Location: Enable it to display the hotel location search field or disable it to hide it
Display Hotel Name: The name of the hotel can be enabled and disabled in the case of one hotel. If the hotel is more than one the hotel name will be display in the search panel.

Consider guests as children below age: Enter the age of the guest, and that guest will be considered a child.

Maximum children allowed in a room: Enter the number of children allowed in the room.

In the configuration, the panel updates the details of the hotel as shown below:

edit room price
  • Display Remaining Number of rooms when the rooms are lower than or equal to Mention the minimum number of rooms after which the alert is shown.
  • Global Address: Give the registered address of the hotel.
  • Global Email: Give the official id of the hotel.
  • Global Contact Number: Give the registered contact number of the hotel.
  • Website Launch Year: The year when the website of the hotel became live.
  • Primary hotel: The primary hotel of or the registered hotel
  • Hotel Name: Enter the name of the hotel.
  • Hotel Tag Line: Give the hotel tagline to your hotel.
  • Hotel Short Description: Give the description of your hotel and it should be less than 220
  • Header Background Image: It appears as the banner image of the hotel.
advance payment global setting

Admin can set different price plans for the customers depending on the dates and days.

This is possible with Qlo’s Feature Price function through which Admin can set different price plans as per:

1. Specific Date 2. Weekend or Special days 3. Date Range

Moreover, Admin can also make feature price rules for different customer groups.

Admin must Go To -> Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Advance Price Rule. 

To add a new price plan click on ‘Add Feature Price‘ On the Add Feature Price page, Admin has to configure the price plan settings.

Here you can set the advance price rule for specific dates.

feature price
  • Room Type: Enter the room type name and select the room for which you are going to create this advanced price rule.
  • Advanced Price Rule Name: Set the new price rule for the advanced price setting.
  • Date Selection Type: Here you can set the date range and the specific date for advance price setting.
  • For Special Days: Click on the check box and select any day of the week.
add new price rule
  • Impact Way: Select from the drop whether to increase the price, decrease the price, or fix the price.
  • Impact Type: Select from the drop-down whether to change the price by a percentage or by a fixed value.
  • Impact Value(tax excl.): Mention the impact value either in percentage or fixed value.
  • Enable Advanced Price Rule: Select Yes or No to enable or disable the price rule respectively.
  • Group Access: Select the group you want to apply the advance price rule.
enable advance price rule

Here you can add the extra facilities offered by the hotel. Here you can add the facility and assign it to each room type separately. The process of adding the facility is the same as discussed while adding the room type.

An image block is provided on the landing page to help admin to display their hotel images in the slider.

Admin can add various hotel images to the slider on the landing page by visiting “Hotel Interior Block Setting”. Go To Hotel Reservation System–> Setting –>Hotel Interior Block Setting

hotel description configuration
add new hotel interior image

When you edit an Image in the Interior Block Setting:

new interior image
hotel interior page
Interior block setting

Now, the admin can move towards the display of Hotel amenities on the landing page. Admin can add as many images as per his desire with the description from the back end. Go to Hotel reservation system> Settings> Hotel Amenities Block Settings

hotel amenities configuration

Click on “+” to add new amenities to the hotel.

Hotel amenity configuration
Edit amenity
hotel Amenities

Go to modules and services>manage module. Search display hotel room in the module search bar. 

Display hotel rooms

Click on Configure to manage the configuration of the module.

Manage hotel room display

Click on edit to add a new room type in the display rooms block

Hotel Room configuration

Note: You will be able to add only those rooms which you have already in the Manage Room Type Section as per the procedure described above

hotel room settings
Hotel Room information

Go to module and services> manage module –> Hotel Testimonial. Admin can create a slider on the landing page showing the testimonials for the site.

Hotel testimonial module

Click on Configure to manage the configuration of the testimonials.

testimonial settings
add testimonial
hotel testimonial configuration
customer review on footer
footer payment block settings

QloApps allow managing the Payment Block in the footer of the front page. Here Admin can display the payment methods he accepts. To manage the Payment Blog Go to module and services> manage module –> Footer Payment Block Setting.

Click on edit to manage the configuration of the payment method or to Add a new payment method.

footer payment block configuration

Active: Select yes to active the payment method
Payment Method Name: Give the name of the payment method
Payment Image: upload the logo of the payment method

On the hotel sitting page, you can add the module and links by clicking on Manage links.

Manage links

When you click on the manage links the settings link page will open. From here you can add the new link here. Click on Add New link.

settings link

Here you can add the details of the link you want to add on the hotel setting page.

link information
  • Enable: Select yes or no to enable or disable the link.
  • Name: Give a name to the link.
  • Hint: Give hint a brief about the link.
  • Icon: Add a favorable icon to the link or refer to the following link for available icons
  • URL: Set the URL of the desired page. If it is a Back office URL. Please remove the token from it.
  • Open in new Window: Click the check box to open the link in the new window.

This set of options allows you to show your desired pages in the Navigation Menu and Footer Menu. Go to Module and Services> Module> Custom Navigation Link to manage this.

navigation block addon

Click on Configure to manage the module

You can add the listed links to the navigation menus or can create one by clicking on the add new navigation link.

custom navigation link
QloApps menu
QloApps footer

QloApps allows adding CMS pages, Theme Pages, and other links to your Navigation menus.

Once you click on the Add New Navigation Link you land on this page.

Add new
custom navigation link
manage custom navigation link
add new navigation link

On the hotel reservation setting page, you can add a module in your hotel reservation system as per your need. Go to module and services> module catalog.

module catalog

When you click on install then you will redirect to the modules and service page.

After that, you can configure the module. The module installed in QloApps, will be managed from the manage modules page. By clicking on explore you can buy the module for yourself.

list of modules

If there are cancellations of the booking, the refund gets credited to the customer. To manage the refunds. Go to Hotel Reservation System> Manage Order Refund Rule.

order refund setting

Click on Add new refund rule to create a refund rule.

Add new refund rule
  • Name: Enter the name you want to give to the refund rule
  • Description: give a description of the refund rule and how the refund will be calculated
  • Select Deduction Type: Select from the drop-down that the deduction will be a percentage of the amount or fixed value.
  • Deduction Vale for Advance Payment: Enter the deduction value when the advance payment is done
  • Deduction Value for Full Payment: Enter the deduction value of the full payment is done for the booking
  • Days Before Check-in: Enter the number of days when the booking can be canceled and a refund is initiated.

The customer can check the Hotel Refund Policies on the room type page.

customer initiate refund

Now the customer will visit the order page to send the refund request to the admin.

order history
order cancellation reason

The user can track his refunds in the order details or Booking Refund Request Tab in My Accounts.

customer deatils

Now the customer can see his Refunds Requests.

booking refund request
booking refund request

Go to the hotel reservation system > manage order refund request. Here you will get the log of refund requests as shown in the below image. To know about the refund click on view.

manage order refund request

Here you will get the customer details and the amount of the booking. Along with this, you can also see the current order state, whether the amount is paid or not.

order cancellation request and informations

The room refund status can be changed from here easily. The status of the refund is pending, refund denied, and refund completed.

Booking requested for refund

When the status of the order is changed to refund completed, then you can generate a refund in the form of create credit slip, refund transaction amount or create voucher. Among creating vouchers and credit slips you can generate only one.

create credit slip

In case when the order is not paid or advance payment is not done, then in cancel bookings, the refund is not generated as shown below.

Manage order refund

To manage the global settings of order Go to Prefrences>Order

Here in the order restriction, you can set the maximum global date to book the room. If the hotel restricts date is disabled this global date will work as the default order restrict date.

Preparation time: Number of days needed to prepare any room.

Order Restrict

In General Setting Configure the given fields

Enable guest Checkout: Enable the guest checkout to book the room.
Minimum purchase total required to validate the order: Enter the minimum purchase to book the order. Set 0 to disable the order.
Terms of service: Require by the guest is to accept the terms of service to place the order.
CMS page for Terms and Conditions: Select the CMS page for terms and services.
Showroom price breakdown: Show the breakdown of the auto-added services added with room type in the cart.

Room general settings

After this, the breakdown will be shown below:

Rooms and Price summary

In the Email Setting the user will get the email of order booking on the following parameters if enabled.

  • Order confirmation mail to customer
  • Order confirmation mail to super admin
  • Order confirmation mail to hotelier
  • Order confirmation mail to employees
Order confirmation mail

The user can manage their search configuration to search the hotel room. The search can be managed as discussed below:

  • Front End search type: Select the search type for the front end. In “Occupancy wise search”, the occupancy field will be shown in the search panel and the search will be based on the required occupancy by the guest. In “Search without occupancy”, All available room types will be shown for the search dates without any occupancy filter.
  • Front End Occupancy wise search algorithm: In an occupancy-wise search at the front end, you want to display only room types which are fully satisfying searched occupancy or you want to display all the available room types for the dates searched
occupancy wise search
  • Back-office Search Type: Select the search type for Back-office. In “Occupancy wise search”, the occupancy field will be shown in the search panel and the search will be based on the required occupancy by the employee. In “Search without occupancy”, All available room types will be shown for the search dates without any occupancy filter.
  • Back-office occupancy-wise search algorithm: In an occupancy-wise search at the back-office, you want to display only room types which are fully satisfying searched occupancy or you want to display all the available room types for the dates searched.
  • Apply Min and Max length of stay restrictions for back-office search: While searching for available rooms from the back-office, apply the minimum and maximum length of stay restrictions

With the QloApps hotel reservation system, the customer can write a review. They can share their experience of stay and services.

That means either all rooms in order have been checked out or the last checkout date has passed.

From my account go to orders Here the guest can see the list of orders as shown below

Order History

Click on Details then on the same order history page the details of the order are seen, as shown below:

Order History

Click on Write A Review. Then review pop-up will appear. Here guests can write reviews and share their stay experience.

Customer Review

While making the review guest can upload the image. Guests can rate the overall experience and rate the experience of each category separately.

Here the customer can write the overall experience in the Sumup Your Review in a few words, and share their detailed experience in the Write in Detail field. Then click on Make Review.

Go to module and services > manage module. In the search panel search hotel review. Click on configure for managing reviews.

Install QloApps hotel Review

Then the reviews page will appear. Here you can see the reviews and configuration tab. In the reviews tab, there is a list of all the reviews.

Hotel manage review

Click on view to see the review.

Hotel Review

Here management team can reply to the review and approve it. After approval, the review will be displayed on the front end of the room page.

Management Reply

When the review gets approved, the approval status is seen as approved on the review logs.

Review Status

The admin can configure the review settings as shown and discussed below:

QloApps Review

In review option:

  • Admin Approval: Enable if you want each review to be approved by the admin.
  • Maximum images per review: The number of maximum images that can be uploaded with a review.
  • Number of reviews displayed at once: The number of reviews that are displayed at once when listing them.
  • Review approval email: Enable if you want to send an email to a customer when his review is approved.
  • Management reply email: Enable if you want to send an email to a customer when a management reply is posted to his review.

If you want a review of each category then you can create the category of each type.

Category Review

Click on add new category as shown in the above image. Then enable the category and enter the name of the category.

New Category review

On the front end, the viewer can see the reviews and their replies on the room page as shown below

QloApps Review

Here we can see the rating is shown in category wise and the total media shared by the guest of all reviews. Here customers can sort the review by newest first, oldest first, negative first, positive first, and most relevant.

The dashboard of your hotel gives you a glance view of your hotel. Let’s discuss each component of the dashboard in brief. Here select the hotel and the date range to see the analytics on the dashboard.

QloApps Dashboard
  • Arrival: Current status of arrived guests.
  • Departures: Number of guests depart till now.
  • New Bookings: Current status of a new booking.
  • Stay Overs: Number of refused checkouts.
  • Guest Messages: Messages received from the guests.
  • Cancel bookings: Bookings cancel so far.
  • Guests: Total number of adults and children.

Details under the ‘Occupancy’ tab:

  • Occupied: The total bookings of rooms.
  • Available: Rooms available for booking.
  • Inactive: Rooms currently not available for booking.

Under the Revenue Tab, we have:

  • Sales: Sum of revenue generated within the date range by orders considered validated.
  • Bookings: Total bookings received within the date range.
  • Average order Value: Total price of the room booked to the number of rooms
  • Visits: Total number of visits within the date range.
  • Conversion Rate: It shows the percentage of visits converted into bookings.
  • Net Profit: See the net profit after all the calculations.

Length of Stay
Here you can see the maximum number of bookings for how many days. Also, the total sale conducted on each date.

Length of stay

Under the activity overview tab, you can see the activity of the hotel website. like online visitors, active booking carts, and pending bookings. In the availability graph, you can see the number of available rooms in the given date range

Dash Board QloApps

In the Performance tab, the hotelier can see the vital statics of the hotel.

Average Daily Rate: Average rental income of the occupied room over a given period.
Direct Revenue Ratio: It measures the percentage of online revenue that comes directly from your hotel’s website vs. third-party channels.
Total Revenue Per Available Room: It measures the total revenue being generated per available room including additional facility and service products.
Average Occupancy Rate: Average percentage of rooms booked over a given period
Revenue Per Available Room: It says how many rooms are booked and how much revenue those bookings are generating.
Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room: It tells how much gross operating profit comes from each room.
Average Length Of Stay: Average amount of days guests stay in a hotel over a given period.
Cancellation Rate: Percentage of canceled orders to the number of bookings in a certain period.

Activity Over view Dashboard

Other statics and graphs given in the dashboard are Sales, Insights, and set targets.

sales QloApps
Insights QloApps

QloApps allows you to add employees so that you do not have to do everything on your own.

You can permit your employees and restrict them to use certain menus and modules.

You can also create hotel-wise permissions. So that the employee managing a hotel does not see the other hotels.

For employee management, we have three options under the Administration Tab. These tabs are Employees, Profile, and Permissions.

With the help of this Menu, you can create, edit, and delete employees in your system. One employee gets created in the system when you install it. This is the super admin of the system. You cannot delete this employee.

To add an Employee click on Add New Employee.

Then you also have two options on this page,

  1. Password regeneration: If an employee regenerates his password then after how many minutes he can do it again
  2. Memorize the language used in Admin panel forms: The system will memorize the language used by the employee in his admin panel   
QloApps Employee
Add new employee

Once you click on Add New Employee then you will have to fill in his details and click on Save.

First Name: Enter the first name of the employee
Last Name: Enter the last name of the employee
Email address: Enter the email address of the employee
Password: Create a password for him
Subscribe to QloApps newsletter: Subscribe to the QloApps newsletter
Default page: Decide his default page
Language: Select his language
Theme: Select his theme
Admin menu orientation: Decide his menu orientation
Permission profile: Select his profile which will be discussed next

Now click on Save and your profile will be there.

Here you can create profiles in your hotel so that you can create permissions for them. There can be any profile in your hotels like Order Manager, Translator, or Content Developer.

Some profiles are already there in the system which you can delete. But you can never delete the Superadmin profile.

Add profile

Once you click on Add New Profile, you will have to enter the name and create the profile.

Add nee profile

Once you have created the Profile you will have to design its permissions. Go to the Administration →Permissions

Administation and permision

When you design the permission then first you select the Profile then you give him the following permission.  

Hotel Permission: You can decide which hotel this profile can access. If you assign a profile to a profile for one hotel.

Then the employee of that profile will not be able to see any other hotels. He checks the room types, orders, price rules, and customers of his hotel only.

If there is a price rule in which there are room types of multiple hotels. If this employee’s room type is also there then he views that price rule and edits only those fields that are related to his hotel.  

Menu Permissions: In this section, you can decide the menu permissions per profile. For each of the menu criteria, you have 5 options:

  • View: view information.
  • Add: add new information.
  • Edit: change information.
  • Delete: delete information.
  • All: all the above options for the current row.

Based on the above criteria, you can decide on the menu and sub-menu permission.   Module Permission: In this section, you can decide which module the employee can access based on three criteria.

  • View: The employee can view the module’s configuration.
  • Configure: The employee can configure the module.
  • Uninstall: The employee can uninstall the module

But remember that if you are giving them permission for any module then give him the permission of module and service tab or any other relevant tab then only he will be able to access it.

That’s all for the user guide of QloApps: A free and open-source hotel reservation and booking system.

You can also refer to our QloApps Tutorial course on Udemy to explore more about the features, functionality, and usage of QloApps. This course will guide you on how you can set up and use QloApps for your property.

If you want to launch your hotel website then download QloApps hotel booking software.

Current Product Version - 1.6.0

Supported Framework Version - 1.X.X

. . .

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