Top 5 integrations for PMS you need to know

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The hotel industry is dynamic and requires a great deal of professionalism and expertise to operate a property successfully. It’s not important whether you own a small hotel, an inn, or a resort, but you need to have the right systems in place to ensure smooth operations.

One such important system used by modern-day hotel owners is the Property Management System, abbreviated as PMS.

A Property Management System is one of the most important systems. It acts as a control hub for booking management, guest information storage, room status tracking, and so on. It needs to be integrated with other systems to function effectively and provide excellent guest services.

This is a question that has been frequently asked by small hotel and Bed & Breakfast operators. It is a well-known fact that such connections could simplify the processes, promote effective communication between people, and ensure ultimate satisfaction for the guests. Last but not least, it leads to earning more money and keeping guests happy.

If hotel owners want more guests and money, linking up with a Channel Manager is super important. This tool lets you connect your hotel to lots of different websites where people book rooms, like Airbnb,, and Expedia.

This connection is really important because it lets you control and change your room prices, availability, and how many rooms you have left on all the different booking websites at the same time. 

This means you won’t accidentally book too many rooms or have different prices on different sites. It saves time and helps you get more guests and make more money by reaching more people.

Adding a Booking Engine to your hotel’s website lets guests book directly with you. They can do it easily and safely without going through other websites.

Using a Booking Engine on your website helps you save money on commissions from third-party bookings. It also lets you create better connections with your guests by giving them personalized booking options. 

Plus, when your Booking Engine works with your PMS, all bookings get updated automatically. This makes managing everything easier and reduces mistakes.

Having a well-organized front desk system is important for making guests happy. When your PMS connects with a Front Desk Management system, it makes checking in and out smoother. It also helps handle guest requests and preferences better.

Things like checking in or out on your phone, using digital forms instead of paper, and letting computers assign rooms automatically can make everything run smoother at hotels. It also means guests don’t have to wait as long.

Also, when your Front Desk Management system connects with housekeeping, it makes it easier for the front desk staff to talk to them. This makes sure rooms are cleaned quickly and any maintenance issues are dealt with promptly.

Using data to make decisions is important for making hotels do their best and make more money. Intelligence uses analytics of hotels to stay competitive throughout the year. To do this, it’s a really good idea to connect your Property Management System (PMS) with a platform that analyzes data.

This connection helps you get important information about how well your hotel is doing, like how many rooms are filled, how much money you’re making each day on average, and who your guests are. 

Using this information, hotels can make their operations better and decide smartly to grow and do well. Also, fancy analytics tools can sometimes predict things, helping hotels manage money and prices in advance to make as much profit as possible.

Payment processing in the hotel industry is very crucial. Making it easy for guests to pay is important to make their stay better. To do this, connecting your Property Management System (PMS) with a trustworthy Payment Gateway helps you accept online payments from guests safely and securely.

This lets guests pay for their stay or pay ahead when booking, without any trouble.

Whether they use credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other ways to pay, connecting a Payment Gateway makes it easy for guests and hotel owners.

Also, when the Payment Gateway connects smoothly with your PMS, it makes sure all transactions are logged correctly. This lowers the chance of mistakes and makes it easier to keep track of finances.

Connecting a PMS with important systems like a Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Front Desk Management, Analytics, and Payment Gateway is important. It helps make operations run smoother, grow revenue, and make guests happy.

By using these connections, hotel owners can make work easier, do fewer things manually, and concentrate on making guests’ stays special.

As technology gets better, using new solutions and connecting systems will be important to stay ahead in the hotel business.

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