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About QloApps - Hotel Booking Engine

QloApps is an Open Source software which launches a multilingual Hotel Booking Website within a matter of few minutes that too for Free. QloApps allows you to take and manage both on-desk and online hotel booking. It consist all the features which are required to take your hotel business to its pinnacle.

Cloud Hosting

Host your QloApps hotel website on world's best Cloud Infrastructure Provider AWS (Amazon Web Services) and get 1 Year Free Hosting services Under AWS free tier plan. You also have the option to host your hotel website on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Better Performance

Secure System for your hotel booking website

Increase number of bookings with faster service


QloApps has all the features that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your Hotel Business. With many alluring features for both the Admin and User, QloApps will guarantee the success of the hotel booking website.

Launch Hotel Booking Website

Launching a very simple, exquisite and user-friendly booking system

Manage Offline Booking

Manage offline booking very efficiently with the help of QloApps. QloApps online booking system […]

Partial Payment Booking

With the help of QloApps Hotel Reservation System, the customers can book hotel rooms […]

Integrated Payment Gateway

QloApps supports all the payment gateways. We provide Paypal payment gateway integrated by default […]

Multirooms/hotels in Single Order

QloApps provides a unique feature to the end users. Now, users can book multiple […]

Manage Refund Rules

Managing refund rules are the most important task in any hotel reservation system. As […]

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