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How does metaverse impact the hotel industry?

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Metaverse impact the future of the hotel industry. Why? Because pandemic has increased the demand for digital technologies.

And, now metaverse will take this to next level. It will transform the hotel industry and enhance the guest experience.

It will bridge a physical gap. People can use their avatars to visit a hotel property and check their rooms and amenities available virtually.

Anyone can create an avatar (which is their virtual identity) and walk through a metaverse hotel, which has been designed to look exactly like the real thing.

Thus, creating an interactive hotel room experience or genuine local areas experience will work in the hotel’s favor.

Let’s first understand what metaverse is, afterward we will understand why the hospitality industry should adopt it.

And its impact on both customers and hoteliers.

In grey background, a man wearing headset, to see the metaverse impact

The word ‘Meta’ comes from a Greek word meaning beyond and ‘Verse’ comes from the word Universe

Through metaverse, you in the form of an avatar(your character created by you) can connect with people in a digital world.

In simple words, Imagine yourself meeting your friends and family but not in reality rather in a virtual 3D world.

Similarly, you can visit Disney land, cook, study, shop for clothes, but all these in an artificial world.

This artificial world is created for social interactions.

You only have to sit in a corner of your room wearing smart glasses or a special headset.

Wearing smart glasses is the first step towards metaverse. It will allow you to interact with others and record audio and video with just a touch.

Wearable technology like smart glasses will become gateways into the metaverse.

It allows you to interact with the world around you, and record audio and video with just a touch, which is your first step in this journey.

Next, we have is Virtual reality, through which you can explore a new world and where you can share experiences.

Augmented Reality, will help you enhance the experience you are sharing with people in the digital world by adding virtual effects through photos and videos.

People are becoming tech-savvy, and their expectations are becoming high.

So, considering these factors, the adoption of metaverse will take hospitality to the next level.

Let’s look at how it will.

The booking process begins with the start of research about the hotels and their rooms in the location where one wants to travel.

So, if using metaverse, then customers can gain various information about the hotel they want to book a room from.

Travelers can turn into their digital character(avatar) and virtually take a 3D tour of the resort or the hotel property and experience their look and feel.

Consequently, they can easily know the size of their room, its decor, windows, and balcony view, the look of the hotel, and the amenities accessible.

This was not possible through static images.

Thus, it increases guest confidence in decision making which ultimately increases bookings and conversion rates.

Moreover, this service could keep you ahead of your competitors and give your guests control of their upcoming travels.

Many times people visit a hotel for one or two days to attend parties, weddings, birthdays, farewell, and more.

But, until Metaverse comes into the picture, it was not possible for people to allow guests to participate in the celebration virtually.

Even if they are not physically present.

For instance, imagine a guest raising a toast for his success, and the hotel places him in the metaverse virtual world.

Where his friends and family are also present to cheer him up.

Images and videos will not create the effect that a metaverse can create.

Use it, to attract guests to your hotel by promoting local places of interest.

For instance, the famous cafe in the town, the nearby waterfall, local markets to buy products.

Let’s use metaverse to make them feel what’s like to visit wonderful tourist destinations.

For instance, going to a waterpark, looking and different rides, and enjoying it.

The hoteliers can work remotely with the help of the horizon workroom.

It works across both virtual reality and the web, and lets teams connect in the virtual room.

You can work on new ideas, share files and documents, hear updates, socialize, or simply have better conversations that flow more naturally.

Apart from this, you should not worry about the privacy of the documents and discussions that happen in the workroom.

Because it will not use your conversations and materials to inform ads on Facebook.

Additionally, regarding images and videos, you share here, Facebook and third-party apps do not have access to, view, or use them.

Finally, others cannot see your screen on Workroom unless you choose to share it.

Moreover, to make everyone feel safe in the Workroom, a company like Facebook has set up community standards and VR policies.

Everyone has to sign-up for these standards and policies, and if any violation is happening then connect with the team admin he will take further action.

Such as removing the team member from the team. Moreover, it is also possible to report and remove the entire team, in case of violation.

Metaverse impact every business. So, why not think of ways to take advantage of it.

It will create a digital world treat help in the transformation of the hotel industry.

Through its help hoteliers can show 3D virtual tours of their hotel, its rooms, and nearby attractions in local areas to attract guests.

Moreover, if hoteliers are physically apart they still can set meetings and share ideas by being present in the form of an avatar.

Please share views in the comment box.

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