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How to use local attractions to market hotels and increase conversions?

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When the pandemic hit, we start using local attractions to market hotels.

Although, hotels were taking action for attracting local travelers before the pandemic.

But their focus shifts towards them when international flights ban.

And people who are residing in faraway places from the hotel within the country, are afraid to travel long distances to avoid coming in contact with Covid-19 viruses.

Still, the wrath of Covid-19 is continuing, so why not use local attractions and reconnect with our local food, culture, people, and everything around us.

And with just implementing a good strategy, you can attract local customers to your hotel, and capitalize on it.

Let’s look at a few ways how you can use local attractions to market hotels and increase conversions.

Create your website in a manner that gives information about the attractions in your nearby locations.

Grab some insider knowledge about the community near your hotel.

Let your website visitors discover and research new things on your website.

This way you can create your website as a one-stop-shop for local information.

Eventually, travelers will plan their trip by looking at your website and booking their stay at your hotel.

The reason why they will consider your website for booking will get clear to you in the next point.

Different people in one frame, hotels collaborating with them to use local attractions to market hotels

You are providing details about local attractions, but do not let your website visitors book from other’s websites.

And this is possible when you collaborate with local attractions, restaurants, and excursion providers.

And offer packages that are unique and focus on customers, tours of local sight-seeing places, and more with local businesses.

They will be happy to collaborate because it will increase their business.

Both of you can introduce coupons or discounts for each other’s businesses to your customers.

Or we can say, indulge in cross-promoting your websites.

Google MyBusiness or other local sites like Yelp will help people to know about the business in local areas.

So, your hotel can easily find out from those residing in your locality or someone visiting in that area.

Therefore, provide as much information as possible while listing your website to enable people easily discover and engage with your business.

For optimizing your Google Business Profile, create and manage information on your listing.

Afterward, populate your Business Profile to boost your quality and at last its visibility in local search.

Make sure you are visible on local results of Google, and on Google Map.

Additionally, select the appropriate category for your business. Google allows the selection of 10 categories.

Select categories which have high search volume keywords, and align with the most profitable services.

Furthermore, make sure you update all the information and run promotions to uplift guests to leave reviews.

Implement strategies to improve SEO to rank higher on search engines.

First is listing your business, which we discussed in the above point.

Afterward, share your Google MyBusiness page on social media.

Maintain consistency on all pages where you are listing your business. There should not be any discrepancies like misspellings to avoid problems in the future.

Because when information is different on different pages, Google will get confused about which information is correct and your page will not rank higher.

If Google can’t determine which information about your business is correct, it may not show your business at all in search results.

Moreover, external link of relevant local information is crucial when you are creating pages for local people.

It also gives Google’s understanding of what you are associated with locally.

Although external links are great, restructuring your internal links will also boost your SEO rankings.

A man on red t-shirt looking at mobile-friendly website which hotel created to use local attractions to market hotels

People are always on their cell phones, so to increase search make your website mobile-friendly.

People mostly view reviews, find hotel locations and look for directions, images, and contact information about hotels on their mobile phones.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then it will be really difficult for users to view and use your website on mobile devices.

Because they have to zoom or pinch in order to read the content.

Hence, it will frustrate, and disappoint them and you don’t want that.

To make your users feel easy to read and use your site, you need a mobile-friendly website.

Word of mouth marketing: It is effective for promoting your hotel in the local market. Hence, provide outstanding customer service to achieve this.

Post on social media: About offers and packages you are providing, events you are hosting, or you have collaborated with some local business and the benefits you both are providing.

Offer referral incentives: It will increase your reach among locals.

For instance, if you can recommend our hotel to your friends or known person and they agree to visit the hotel, then you both can stay over the coming weekend at 50 percent rates.

Email marketing: Use it to connect with new customers and stay in touch with the ones who visited your hotel.

To attract local customers through it, you can share blog focusing on local areas, like “Best places to visit in the Indirapuram”

Or you can also try a newsletter to give relevant updates about the community.

We can conclude that to grab the attention of the local community, we should make use of local attractions to market hotels.

Creating a website with insider knowledge about the community so it helps visitors gain knowledge and insights about their community.

Collaborating with local restaurants, excursion providers and more is an alternative option to increase business.

Moreover, you can list your hotel on Google MyBusiness, improve local SEO, make your website mobile-friendly, offer referral incentives, and more.

To attract the attention of local customers.

Please share views in the comment box.

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