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How to optimize the hotel’s Facebook marketing strategy?

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To increase the reach of your hotel optimize the hotel’s Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook connects 2.7 billion people providing people easier access to information about your business.

Thus, it grows your business by connecting with customers, this platform can be used effortlessly for social media marketing.

Its marketing allows you to advertise your brand in new ways, engage with prospective clients, and push direct bookings to your hotel.

Facebook is a versatile advertisement tool that can push your company to new heights.

If you optimize the hotel’s Facebook marketing strategy correctly.

Optimize the hotel's Facebook marketing strategy

That’s why we are here to give you a few tips to optimize the hotel’s Facebook marketing strategy

By using these tips you can stand out from your competitors.

The first thing any visitor notices about your page is its profile picture and cover photo.

After that to catch users attention fill in the description with original content to rank higher.

And don’t forget to add your website.

Select Facebook’s pre-made page template that specifies the position of buttons and tabs according to the type of business you are running.

Below your page name, you can select a list of tabs to highlight the features and services of your business.

It will help in promoting your room types and hotel services.

Likewise, below the cover image, you can choose Call To Action button that is most relevant to your hotel business.

For instance, book now.

Contrary to other platforms where people vent out hate comments, people on Facebook post realistic and positive reviews.

So, you can enable reviews to allow visitors to review your page.

But in case things are turning are to be not in your favour then you can easily turn off those reviews.

At last, to optimize your Facebook page you must constantly update it and gets engage with your audiences.

Few ways to engage your audiences are posting online polls, ask questions, upload short videos of your hotel, its staff

And there are many creative ways you can adopt to engage your audiences.

In QloApps we have an addon named QloApps Bookings via Facebook Fan Page.

By using it you can show your hotel booking website on Facebook. To know more click here.

If your posts are not reaching your customers then you must consider a few tricks to market your posts.

Create a work plan of the topics you will cover in your posts, and the type of content you will post.

Like videos, links, images, and more according to your hotel target customers.

Moreover, plan a schedule to post them after digging into the analytics to find out ideal days and time to post.

You can also include your brand hashtag to improve its performance.

Also, when posting links on Facebook you can write a description and add keywords.

Otherwise, Facebook will fetch its meta description automatically.

If you are okay with it then no problem, but if you want some changes then you can edit it.

Improve your post length and content to attract the attention of skim readers.

A study found that an average person attention span is 10 seconds. So, your first few words must be such that it grabs people attention.

Use different ways to market your hotel to increase its brand awareness.

Make use of the Facebook community to connect with the new customers and current customers.

Share the hotel’s Facebook page with everyone. In your feed, post a link to your hotel’s Facebook page.

Encourage your contacts to “like” or “follow” your hotel’s Facebook page.

Request your friends to like or support your hotel’s Facebook page, by sharing it on their feed.

Acknowledge their contributions and give them a special thank you card.

Moreover, go live to showcase the behind-the-scenes look of your hotel.

It is an excellent way to show customers the facilities and services and your hotel is providing

To make memorable experiences for guests in the hotel.

If you are investing in advertising then obviously you want to surpass the cost you are putting in and make profits.

Controlling Facebook ads delivery gives you the power to show ads to target audiences at the right schedule with correct placements.

By optimizing Facebook ads delivery you are describing Facebook algorithms about people

Who will view your ads and what outcomes you are expecting.

But before taking a step towards it you have to set your budget.

Depending on the goal of your company, Facebook will let you choose from a variety of delivery optimization methods.

For instance, if your goal is to collect more leads, then the objective you must select is Lead or Conversions.

Another instance is if your goal is to increase the number of people installing your app then select the objective App Install.

Likewise, you can select different objectives according to your goal. You must select that objective that is nearest to your goal.

Further, you must be aware that there are two types of delivery:

  • Standard ad deliver
  • Accelerated ad delivery

In accelerated ad delivery, it will display your ads quickly and your budget is spent fully,

Before the completion of the campaign at the scheduled time.

Whereas in standard ad delivery, your budget is spent steadily and regularly over days set for the completion of the campaign.

Moreover, you can also optimize the schedule of Facebook ad delivery.

There is a choice to run ads all the time or on schedule time. In schedule time can only target particular weekdays and hours.

In the same way, there are choices to place your ads like on instant article, right-hand column and more.

Mention above tips garner more on your hotel’s Facebook page. Ultimately, it will increase bookings and revenue of your hotel,

So, don’t wait to try out to optimize Facebook page, its posts and the way you are delivering ads.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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