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Why Hotel Automation is the Next Big Thing in Hospitality

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Automation has been adopted by many industries and the hotel industry is no exception. From reserving rooms and completing the payment after your stay, the hotel automation ensures smooth operations and seamless customer service. 

In this blog post, we will learn why hotel automation is the next big thing in hospitality. 

Hotel automation is a procedure of turning manual and time-consuming work into tasks that require little to no human involvement. The main objective of using hotel automation is to save time and cost and also to reduce human error to enhance operational hotel efficiency. 

We all know that managing all the hotel’s operational tasks is not easy. These tasks consume lots of time and effort of the hotel staff.

Automation streamlines your hotel’s daily operational tasks and enhances the efficiency of the hotel management staff. Automation converts inefficient processes into simple automated workflows.

Apart from streamlining daily operations, hotel automation also benefits multiple things that make it the next big thing in hospitality. Let’s discuss all the benefits of Hotel Automation.

Why Hotel Automation is the Next Big Thing in Hospitality QloApps

Imagine yourself staying at your favorite hotel, and they already know your preferred meal. The staff surprises you with the meal at your welcome. This will definitely make you feel special and valued customer. 

You can easily track your guest’s preferences with hotel management solutions. During their stay, the hotel staff can take note of what special requests guests might have. 

Gathering this information is easy but, managing this information becomes quite hectic especially if you have so many guests to take care of. The PMS provides a centralized system where this information can be stored in one place. 

The system also makes it easy for the staff to classify their guests according to their various preferences so that they can provide a personalized touch. 

The automation technology also provides hoteliers with Booking Engines. While booking the rooms, the guests can also sell extra services such as in-room coffee, extra beds, and many other services. 

Many times your guests have special requests but your hotel staff might not able to deliver it on time. That will result in customer dissatisfaction and also affect your hotel’s image. 

One of the major causes of this is miscommunication between your hotel departments. Hotel automation makes it much easier for the hotel staff to easily communicate with each other and quickly address your guest’s special requests. 

Suppose your guests have asked for room cleaning service and raised this request with your front desk staff. The front desk staff might not be able to forward this request to the housekeeping department on time which results in late cleaning of the room.

With hotel automation, the hotel staff can communicate from any device making the process even more seamless. They can forward the requests easily and also keep track of the request status. 

Also, the hotel automation provides alerts for priority requests which is beneficial for the staff to avoid any bad guest experience. 

As a hotel owner, you may have listed your property on various online travel agencies to reach to more guests. This is very important for independent hotel owners who may not have much traffic on their websites. 

Earlier, hoteliers had to manage the listing manually on the individual platforms which is quite hectic. Also, this increases the chance of human error.

With hotel automation, you can use various tools such as the hotel channel manager to manage all your listings through a single dashboard. Any inventory or room pricing will sync in real-time, which ensures your hotel information is accurately updated. 

With a channel manager, you not only save your time and effort but also reduce any chance of human error.

In the hospitality business, you have to deal with lots of confidential data such as guests’ personal information, payment credentials, intellectual property rights for your hotel and other aspects. 

A hotel reservation system is a modern software solution that provides security features for hotels. Such software offers enhanced and reliable data protection features that ensure peace of mind to any hotelier. If in case any issue arises, the system is accessible and easy to update which allows quick troubleshooting and recovery.

In case any major issue arises that cannot be handled by your hotel staff, there’s absolutely no need to worry. The PMS providers also offer on-site services and guidance that will be helpful in case of security breaches.

In the beginning, the hotel owners were not sure enough to adapt the hotel automation due it concerns that it would reduce the personal interactions with the guests. 

However, we have learned from this blog post that automating the hotel’s operations can improve the guest experience and allow hoteliers to focus on more important aspects such as high touch customer services

Thanks for reading my article on Why Hotel Automation is the Next Big Thing in Hospitality.

If you are a hotelier and looking for software to manage all your hotel operations, try QloApps – hotel management software.

To learn more, You can refer to the easy steps in the QloApps free reservation system guide.

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