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Why High Touch Service is important for Your Hotel

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The term Hospitality means welcoming to travelers or offering a stay away from their home. So, as a host, you cannot ignore the importance of customer service. 

In the era where technological automation is winning, it is easy to forget about the quality of services provided. 

Automation tools can cater to multiple things at once but they often fail to deliver quality.

Providing a human touch customer service not only improves guest satisfaction but also showcases your unique way of hospitality. 

In this post, We will discuss how you can benefit from touch customer service.

High touch customer services generally refers to personalized and highly attentive customer services to your guests. 

Such services prioritize the direct and personal interaction between guests and hotel staff.

In the hotel industry, the high touch customer services aim to create a more close and customized experience for the customer.

These services go beyond the standard or expected level of customer care and focus on building a deeper connection with the guests.

Importance of high touch services QloApps

One of the biggest challenges a hotelier faces is how to personalize guest experience to build a long-lasting relationship.

The main objective behind these high-touch services is to provide more personalized and memorable experiences to guests to build long-lasting relationships.

This attentive and personalized nature of customer service often leads to increased guest satisfaction as their needs are addressed proactively.

The guests who receive personalized attention and care are more inclined to leave positive reviews about your service on many online platforms. The influence of online reviews on your hotel has a crucial role as other guests are attracted to your hotel through them.

Also, these guests will probably share their exceptional experiences with their friends and family. 

Moreover, this word-of-mouth marketing can be hugely beneficial for your guests.

With satisfied guests and positive reviews, your hotel is more likely to build a positive brand image. Because of this, many new guests will be willing to experience their stay at your property. 

Such guests will spend more on additional services such as dining, SPA treatments or special packages. This directly leads to increased revenue for the hotel.

Moreover, these guests are more likely to become your repeat guests or patron. You can create a loyalty program to retain these guests and earn a significant amount from them.

In this competitive Hospitality market, one of the biggest challenges a hotelier can face is attracting guests to their property. 

If you offer high touch customer service, it will help you to stand out from the competition. This can be your unique selling proposition that goes beyond your basic hotel amenities.

High touch customer services QloApps

Till now we have learned that the high touch customer service offers huge benefits for hotels. However, implementing them in a proper way is a challenge in itself. 

Let’s discuss the strategies to implement high-touch customer services in your hotel.

No matter how good your services are, Your guests will always have some problems. The ability to anticipate customer needs before they arise and provide a solution can be termed proactive engagement. 

You can achieve this by using predictive analytics that uses your hotel’s previous data to determine your guest’s pattern. 

The hotel staff are the ones who deal with the customers daily. Not only your front desk agents, but members of other departments such as housekeeping have dealt with customer service. 

So, their training is something that you can’t ignore. 

And, You don’t want a situation where your employees are clueless about how to handle a customer’s query. Encourage them to develop their own ideas on how to deal with the guests’ queries.  

Also, provide them access to various tools such as CRM so that they can learn more about the guest’s behavior and cater to their needs.

Offering exclusive benefits is only reserved for special customers. 

While creating and implementing high-touch customer service, you have to tie these to special purchases so that your customers know exactly what they are getting into. 

Your guests will appreciate knowing that they will receive something special from their stay at your hotel. 

Also, when people feel appreciated, they often spend more money.

Providing High Touch customer services doesn’t mean cutting the technology completely. It simply means you must use technology a way to enhance customer experience altogether.  

You can use Customer relationship management software (CRM) to track your customer’s interactions over time. 

Use this data to spot trends and predict your customer’s future needs.  

Using simple chatbots helps you to automate basic customer service requests. This allows you to focus on more complex issues which require more human touch.

In this post, we have learned how guest satisfaction, online reviews revenue management are the results of high-touch customer service. Also, by implementing the strategies mentioned in this post, hoteliers can have a competitive edge and gain a positive online brand image

So, this was my article on the importance of High Touch customer services for your hotel. Hope you learned something and enjoyed my reading. 

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