What Are Kiosks In Hotels and their Benefits?

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Kiosk hotels are digital devices that are used in the hotel for self-check-in. It is an automated process to check in at the hotel.

It does not require any hotel staff to handle the device for the check-in process. This digital device can be handled easily by the guest who is checking in.

Kiosk hotels

Kiosk hotels device is used in the hotel industry to ease the process of the hotel’s front desk and for the guest.

The hotelier can shift the check-in process from the front desk to the kiosk. It will reduce the front desk queue and automate the process.

Also, it will help the guest to check in without standing in the queue. As it creates a very bad experience if any guest arrives at the hotel and they have to stand in the queue for checking in.

Here hotel kiosk helps, the guest can enter the booking details and can do the check-in, and get the room pass key.

The Kiosk working is very simple and easy. The guest and hotelier can easily use it. The kiosk is placed at the entry of the hotel or the lobby area.

It is up to the hotelier how many kiosks they want to place to ease the process of check-in in the hotel room.

To use this guests just need to enter the booking ID, personal ID, and the asked details. Then they will get the pass key to the booked room.

The kiosk device is integrated with the PMS of the hotel. So that the latest data like room status, get sync between the kiosk and the hotel PMS.

According to the research of Thebusinessresearchcompany,

kiosk market size grew from $23.74 billion in 2022 to $25.42 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%

With the kiosks, the hotelier has a lot of relief for the hotel’s front desk. Because the check in process gets shifted to kiosks.

Lets us know more about the benefits of the kiosk:

The kiosk helps the guest do the self-check-in at the hotel. The check-in gets automated and the process gets fast.

Queue Reduction by Kiosk hotels

So, the guest does not need to wait in queue at the front desk of the hotel. This will create a positive guest experience.

The kiosk is an electronic device for use in the hotel checking in. The front desk check in is done by the hotel staff. It may have had some kind of human error which is very natural.

Check in done by the kiosk is error-free. With the kiosk, the check-in is based on the details the guest enters in it. After that, once the details get verify then you can get the pass room key.

Social distance is promoted with the kiosk. The contactless hotel check in was conducted with the kiosk.

Contactless behaviour Kiosk hotels

The guest does not need to go near the front desk manager to get the room check in. The person goes to the kiosk device enters the details and can easily check-in into the room.

Kiosks get sanitized frequently at the hotel. Therefore, while entering the details one does not get infected. As well as, the reduction in the queue helps in maintaining social distancing.

Here the guest just needs to enter the details on their own. As well as, there is no second person needed to assist while doing the check-in from the kiosk.

Therefore, the guest can enter their details and upload the documents without any doubt and no third party is needed.

The kiosk is very user-friendly in nature. In the hotel, the guest comes from many countries and states. Therefore one single language can never be enough for the kiosk.

Therefore, kiosks are set up in multiple languages. So that many guests from multiple countries can use it.

In the kiosks, customer behavior can be analyzed easily. When the customer does check in at the hotel, they will enter the asked details.

As well as, during the checkout, the customer will move to the kiosk for the checkout process. During this process, the kiosk also asks for feedback.

Here, the customer gives the rating and then writes the feedback. After that, this data is analyzed by the kiosk and gives the customer behavior analysis.

This will be very useful for the managerial team to check their customer experience. With this data and the analysis, the hotel managerial team gets the lagging parameter. Therefore, they can improve themselves.

When any hotelier starts using the kiosk then they can start engaging the front desk manager for any other work.

Therefore, they do not need to hire more people for the hotel check-in process. Also, the saved money from this can be used for hotel maintenance or buying any other kiosk.

The hotelier can also think of the extra appraisal and benefits for the employee. This will motivate them and also increase employee loyalty.

The kiosk is not fragile, therefore it requires very low maintenance. The installation and execution of the kiosk are very simple to do. If any issue arises then it is very simple and easy to remove.

Hence, the kiosks are very cost-efficient. It does not require high costs for buying and maintenance.

Hence we can see that kiosks are one of the good devices that can be used in the hotel industry. Less queue in front of the front desk and the fast services attract the customer.

It will keep your hotel updated and increases the customer experience, which will increase your customer base.

This will eventually increase the profit of the hotel. Once the profit gets increases then you can expand your hotel and gain brand value.

That’s all from “What Are Kiosks In Hotels and their Benefits?”.

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