Why is Touchless Hospitality Creating Buzz in Hotel Industry?

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Covid-19 and the pandemic have given birth to touchless hospitality in the hotel industry.

As social distancing and proper sanitization are the methods to protect the virus from spreading.

Along with this, regular washing hands before touching anything and eating food.

Doctors also recommended sanitizing the living premises after each couple of hours.

The government of any region circulated the guidelines on how to live and maintain cleanliness in Covid 19.

It is important to provide outstanding guest experiences in current times. 

Hotel technology is frequently used to do so.

How to persuade customers that traveling is worthwhile their time.

Money loss in a pandemic is the same difficulty that every hotelier in the industry today is experiencing.

The virus has also highlighted the necessity of touchless encounters and hospitality.

In the hotel business, shifting to touchless technology ensures the security of your guests.

After that, the effective delivery of services by your employees.

There are many ways that hoteliers can use for after Covid 19 to run hotels that do not spread the virus.

This will show the visitor that the hotel follows the hygienic protocol set by the government.

This will protect the life of employees working in hotels and visitors.

Also, by making a few of the things mandatory. For example, cover the face with a mask.

Hotel staff cover the face with a face shield and sanitize the hotel premises with in few hours.

All these are standard practices that hotels are following post Covid 19 Wave.

Now let’s discuss each method separately one after the other.

Artificial Intelligence is used to for the making the guest experience a contactless facility.

This is done by studying previous trends of customers, and by checking their likes and dislikes.

This will help helpful in many ways like scanning passports at the airport.

Chatbots at the front desk of the hotel and many others. This kind of method is easy to install and use.

Avoid lengthy lines at the front desk by using mobile check in and checkout.

Hoteliers can easily set up their operations and procedures, thanks to a mobile PMS.

This enables visitors to check in and out using their smartphones directly.

Despite an increase in leisure travel, social distance and safety precautions remain crucial.

In addition to maintaining social distancing, contactless payments support it.

Other than touchless hospitality trends like contactless check in and check out.

When choosing online payment options, hotels can be sure of additional security against cancellation.

You can link your online payments across numerous channels, including Web Booking Engine, Front Desk, and POS outlets, if you have a PMS.

Contactless payment prevents the creation of a queue.

As well as the spreading of the virus through cash payment.

Customers can easily do payments online from anywhere.

Just show the booking’s digital document at entry. It eases the process and breaks Covid Cycle.

Set the hotel with electronic equipment. The technology reduces the number of touches.

Just Scan and go. Customers can scan the QR code and bar code with an optical scanner.

Many things can be verified easily like scanning the ID, ticket, booking bar code, and others.

This protects the contact with the surroundings. Along with this, it does not create a rush in the hotel.

Hoteliers should also train the staff in the same.

The staff can clean the hotel with cleaning machines.

Washing the utensils with utensil washing machines.

Similarly, many other cleaning activities are better to get automated.

Equipped the staff with walky_talky and make them mobile. This help in communication with staff.

Each employee will be talking with the other. There will be no loophole.

Everything will be streamlined among all the employees.

That will synchronize work amongst all hotel departments at present time.

Manage and allocate assignments from a single dashboard. Then facilitate smooth departmental communication.

Moreover, increase your non_room earnings by effectively.

By managing numerous points of sale from a single dashboard.

Hoteliers are outfitting their guest rooms and amenities with voice command gadgets.  

Including blinds, thermostats, TVs, and entertainment centers, to provide a hands free experience.

The new norm for contemporary digital hotels is smart speakers. 

It has access to digital assistants (Alexa and google home). 

Easy Process

In the Covid, each operational activity is shifting online.

This raises the concern about information security and data breach.

After more online processing every single data is stored online.

So there are very fragile and it is important that they did not leak.

Above all, the online payment which is done is safe. There should not be any spam payment.

Also, no theft and loss of customer money. The payment gateways should safe.

When the payment gets starts, then it should complete the payment process with confirmation.

In other words, this will make the trust of customers in your managerial process.


Without the appropriate authorization, access to credit card information is prohibited.

Additionally, all guest data complies with GDPR.

Users may be certain that no information is accessed without a thorough audit trail.

That can be used to hold staff members accountable.

The Covid 19 situation has had a significant strong influence on the hospitality industry. 

As well as, forcing businesses to reconsider their business models.

Also, implementing new technologies. 

Contactless hospitality will rule in a post-pandemic future.

Therefore, the need for readjustment, however, imposes high standards on hospitality businesses. 

Integrating contactless technology in hospitality would entail significant adjustments. 

After that, staff training, and the adoption of new security measures.

As well as, potentially modifying an organization’s entire structure.

That’s all from touchless hospitality in hotel

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