Required hotel amenities in a hotel that hold guests with you

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While booking a room, clean hotel premises and room quality aren’t the single factors consider by travelers. They appear for extra hotel amenities which will make their hotel stay far better.

We’ve done some digging and located seven of the highest amenities that your hotel can provide to form your guests’ stay more enjoyable and cozy.

Hotel amenities are very important factors that hold your guest with you. These amenities play a very important role in guest satisfaction.

A satisfied customer will definitely think about your hotel while visiting in your area.

If you want to hold a guest with you then you will have to work on the excellent guest experience.

In this blog here are some tips for hotel owners to provide hotel amenities for keeping guests with you.

1 Offer some Complimentary snacks

2 Business travelers

3 Provide amenities required for business needs

4 Airport pickup and drop-off

5 Standard Toiletries

6 Fitness and wellness facilities

7 In-house restaurant

Guests can often travel long distances to arrive at your hotel, so why not offer them some snacks.

For instance, offer them a complimentary drink during check-in. It will make them happy. It is important

Offer some biscuits and local goodies in their rooms. Putting a water bottle in guest rooms is important. These are small things that go a long way in making your guests feel special.

You can also offer wine and chocolates to your guests.

If the hotel does not have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection then it may lose customers. Having an internet connection in your hotel is essentially important.

No matter what type of customers you want to attract – business travelers, backpackers, or families, they will want high-speed, wireless Internet connectivity.

Offering the Internet is also a great way to get your guests posting about your venue.

Ensure you provide your hotels social media handles and hashtags with your hotel’s Wi-Fi password so they instantly know to tag you on any photos they post.

To attract corporate travelers, you must have business-related services. Invest in a business center that is equipped with computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners.

It would be great if you can keep it running 24/7 so that guests working at odd hours may use it at different times of the day. This holds for those who have clients or associates in different countries.

It is very impressive for business travelers. And also companies can make a contract with your hotel for their employees when they travel for business purposes.

When someone visits a new city for business purposes, then he does not want to get lost in a new city or worry about finding a cab to reach your hotel.

By offering your guests an airport pickup and drop-off service you take the hassle out of your guests having to book one themselves.
Standard Toiletries

High-quality toiletries should be on your hotel room amenities list. It won’t be a pleasant experience for guests to squeeze shampoo or liquid soap out of a tiny bottle every time they step into the shower.

It would be worse if the products are of bad quality which will make the skin dry and hair frizzy.

Provide quality bathroom amenities in your hotels such as good quality soap, shampoo, conditioners, body gels, lotions, and mouthwash to leave a mark in the guest’s mind. Not only would they feel refreshed but also well taken care of.  

Wellness and fitness program are becoming very popular in hospitality. So guest expects from hotels that they will provide equipment and other amenities for wellness.

Having spas and the well-equipped gym is crucial for attacking fitness freak guests. If the hotel does not have a spa facility then it can contract with outsiders.

If your guests are feeling hungry, the last thing they want to do is dress up and go out to eat, especially if the closest restaurant to your hotel is a drive away.

Instead, offer your guests a restaurant experience, that has numerous meal choices.

Not only will this enhance your guest experience, but it will provide a great opportunity to connect with your guests.

Why not have the same staff member serve them each night? This will allow them to get to know your guests and make them feel like one of the family.

If you provide great amenities, your guests will want to come back the next time they are in your city. Exceed their expectations by offering the best amenities and you may find yourself a loyal customer.

I hope now it is clear how much important are amenities for guest retention. You can only retain guests when you are able to fulfill their expectations.

Modern customers have Responding to these expectations is important for your hotel business.

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