How to attract guests in the first impression in your hotel

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In the hospitality industry, it is important to attract guests in the first impression. The first impression is very crucial for any business.

Guests have so many choices in the market. If your services are not satisfying him he will move to another hotel.

It is also very important in making loyal customers.

Many hotels have a great building, amazing facilities but are not able to get success. They are lagging in giving an impression on the customer’s mind.

It is the time of the corona pandemic. After all The hospitality industry is suffering a lot during this time. Every hotel is looking to boost its bookings.

As the hotel will reopen then it will important to impress guests. Now no one wants to lose any booking.

So in the blog, I am explaining what efforts you can make to impress guests.

1 Engage with the guest on social media

2 Focus on your hotel design and cleanliness

3 Train your staff to welcome them

4 Make effort to invite them back

5 Enhance your check-in process

In today’s world, people search for everything on the internet. They search every little ate before make any booking in a hotel. So the customer journey starts before they walk into your hotel.

Engage with customers with social media and your own website. Social media engagement is very necessary for a hotel.

If your hotel is not present on these platforms then you may lose potential customers.

A review site also plays an important role in making an impression. Positive reviews attract potential customers for booking. It makes a good brand image in their mind.

Solve negative feedback and review immediately. Share content about your staff, upload images of your special services. You can show your kitchen and regular updates on your social media.

The website should be updated often. People mostly open websites on their mobile phones. So your website should not have any problem while opening on mobile phones.

Information on your website and social media platform should be relevant to your brand. It will a very good impact on the customer’s mind.

The design of your hotel is very important. Customers make a perception about your service by seeing your building in the first look.

Every little thing can make a huge difference. A hygienic environment is very necessary to please guests. Make cleanliness in every area from the walk-in to the restroom.

room with different designs

Clean bathrooms regularly. They make a very big impact on your guests. Provide hand towels with normal towels. There should be enough space in rooms to put belongings from bags.

Your housekeeping should attend guests on time. Their uniform should be neat and clean. Dirty uniforms will make a bad impression on guests.

Keep your bedsheets color light and soft in touch. Put every furniture in the right place.

Make sure every lightning object is working properly. So it will attract your guest in the first impression.

Customer experience depends on the behavior of your staff. So train them to enhance the guest experience.

Make a protocol to welcome with your guest. If your staff ignore guests then it will make guests frustrated. They might not make a booking at your hotel again.

Be proactive to attract guests in the first impression. Make availability of staff to assist your guest. For a better experience, staff performance is vital. Your staff should always be ready to serve customers.

Cleanliness is important because a guest notices the level of cleanliness at first sight. If it is below the level it will decrease the level of satisfaction.

By their prompt and helpful response, your staff can handle any potentially negative situations too.

Keep your customers is very crucial and necessary. If you are not getting back them it will harm your business.

If your first impression is good then you can get another opportunity to revisit. Be thankful to your guest for visiting your hotel. It will please them and make a good impression on them.

You can send a welcoming message before their visit. It will definitely make a positive impression. A little appreciation can hold a guest for a long time.

Providing a discount offer to a new customer is really an impressive technique. Offer wine or chocolate to guests for welcoming them.

Reception is the first point where a guest comes in contact with your hotel. So it is important to welcome them and provide all the information.

A guest perceives about the hotel services from his experience at check-in point. The speed of your check-in process is a big factor in impressing your guest.

check-in process

If they are waiting in lines then it will frustrate them. So providing a quick check-in is essential for making a good brand image. No one wants to wait for so long to get his room.

You can use an app to speed up the check-in process. Therefore, it will reduce the waiting time. Hence you will be able to please your guest.

The conclusion of this blog is you can make a good impression by doing some efforts. Increase your social media engagement, update your website, and make it mobile-friendly.

Good architectures are a very important factor. It is really important to have a good relationship with the guests. So they will make a separate booking at your hotel.

For sustaining in the long run, hoteliers should keep their customers. Taking a follow up after the visit creates a very good impression.

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Comment your ideas and suggestion regarding impress guests on his first visit.

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