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12 Hotel amenities ideas to improve guests experience

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Do you know hotel amenities makes guest stay pleasurable? Wondering why?

Because they are those extra little things, including them in your hotel creates a delightful experience for guests.

It will make your hotel stand you out among its competitors. Hotel amenities play a major role in selecting a hotel.

But if you are tight on budget and thinks you can only include limited amenities.

Hence, you need not worry. You will not have to include tons of amenities to make the guest stay more memorable.

Below, I have listed a few hotel amenities you can take ideas from.

Considering what amenities are beneficial for guests, I have listed down a few amenities and classified them into three types.

Only including some of them will work in your favour and enhances the guest experience.

Let’s have a look at hotel amenities

An image depicting a mobile connected through Wi-Fi is one of the crucial hotel amenities

Everything and everyone is going online, especially since the pandemic. Hence, installing high-speed WI-FI is a must.

Make sure guests know how to connect with the WI-FI and what is its password.

If they face any problem, then staff connects it with guests devices.

Stock the mini-fridge in the hotel guests room with snacks, drinks, cookies and more. Hence, whenever guests want, they can have it.

The added advantage of this is, guests can use it to keep their leftovers. Moreover, they can purchase the beverages if they want.

You can attract more travellers if your hotel has an on-site parking area that too free from charge. If it is not possible to provide on-site parking.

Hence, we recommend you conduct some studies on short-term rentals in your area to determine parking patterns.

Accordingly, decide parking area. The more premium your hotel is, guests expect more valet parking.

Every hotel must provide travel-sized like body soap, shampoo, toothpaste and conditioner.

Other than this, you can also add a small bottle of hair and face serum, body lotion, moisturizer and face oils.

Sometimes the small details can make all the difference. Hence, customize the products with your hotel name and adding similar fragrances and colours to them.

It will leave a lasting impression on guests. You can grab brownie points for adding premium products or natural products to the list.

Hotel guest having complimentary breakfast in a hotel where it is one of the basic amenities

Hotels may compete on the breakfast front by offering complimentary breakfast options, whether it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal.

Including this is essential because most guests rank complimentary breakfast and free wifi at the top of the most valuable amenities in the hotel survey.

Thus, adding it will make a way for more guests in your hotel.

Although, pandemic makes this amenity a necessity in every hotel. But still, most small hotels are not able to implement them for whatsoever reason.

In this, guests will not have to stand in queue and interact with staff. They can directly enter their hotel room after checking in from their cell phone.

To automate hotel operations, encourage guests to use online secure digital registration cards before their arrival.

Create a food ordering app that guests can open on their tablet, laptop or mobile phones.

It allows guests to access an online ordering portal without downloading an app. Thus, they can order food from anywhere around the hotel’s property.

Hence, following social distancing is easy, and it also enhances the guest experience.

Allow guests to cast streaming content from their smartphones to the television in their hotel room.

Major streaming applications like Netflix can send content from mobile phones and tablets.

The hotels are not required to licence content or administer or distribute them.

And guests can enjoy their favourite content without going through the process of new logging and learning new interfaces.

Elevate your guest’s in-room experience with a bar cart and mocktail station.

After charging a reasonable amount from guests, they can access the mini-bar and enjoy different beverages and snacks.

Moreover, you can create a signature drink by infusing some flavour into it. It will reflect the culture and history of your hotel.

Use HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) technology in the hotel room.

This system controls the interior temperature, humidity, air quality and its movement.

When staying away from home, guests crave in-room comfort. And, this system will effectively control the climate in their room.

Hence, guests can feel comfortable and relax.

Guests can take a dip in the clean pool outside the hotel and soak in the sun.

Swimming in the pool release chemicals called endorphins that make people happy.

Alternatively, guests get to relax and experience happiness bathing in the jacuzzi in the guest’s washroom.

If possible, then arrange a jacuzzi near the washroom window so guests can view breathtakingly view of city lights.

Nowadays, people are more inclining to natural and organic products that bring essential oils to the forefront.

Hence, create personalize aromatherapy for guests in your hotel spa. It energizes and rejuvenates the body.

Blend oils according to aromatherapy principles and give massage to guests.

Use oils after consulting a health and wellness consultant and test them before including them for treatments.

We can conclude that offering facilities that give traveller pleasures will keep guests coming back for more.

The amenities which you can include are basic hotel amenities, technology-driven amenities luxury hotel amenities.

Because most hotel businesses don’t have infinite funds especially in this time of the pandemic. Hence, hoteliers must carefully pick the amenities they want to offer.

Tactfully select hotel amenities to convert guest’s experience into a delightful and memorable experience.

Please share views in the comment box.

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