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Most of us have heard that knowledge is power. When this knowledge or information is used strategically it yields great results. This is applicable to every filed even our beloved hospitality industry.

We have been sharing knowledge about hotel industry for a long time through our blogs. It has been our motive to encourage hoteliers to impart the latest strategies, the upcoming trends and advice.

So here we are again with a list of the 5 most popular blogs that have been most read and appreciated by hoteliers.


With the invent of the internet, the hotel industry has grown exponentially with its utilization. Travelers are always on the look for immediate solutions that help them search and book rooms. This is why a hotel website becomes a necessity.

In fact, having an elegant website is the not the only key to have a grip in the online world. There are several other features that are imperative to have. A hotel reservation system is what you must be looking for which makes your hotel’s online presence effective and facilitates in managing the bookings smoothly.

This article explains all the necessary features that you must keep in your mind.


Performance metrics are certain formulae that have been used by organizations around the world. These are used to calculate the performance of the organization.

Hotel industry also has it’s own key performance metrics. These metrics are used to analyze the performance of hotels and get a deep insight of the revenue stream. In this blog, we have included the seven most used metrics by hoteliers.


OTAs have been dominant in the online booking market for a long time. The good news for hotels is that this trend has been changing for a few years. This happened when hoteliers realized that they too can have their own share of the online booking market.

This was possible through their website. A direct booking through a website is completely commissioned free. Thus hotel websites have become a platform that gives hoteliers another way to attract travelers and reduce their dependency over the OTAs. Read on to know the ways to get direct booking here.


Special deals, offers and packages are like the gems whose sparkle cannot be missed by the curious travelers looking for a fine stay.

Often it requires a lot of effort and brainstorming when it comes to creating these offers. Just relax, we have come up with 4 promotional ideas that will help you to boost your hotel sales.


Google has been the best friend of millions of people when it comes to getting any kind of information from the internet. When users are planning on vacation their first preference for the travel research is of course Google.

The hotel finder was launched in 2011 by them to make it easy for travelers to search for the properties they are hunting for. Through the hotel finder, Google provides the hotel names in the search result itself.

In this way the hotels earn bookings and the travelers are able to swiftly go through the result and easily reserve rooms. Read this whole interesting post to know how it actually works!


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