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Hotel industry in the past few decades has witnessed enormous growth due to the effective utilization of the power of the internet. The best way to kick off your hotel is through an incredible online hotel website. Millions of hotels all over the world are offering online hotel reservation/booking to their guests and travelers look forward to the easiest method to book hotels/rooms from the four walls of their homes.

The online marketing of the hotels has been changed with the power of e-commerce. Today you can find many hotel reservation software. But to select the best software for yourself, it is very necessary for you to understand your fundamental requirements first. We have developed Qloapps considering these fundamentals. Qlo is an open-source platform and you can also customize it according to your requirement. To download and use the Qlo, you do not have to spend a cent it is totally free.

Here are some milestone points that should be kept in mind before selecting any hotel reservation software-

As per our analysis, we found that the hotel website is popular when it is user-friendly and responsive to any system. People are using a different system to view the website such as android phones, Ipad, iPhone, laptops or Pcs. They prefer mobile phones to search the hotels as they can be taken to anywhere at any time.

Hotel website landing page should be very beautiful, so that customer is attracted to your website. It should have high definition images of rooms on the landing page as well as on other pages, so that customer gets a perfect idea about your hotel rooms. The design of the website should be in such a manner that whenever the customer visits your website, they end up in reserving their rooms with you.

It is very important for a hotel website to manage offline booking also because it is not necessary that all the guests book there hotels/rooms online. They can visit your hotel and will request for rooms. So, in this case, hotel owners should have liability to book rooms and manage that availability of rooms online for real-time updation of availability of rooms.
Now, sometimes the guests want to reallocate their rooms or want to swap the rooms allotted to them. Hotel owners should have the functionality in their system to reallocate rooms on customer request.

Suppose there are guests who have some pre-planning regarding their trip and they want to book various rooms/hotels in single order to save their time. It will be beneficial for your business if you provide incredible functionality to customers i.e. They can book multiple rooms/ hotels in a single order.

It might be possible that there are some guests who have to book rooms instantly but they do not have enough money to pay the full amount or they do not want to pay the full amount instantly. In that case, there should be some functionality in your system, so that they can book their rooms. You can set the partial payment amount for your rooms and once guests proceed to checkout, they can select the partial payment option to book the rooms by paying the partial amount. Once they check-in to your hotel, you can ask them to complete the payment and then you can allow them the rooms.

If you are running an online hotel business, then it is necessary for a system to manage refund rules and cancellation. Every guest booking their rooms online should have the feature in your system to cancel their reservation anytime. There should be a brief description for refund rules on your website. The system should allow you to manage multiple refund rules and guests can check out these refund rules anytime.

Hotel reservation system should provide various payment methods to the customer so that they can book their rooms/hotels easily. There should be some important payment methods integrated to it, so that they can pay via bank wire, credit card or debit card, etc.

To attract more guests to hotels, it might be possible that as a hotel owner you want to provide some kind of discount/offers to your customers. Discounts/offers on any of the online website always lure customer. So, definitely its also any important that there should be a feature in the system to set the discounts/ offers.

Customer will always want to book the rooms/hotels from the website through which they can have instant email notification for every scenario. A better hotel reservation software always send the email on the following scenarios-

  • On creating a customer account.
  • Order confirmation
  • Payment successful/unsuccessful.
  • Voucher creation
  • Order cancellation.
  • Refund
  • On completing the partial payment

It is important for your hotel reservation system that they give guests accessibility to search the rooms or hotels location wise. Guests can search rooms/hotels according to city, state or country.

Best hotel reservation website is the one which supports all the languages and currencies. As the booking site is available all over the world and anyone can book the room from anywhere. In that case, it is necessary for an online site to provide the price in the guest’s currency or to display the website in guests language so that they can easily understand your website and can book the room easily.

Today there are so many online hotel websites that guests get confused easily. So, they prefer to look for others review, to know about the hotel or website response. Testimonial always boosts your online sale and customer trust the social proof more than anything.

This is one of the most important points to be remembered while creating a hotel website. Since a hotel reservation software manages online as well as offline bookings, so the availability of rooms should be managed in real-time in the software.

It should be displayed beautifully in the system, so that hotel owners can check the availability of rooms in hotels anytime. There should be a feature through which hoteliers can check whether their rooms are fully/partially occupied or it is empty.

This search can be done on the basis of the range of particular dates/months. Since every state or city has some taxes which has to be given by a hotel owner.

There are some taxes which are very important to be taken from the guests, so there should be a feature through which hotel owners can add and manage the taxes on their rooms.

For more conversion rate on the website, it is essential to have awesome search engine optimization. Good website architecture always improves site visibility and crawl-ability only when SEO is analyzed properly. It will always help the hotel owners to attract more customers to their website.

Check the demo of the Qlo to know the whole functionality-

Front-End Login Link-
Back-End Login Link-
Username: [email protected]
Password: demodemo

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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