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4 Types of Promotions that will Increase Hotel Revenue

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Building creative promotions needs time, patience and off course a lot of creativity. With effective promotional ideas you can boost your hotels revenue and get more share of the market. But don’t worry, to save your precious time and efforts here are some promotions you can kick start with:


Offering awesome deals on low seasons is a good tactic to get more guests to book rooms for your hotel and at times of high season increase your room prices. You should also understand the type of travelers and create seasonal promotions as per them. Your guests can be a family of 5 or 6 people who are on a vacation or any military personnel on a leave and all sorts of guests.


Your location may be well suited for weddings. So giving out wedding or honeymoon packages is also a great idea. You can include other facilities like transportation, catering and include any other service that will help your guests ease their preparations.


Events are a perfect for boosting revenue as it attracts not only the local crowd but also travelers. You can also earn more by directly selling tickets to the event in you hotel.

You can call for a local band for a show, or launch a contest for eating competitions or any event that can help you gather more people. By doing so you will raise awareness about your hotel and also increase chances to get repetitive guests.

Get in contact with the tour guides in your area to know what is trending in your area and start the promotion for the events according.


It is much easier to have a repetitive guest than making a new one. So you can reward your guests by giving them incentives like a free lunch, a free ride to airport etc.

Offer them a free stay, for example you can give them a free night stay the next time they book with you for 3 days.
Create such offers for your guests so that it encourages them to book next time with you instead of going for some other hotel.

Send them email notifications or newsletters to informing them of about attractive new deals and the rewards they will get to book rooms at your hotel.


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