Latest Service Innovations in Hospitality Industry

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Every hotelier should adopt the latest service innovations in their hotels to improve their guest experience and satisfaction.  

Offering the latest service innovations in your hotel will help you stay relevant in the current hotel market. It will also help your hotel stay ahead of your competitors. 

The current generation of guests is very much attracted to the latest technologies. Therefore, switching to advanced service methods from traditional ones will increase your hotel’s reach and build your hotel’s brand. It will ultimately lead to a rise in the hotel’s revenue. 

Do you want to know what innovations you can make in your services to make your hotel successful?

Let’s discuss and explore all the trending hotel innovation services in the market. Through these, you can provide guests with personalization during their stay and increase your profits. 

Latest Service Innovations in Hospitality Industry

The technology reshapes the hotel industry in various ways. It’s necessary to provide your guest with the best features and facilities to stay ahead of competitors. 

Therefore, hoteliers should embrace and adopt the latest service innovations. Various service innovations are taking place in the current generation, for example, Digital Concierge, AR, VR, Smart rooms, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Nowadays, guests prefer digital concierge instead of traditional concierge services. 

Earlier, Hotels assigned a professional person who personalized and suggested the guests about the activities, food, and stay as per their needs. 

Whereas now, digital concierge provides guests with 24×7 digital assistance. Therefore, now they use applications or digital assistants to know more about the hotel, its features, tourist attractions, food, etc. 

Hotels collect guests’ data and use it to personalize their stay experiences. From the data collected on guest preferences, they provide them with personalized rooms, food services, etc. 

It enhances the guest experience and builds trust, and satisfies customers. Hotels can also customize the greetings, drinks, interior, and even offers and discounts with these details.

Contactless check in is one of the best methods to make the check in process for the guests seamless. It eliminates the long queues and provides guests with a fast check in and check out process. 

Therefore, guests can receive a smooth stay experience through the Contactless Front Desk. It saves guests time and reduces the hotel’s manual efforts.

With the development in technology, hotels adopted Smart Room technology. 

Rooms embedded with voice activated technology are called Smart Rooms. They have applications with a connected voice recognizer that recognizes the guest’s commands. 

Therefore, the guests can control the lights, the temperature of the room, the entertainment system, and other amenities on the command of their voice or through mobile phones.

This facility saves guests time and makes the stay convenient.

Hoteliers can provide their guests with a transparent and exciting user experience through these AR and VR technologies. 

Virtual reality technology helps hotels provide guests with a virtual tour of the rooms, the room amenities, and its interior before booking. It also helps in providing their guests with a glimpse of the hotel.  

The use of robotics and automation is one of the hot hospitality trends of 2023.  The development of science and technology has given rise to robotics and automation. 

The hotel industry can use these technologies to reduce manual efforts and save time.

Robitics used in guest service by hotels

Robots can perform various tasks in hotel operations, such as laundry, luggage handling, delivery of amenities, room servicing, etc.

Hoteliers should automate daily hotel operations like housekeeping and inventory management to reduce human efforts and errors. It will help hoteliers in providing guests with a comfortable stay experience. 

Hoteliers can provide their customers with personalization in their food and beverages in various ways. You can offer your guests a drink specific to each guest’s preference, a fusion cuisine, or the traditional cuisine of the guest’s place of birth. It will create a lasting impression on them. Your guests will feel valued and well treated. 

Hotels should actively use social media to reach their customer base, inform them of what they offer, and gather their feedback. 

Using social media, hoteliers can promote their hotel, its offers, and discounts. Guests feel more connected with the hotels through social media. 

Nowadays, guests are environment conscious. They care about nature and switch to lodging options that offer eco stay. 

Therefore, the time has come when hotels should switch to sustainable practices such as energy efficient systems, waste reduction, water conservation, and the use of organic products. 

As the hospitality industry is growing day by day, the aim of the hotels is shifting from providing stays to providing a memorable and innovative stay experience that the guest will remember for a lifetime. 

The hotels should adopt the above discussed service innovations to provide the guests with the best stay experience. It will bind their guest and convert them into loyal customers.

That’s all from my side for this article. I hope you found these new service innovations interesting. Try to implement these service innovations in your hotel. It will help you provide your guests with ease in their booking and stay experience. 

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