Hot Hospitality Trends In 2023

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Trends in hospitality industry are very dynamic in nature. Year after year we can see many changes in hospitality trends.

2023 trends of hospitality industry

For example, after Covid-19 there has been an extreme change in the hospitality industry. In flights, there is a web check-in before boarding a flight, self-room check-in, automatic machine for surface sanitization.

Moreover, we can see automation in several functions like sanitizing surfaces, screening luggage, washing dishes, and many others.

Each and every year there is a new upcoming trend in the hospitality industry. Slowly and gradually they all are beneficial for customers and business owners.

These change in the trend comes due to the changing behavior of the customers and to meet their expectations.

These new trends in the hospitality industry can be in the form of automation, technology, guest service, and many more.

Let’s discuss a few trends that we will see in the upcoming year 2023!

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence gives birth to robotics. Hence robots are easily seen in the hospitality industry.

Robots are used for daily operations and day-to-day tasks. At airports, robots are used for carrying luggage, checking ID, passport visas, and many other regular tasks.

Robotic trends of hospitality industry

In hotels robots are used for, taking orders, serving food, room service, laundry, and much other work as needed by the hotel.

Use of the robots will is beneficial for the hotel industry. It will increase the accuracy of the work and reduce human error.

This will eventually increase guest satisfaction.

Digital Nomad means people working remotely. Remote working arises after the lockdown due to the pandemic.

During the lockdown study and research proves that the efficiency of many people increases from remote work and it saves traveling time.

The digital nomads are staying in the hotel for many numbers of days when they are working On-site for the organizations. Hoteliers provide them working environment and working utilities.

Due to remote working the employee and employer both have the benefits. Employees have the benefit that they can work in a comfortable environment and have more efficiency.

Whereas employers have the benefit that they do not have to pay for the office amenities like electricity bills, food and beverages, and many others.

The cost of all the small things needed by the employee in the office will be saved.

Nowadays the use of mobile applications for guests is getting very common day by day. The guest application is the one-stop solution for all the information about the trip.

With the application, the customer can search for a hotel and book it. Not only this they can check any other amenities and facilities they like to add.

The guest application became one trend in the hospitality industry because it eases many operations like web check-in for flights, selection of favorable seats, selection of served food on flights, and many others.

In the hotel, the guest application uses increases customer satisfaction in hotels too. From booking rooms to check in to check out.

Also, during the stay, the customer can tell about any issue via the application, and they can order food from the application while sitting in the dining hall. Lastly, they can place customer feedback on the application.

In short, we can say that guest applications make things and the customer journey very easy and handy for the customer.

There is no doubt that health and wellness in still on the top list of customers. After the pandemic, health and wellness are the top priority of the people.

When customer book the hotels they check whether the hotel has a gym, spa, or saloon center or not. So, that they can continue with their fitness routine of it.

This is because the people who are staying in hotels for longer periods due to their corporate life, require health and wellness facilities on the daily basis.

To relax their mind and get peace people generally look for the spa and saloons while booking rooms in hotels.

Slowly and steadily smart technology taking place in the hospitality industry. These technologies are not implemented just to ease the operations of the hotel but for maintaining the customer rating also.

These technologies are useful in providing safety and security to customers. For example, smart locks, swipecards for room locking and electricity, and many others.

Nowadays, hotels have their own wifi system through which customer can sync their mobile phone. Through this, the customer can use any other device in the room like a tablet, smart tv, electronic remote room curtains, and many others.

The trends of the hospitality industry getting smart with online payment too. People can enhance their services with their choice even after the booking by paying at any moment.

The trends of the hospitality industry that will be seen in 2023 will be beneficial for the customers. That will give positive reviews to the hospitality industry.

These trending changes are because of the customer demand and the customer requirements that have been raised recently.

That’s all for “Hot Hospitality Trends In 2023”.

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