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7 reasons for investing in self-check-in technology

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The Self-check-in technology gains immense popularity in the hospitality and travel industry since the covid-19 pandemic.

The hospitality industry is always concern about customer comfort, convenience and luxury.

So, many hotels implemented self-check-in technology before the pandemic. But at that time it was not necessary to implement these technologies.

But, nowadays self-check-in technology is crucial for the safety of guests and hoteliers.

Because covid-19 virus spread from coming in close contact with people having the same symptoms.

Hence, hoteliers can use it to avoid gathering large crowds at the time of check-in and check-out.

The solution is easy to integrate, effective in assisting staff and it is cost-effective.

guest interacting with staff after
checking-in with self-check-in technology

Let’s look at the benefits your hotel can enjoy after investing in self-check-in technology:

The advancements in technology make it feasible to provide visitors and employees more freedom with contactless check-in solutions and/or self-check-in kiosk systems.

When your visitors arrive at the property, they won’t have to deal with any paperwork or other time-consuming activities.

The speed of the check-in process is a crucial factor in terms of impact on customer satisfaction.

Using it allows guests to move in no time to their rooms.

Guests only have to check up their name, email, booking number, or scan their government-issued ID at a self-service kiosk.

This reduces the waiting line at the front desk significantly. Thus, it impresses guests and enhances their experience.

Moreover, advanced technology allows your visitors to choose upgrades and add-ons even before they arrive at the hotel.

One of the advantages of self-check-in is that guests need not stand in queues waiting for their turn to complete the check-in process.

Kiosks make it easier to meet the needs of several visitors at the same time, regardless of how many staff are on duty.

Customers like the simple check-in and check-out procedures, especially in this time of the pandemic.

They do not want to stay in a place where a large crowd is gathered. Guests can leave swiftly without having to wait in a large line.

It will be convenient for guests and enhances their experience.

Unfortunately, how much trained or efficient staffs are, it is inevitable to avoid human error.

One cannot eradicate errors. Regrettably, making errors when booking hotel rooms can be a common issue.

For instance, misspelling the names of guests or the wrong room type is selected by mistake.

No matter how trained a staff member is, humans, make mistakes, especially when they are busy juggling multiple tasks at once.

Many stressors that may cause mistakes include poor lighting, complex documentation, large crowd, crisis communication and so on.

These mistakes are natural and unintentional but may harm the reputation of the hotel.

Hence, to avoid this why not switch to self-check-in technology.

When you use it the chances of human errors are negligible. As a result, your guests are happy with your services.

Self-check-in technology can inculcate multiple steps of the customer staying-in journey, in one solution.

Apart from a faster check-in process, you can select a solution that can provide other functionalities.

For instance, install common Frequently Asked Questions on the screen and the option to request other services from staff.

In such cases, staff can inform them about other services like airport pick-ups, spa packages, and meal vouchers.

As guests details are already entered, including their payment details. Hence, guest only has to select extra services that they like to have.

And staff can easily upsell extra services and generate additional revenue.

The kiosk may also be used to collect feedback, which is necessary for hotels to maintain high standards and satisfied clients.

If your hotel has an issue to appoint staff for night shifts then no worries. Self-check-in technology is there for your rescue.

Many guests want to check out from your hotel in the early morning or late at night.

Hence, adopt a self-service solution that is used for both check-ins and check-outs.

The solution has a key drop compartment. And it is integrated with scanners, printers and software.

Hence, allowing guests to check out from the hotel quickly and securely.

Thus, you don’t need staff round the clock to take care of guests check-out process.

Self-check-in technology simplifies the workload of hotel employees because they do not have to perform tasks manually at the time of guest check-in.

So, make sure staffs use this time as effectively as possible. They can spend more time with guests and indulge in meaningful and personal discussions.

For instance, giving information about the nearby areas, asking about their trip, advising before they leave.

Moreover, solving their issue or simply engaging and conversing with guests politely.

These healthy conversations will connect guests with your hotel and improves your brand image.

Additionally, hoteliers can integrate technology with Property Management systems to offer the best service possible to guests.

Self-check-in technology stores useful data about guests from their stay history, especially if it is integrated with Property Management System.

Thus, your staff can know about guests preferences and deliver personalized services to them.

Moreover, a Smart self-service kiosk increases the chances of upselling.

Guests may upgrade their accommodation, redeem special deals, and purchase extra services like continental breakfast.

We can conclude that there are numerous benefits of investing in self-check-in technology.

For instance, it will simplify the check-in process, maintain social distance which is the need of the hour, reduces human error.

Moreover, when the workload of staff decreases they can concentrate on building bonds with guests which helps in gaining positive hotel reviews and increasing sales of your hotel.

The guests will be happy and satisfied with your hotel services.

Please share views in the comment box.

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