Smart Methods and Techniques To Reshape the Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry is an evergreen business. After every 10 years, new technology arrives and reshape the Hotel Industry.

Every new technology implemented in the hotel attracts customers.

When technology is used in the hotel industry like IoT, AI, virtual reality, and many more. They all bring customers to your hotel.

This will eventually help you to grow your business.

Modern technological innovations are set to transform the hospitality sector as a whole.

From raising visitor pleasure across the board to strengthening brand to guest communication.

Also, accelerating slow as well as critical procedures within the organization to optimize payroll expenses. 

Hence with the combination of good kind staff and technology hotel industry can play a long way in the market.

  • Digital Key
  • Facial Recognition
  • Service Automation
  • Smart Room Service
  • Smart Engine OCR Technology
  • Channel Management Technology

Let’s throw some light on each technology one by one:

Because of security concerns and maintenance costs, classic lock and key systems are increasingly becoming obsolete.

Using a digital key, visitors can check in remotely via their mobile device and access their allotted rooms without having to queue at the front desk.

This method also enables hoteliers to better manage their workforce requirements and save money on labor.

The following are some of the most popular smart lock alternatives, among many others:

  • RFID-based locking system
  • PIN lock with a code
  • Key lock with Bluetooth

The use of a digital key and the usage of smartphone apps is likely to result in more seamless travel experiences.

As well as provide new opportunities for hoteliers to differentiate themselves.

This security system function is to unlock any device by recognizing the user’s face.

This technology is matching the human face with the digital face of the human.

The user scans the face and the digital data of the face is saved in the database.

While unlocking any system if the digital face and human face gets match, the system will get unlock.

Else it will not get unlock and throw the error.

This system is in use frequently at airports majorly for business travelers and staff on duty.

However, it is getting common in the hotel industry too.

To establish facial recognization, hotels need proper installation for the same. As well as, data security systems in the hotel and laws in the region.

This security is best for hotel owner cabin, regular customers, special guests, and vital staff.

Nowadays self service is in fashion in the hotel industry.

For simple things, many guests nowadays prefer technology to human connection.

Remote check-in and check-out are becoming increasingly popular.

Moreover, many hotels are collaborating with applications that allow customers to order room service directly from their phones.

Activities like food service,

With the correct technology, a variety of basic visitor requests will get automate.

This results in freeing hotel staff to focus on other activities that improve the guest experience.

Smart occupancy sensors assist hotels in sending menu notifications to customers’ smartphones. Mostly when they are in their rooms.

Alerts may even include personalized recommendations based on previous orders.

Many home food-delivery apps already provide a similar service.

Giving frequent users push notifications at their chosen ordering times on their favorite days.

Smart hotel rooms employ the Internet of Things to provide guests with the same degree of comfort and convenience that they are accustomed to at home.

Built-in streaming services, keyless access, smart mirrors, digital facilities like lighting and thermostat management, voice-activated chatbots, and more are all examples of this.

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is the technology that extracts all of the needed information from any document in just seconds.

The OCR scanner app is a safe and quick way to scan documents and finish the identity verification process for your guests.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is already in use by some forward-thinking hotels to offer mobile check-in.

Guests can use the mobile guest app to scan their ID card or passport for the hotel’s verification process.

OCR technology allows customers to get the first impression of their hotel and ease them to stay longer.

Furthermore, hotel employees can put the time saved to better use by boosting the client experience in other ways.

Channel management is a vital technology for the hotel industry. It is solely responsible for managing hotel room bookings.

The simple purpose of using a channel manager application is to display and manage your hotel inventory.

Smilarly, it manages across a variety of booking channels is referred to as channel management in the hotel business.

The strategy of controlling the channels you choose to put on, and how you monitor the best performers in channels.

How you can improve your relationships to make more income at your hotel is all part of channel management.

To put it another way, channel management is the method of selling your inventory through internet distribution channels all over the world.

It also updates the remaining number of rooms in the hotel if it gets book from various OTAs.

It prevents the time and money of the hotelier. Setting up a channel manager is a one-time investment in the long run.

Above all, the channel manager also provides the dashboards. These dashboards give real time data analysis.

We can get to know which channel is providing most of the bookings. Which channel is active and which is not.

In conclusion, this speeds up the sale of the hotel and prevents overbookings.

Hotel business intelligence software can help you ensure that your prices will gets optimize and your revenue is maximized.

It’s utilized to keep track of competitors and market developments depending on supply and demand.

You can also create notifications so you don’t miss out on opportunities to raise pricing to increase income or lower costs to ensure reservations.

The rates you set will be more or less on a level with your competitors, which makes this a great tool to utilize in combination with a channel manager.

Therefore, underselling will result in a decrease in revenue while overselling will result in a decrease in bookings.

In addition, long-term forecasting is also necessary to determine what rate level to set and, more crucially, when

In other words, setting up channel management technology is like managing everything in one place.

Hence it is conclude that every new technology reshape the hotel industry. This results to attract customers and growing the hotel.

Therefore, embed your hotel with latest technology

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