Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscription

QloApps newsletter subscription feature will allow website visitors to subscribe to the QloApps newsletter. In just a click after providing their email address. It means we have their consent to store the information of the visitors. Businesses and organizations use newsletters to provide relevant and mindful information to their customers and subscribers. It is one of the most crucial elements of an email marketing strategy. Thus, in the future, if you want to keep your customers updated, then you can send Newsletters from your website.

The information includes offers on your online booking website, the new features, new rooms added to your hotel, modules, or anything that you want to notify them.

Newsletters allow you to send updated information by giving you direct access to your customer’s email address.

Meanwhile, you’ll have a new sales channel with individuals who are already fascinated by your brand.

Support this initiative with a solid strategy, to boost sales, drive traffic to your website. To provide a consistent return on investment (ROI) as well additional value-added benefits. 

But, before sending a newsletter. Make sure to frame it in a manner that catches the attention of your customers. Hence, after reading and analyzing it, they decide to purchase it.


Advantages/ Benefits of using it:

  • Personal touch: You can add a personal touch to those emails to make your customer feel special. It will add value to it and improve your brand.
  • Low/No cost: You do not have to pay a hefty amount. You only have to incur a little expense, or it is free of cost.
  • Stock rotation: You can give information about the products that are least well-known or the most difficult to sell.
  • Differentiate from competitors: The vast majority of online stores merely send out promotional messages. As a result, now is the ideal moment to set yourself apart from your competitors.


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