How hotel can make their social media presence active?

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Numerous times we hear active social media presence is essential to expand the reach of your brand.

But do we know how to achieve it? If you are looking for the same and then this article can help you out.

We know social media is an incredible place for the promotion of your hotel because of its popularity and usage among people.

People across the globe of all age groups use it to discover, explore, connect, and more.

Hence, you must know tips and tricks for using it.

But, what is this statement ‘make social media presence active’?

We often hear you have to be active on social media to flourish your business.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram define an active user as a person,

Who creates and complete their profile, likes, share, post, follow people, etc at least a month.

But this is not enough if you are using social media for marketing your hotel.

To actively maintains your presence on social media simply creating an account will not work.

You have to interact, post, like, and do other kinds of stuff to be present.

When you utilize it properly, you not only reap the rewards now but position your brand to be the most successful in the future.

Active social media presence is creating buzz among people

Before creating content for your social media, you have to understand how people of different age groups interact and connect with social content.

Because everyone is different so do their tastes and preferences and attitudes.

For instance, if GenZ or millennials will look at your page, they can connect with you through chat or other options available and want an immediate response.

Apart from that, they will look for a socially conscious brand, and bookings available on social media.

Share more images and short video content to attract them.

Because this new generation doesn’t indulge in the long descriptive text(of course there are a few exceptions).

To understand their likes and know their opinion, sharing interactive content is functional. For instance, polls and quizzes.

Talking about older age demographics, they are less likely to reserve rooms online until and unless they are sure of the services, offerings, etc. they receive.

So, provide them with more information through long descriptive content and videos and be patient with them.

They appreciate honesty, practicality, and conscientious behavior.

Instead of palely providing information from your social media pages, make it interactive.

To do so, turn one-way information providing into a two-way interaction.

Interaction is crucial even if the company is performing well and posting good content.

To make its social media presence active it needs to pull up its socks and not sit there and keep checking likes and reactions only.

Start following influential people or businessman who follows you, and comment on their posts.

Moreover, reply to comments on your posts with the motive to form a bond with customers.

While doing so, keep a track of your target demographic, what social media platforms they are using, and how they communicate and express things.

This way you will have a better understanding, so you post and communicates and target in the way they like.

Thus, you will gain popularity among them and it increases your visibility in the market.

  • Select the social media platform as per your business to boost reservations.
  • For instance, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are places where promoting hotels will work in your favor.
  • Create a goal-focused strategy, The target you set must be specific, measurable, can be achieved, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Make sure the content you are posting is instantly recognized by your potential customers. To do this, use the brand image, and tagline in your content.
  • Moreover, use a high-quality photograph that is specific to your hotel and your brand instead of using normal images.
  • Add social SEO to rank higher on the search result pages.
  • It should have a keyword related to your business, or industry and add hashtags to your profile and social media posts that have good search volume.
  • Writing content and posting on social media regularly or at a regular time interval, within a scheduled time.

Suggesting nearby places

Suggest nearby places and share their photographs/ videos where guests can visit when they stay in your hotel.

Showing faces of the staff

Even though everything is turning digital, still there is no replacement for humans.

So, put a face to your hotel by featuring its owner or its staff in photos with texts or videos.

Here, they may tell about themselves or share details of their work.

Promote according to season

Post on social media according to the season, so that it reflects what is the coolest amenities available in a hotel during a particular season.

Create a sense of urgency

Whenever there are vacant rooms in your hotel, you can create urgency among your visitors to book them.

Share with them how many rooms are vacant for a day and ask them to reserve them before they get booked.

This practice can also follow in case of special occasions when the chances of reservations are high.

For instance, during Christmas.

Influencer marketing

Invite social media influencers to your hotel and show them what services you are providing.

Ask them to take good pictures and share them on their social media handles and tag you.

Likewise, you also share influencers’ pictures on your social media pages and tag them.

This way you can expand your reach and promote the hotel among various people.

There is an opportunity for businesses to reach millions of followers through social media marketing, that’s much power it holds.

But, only posting content, is not possible, you have to be proactive in your approach.

Everything has to be strategically planned before, in order to get people engaged and thrive social media presence.

The steps that I have mentioned above will surely make it easier for you to make your social media presence active.

Please share views in the comment box.

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