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How to set an influencer marketing strategy for your hotel?

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Want to create an influencer marketing strategy, so that when people scroll through the net they witness your brand?

Customers have their favorite influencers, and they follow them, although not blindly.

But yes if they think what they are promoting is worth their time and money then they definitely do so.

Hence, why not use it for promoting your hotel?

Long gone are days when buying decisions were based on TV advertisements, ads in newspapers, or magazines.

Now, people of all ages are online on their favorite social networking sites. And they discover a lot of recommendations from influencers, family, friends, and peers.

According to a survey of Indian brand custodians and content creators.

Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing customer acquisition method, with a rate of 31%.

Hence, we can confidently say that it is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and impact customers’ decision-making processes.

A influencer in red glass, hairband, dress using influencer marketing strategy

Let’s first understand in brief Influencer marketing.

It is marketing your brand on social media platforms through social media influencers.

The social media influencers have set their image and gained followers through their social influencing skills.

Don’t get confused with people who have large numbers of followers as influencers. No, they are not.

In fact, influencers are those who can affect the buying decisions of people by uploading original or sponsored products on their social media pages.

To successfully execute anything you need a well-built strategy. Hence, here we are with some useful influencer marketing strategies:

The most crucial step is the set a goal so you can create a vision for your business.

So, think about the result you want to achieve through influencer marketing. The goal should be specific, reasonable, and achievable within a time frame.

For instance, through influencer marketing, you want to build brand awareness, reach new customers and increase your followers.

Increase sales and conversions, build links for Search Engine Optimization, and so on.

It will also help you in keeping a check whether you are meeting the standards or not.

For instance, track sales with unique links for influencers or a special promo code.

blue background, and and blue color influencer using influencer marketing strategy to attract audiences

The first step is finding your audience and connecting with influencers who share similar content and followers.

Additionally, you can also connect with influencers who do not share a similar target audience as yours.

If you want to change or expand to different target audiences.

It will take some time to explain to influencers why you want to change your audience.

And their target audience is best suitable for your brand.

Influencers care for their audiences, so they may show resistance.

However, if you collaborate with the influencer to develop a solid campaign strategy, they may be able to assist you in reaching a new market.

After the above step, it’s time to observe the influencers who can promote your brand before you pitch it to them.

It will allow you to take an informative decision, and also you can create a better impression on influencers.

Your target is not to engage with influencers with huge followers but with those who can deliver the right message to the right people.

Choose influencers who can persuade customers to stay and relax in your hotel.

Find influencers who have more engagement rates.

Meaning the number of likes and comments rather than solely going for influencers with more followers.

Because it shows, that their followers are finding their content amusing and relatable.

Hence, when influencers market your hotel, it catches people’s attention.

Of course, you cannot think of collaboration without contacting them.

You can connect with them through their social media handle or send personalized mail to them.

But, here the points which are important to keep in mind while reaching out are:

They have already established their identity through their account among people.

So they do not want to promote something that is not adding value to their customers.

Moreover, there are many competitors in the market who want to collaborate with them.

Hence, you have to tactfully show why they should collaborate with your brand.

Money is not their prime focus, in fact, a study shows that they are looking for brands that show some kind of relevance to the content they are posting.

For instance, travel bloggers, or food bloggers will be the right choice for you.

Moreover, they don’t promote anything which will later break the trust of their followers from them.

Approximately 80 percent of social media influencers are willing to collaborate again with brands which allows them to use their creativity.

So, by looking at the above point we can understand influences want their work to be appreciated.

The target you must have set which you want to achieve and how to do it. But, let’s the influencers do their job themselves.

Tell them what your expectations are, what you want to showcase, and an underline of your goal.

But, don’t interfere with details, the influencers have a grip over their audiences and they know how to attract their attention to their post.

Moreover, by interfering with their creativity, their post will lose their originality which neither the influencers nor their followers will like.

Moreover, they have a lot of brands on their list who want to partner with them.

Hence, if you interfere too much with their work it is probable they may not work with your brand again.

The world is revolving around technology, making influencer marketing a thing which going to stay for long.

And we can even witness its rise in the forthcoming years. So, why not start embracing and implementing it from now.

Keep the strategies in mind, and it will turn out to be a fruitful decision for your business.

Please share views in the comment box.

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