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Capsule Hotels: The New Emerging Trend

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In a world of growing land scarcity, hoteliers face the challenge of making space for too many guests. The solution to this problem is Capsule Hotels. Find out how Capsule hotels are providing guests with an efficient space for stay.

Capsule hotels also known as Pod hotels are unique types of stays. It offers small, individual sleeping spaces. They provide a comfortable place to rest for a short duration. Capsule hotels provide cheap basic overnight accommodation for guests who don’t have the requirements or cannot afford expensive rooms. 

They were first started in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. From there it spread to other cities of the country and later became popular across the globe. Capsules are known as pods in some parts of the world. 

Moreover, they provide an option for alternative accommodations to the guests. 

Capsule Hotels: The New Emerging Trend QloApps

Some key features of pod hotels are: 

Capsules are usually enclosed and equipped with beds, mattresses, and basic amenities like lighting and ventilation. Some of the advanced capsules contain entertainment systems.

These hotels are more affordable as compared to traditional rooms as there can be multiple pods in one large room. Hence, they attract more budget-friendly travelers. They generally attract solo travelers. 

These hotels are generally located near the city area or transportation hubs such as bus stands, train stations, or airports making it convenient for travelers who need short-term stay. 

Pod hotels generally have a minimalist aesthetic and futuristic design, focussing on saving space and providing comfort. 

As these capsule hotels are generally located in urban areas so hoteliers need to minimize their rent space. So, capsule hotels are the perfect solution to them because these pods are stacked over one another in a single room. 

Due to their affordability and ability to accommodate more guests, the pod hotels generally have high occupancy which improves hotelier’s revenue. 

The pods are generally small, and they require less staff to manage the operations and maintain the property. This leads to higher revenue. 

The Pods offer a unique experience to the guest. It generally has a capacity of one person and is equipped with a basic entertainment facility. Such experiences can’t be found in any other hotels. 

Due to their compact size and automated features, these hotels can provide 24/7 check-in and check-out making it more convenient for their guests. To make the process more efficient, the hoteliers can opt for an online check-in process.

Despite having compact size these hotels have soundproofing pods curtains, and secure storage spaces to store the guests’ luggage. 

Pod hotels provide flexibility in room design. This allows hoteliers to cater to different guest preferences. These pods can be designed with a unique theme that can provide hyper-personalization to the guests.

The pod hotels focus on eco-friendliness in their design and operations which can help them to enhance the overall hotel’s image. Hoteliers can make use of this in their marketing.

Benefits of Capsule Hotels

Although there are many benefits of having a capsule hotel, just like everything there are cons, and these hotels are no exception.

The main thing about having a Capsule hotel is that they provide comfortable stays without even requiring much space. However, this might not be ideal for everyone. 

People having claustrophobia will avoid these hotels no matter what facilities or affordability these hotels provide. 

Since these pods are connected very close to each other, guests might have some concerns about their privacy. Some pods may not have the best safety features to secure the guest’s belongings. 

Guests in these hotels have to share basic amenities such as bathrooms, and common areas that may not appeal to everyone. It may also raise some hygiene concerns for some guests.   

Many capsule hotels don’t provide any dining facilities. The guest has to go outside the hotels to make their food arrangements. Not all hotels provide a service in which food can be delivered to the guests’ pod. 

As these hotels have limited space, guests with more luggage will face difficulties in managing their luggage. 

The capsule hotels generally attract solo travelers. So people with family members generally go for the big rooms as they have kids to be taken care of. 

As we have explored how Capsule hotels can provide a comfortable stay in smaller areas, such hotels can be very beneficial for countries like India whose land availability is decreasing daily. 

Hotel owners in India can attract many solo travelers by offering these hotels.  

I hope you liked my article on Capsule Hotel.

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