Alternative Accommodation

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Alternative accommodation is a growing sector of the hotel industry. 

It has changed the traveling trend in Tourism. So, Let’s explore this sector in detail.

Any non-traditional options for overnight stays except hotels are called Alternative accommodations. For example, hostels, homestays, rentals, etc. 

Firstly, these stays provide travelers with unique experiences. Secondly, it connects them with the local culture of the place. Lastly, these stays are much more affordable than hotels. Various alternative stays also offer facilities of kitchens, laundry, and outdoor gardens.

There are various types of alternative accommodations available in today’s times. I am listing a few famous options below.  

Vacation rentals are privately owned homes or apartments rented out to tourists on a short term basis. It is suitable for people traveling for business trips of long duration.  

These rentals provide facilities like a kitchen and laundry. The visitor enjoys the comfort of home in such rentals. 

Bed and breakfasts are small houses that provide breakfast as part of their stay package. Free breakfast service is a tourist attraction.

Hostels are a cheap form of accommodation with shared rooms and facilities. It is an affordable stay option. In addition, it gives travelers a space to interact with unknown people. Hostels also offer various facilities like games and group activities. Thus, making the stay of the traveler exciting. 

Various outdoor stay options such as tents, cabins, and treehouses fall under the camping. It is an eco friendly and affordable form of stay.

In Homestays, travelers stay with a local family in their home and discover their ways of living. In addition to helping the traveler to experience the culture of the place. It also provides travelers with basic home facilities. Moreover, the love and care of family make their stay very memorable.

A cruise is a large ship with all the necessary facilities required for a stay. It is an expensive type of stay. People who want to enjoy ocean views choose this type of stay.

The main differences between alternative accommodations and hotels are:

Hotels offer various services, including restaurants, daily housekeeping, gatekeeper services, etc. People who prefer comfort and safety. Hence, such types of people book hotels over other stay options.

Alternative accommodations offer fewer facilities. In such stays, Guests manage their laundry and meals on their own.

Alternative accommodations like vacation rentals and apartments provide more space and privacy than hotel rooms. People who travel with family or in groups want to enjoy their private space. This is the reason why they prefer such types of lodging. 

On the other hand, hotel rooms offer limited space and privacy to their customers. 

Alternative accommodations offer a more unique and personalized travel experience. It is one of the attractive features of such stays.

Whereas, Hotels provide more comfort and safe accommodation. 

Options like vacation rentals, hostels, and homestays are very budget friendly. 

The setup cost of such stays is very low. Hence, such stays are available at very reasonable prices.

Stays like private vacation homes and apartments offer privacy and freedom to the customers. Unlike Hotels and Resorts which are crowded and noisy. 

People who take trips to spend quality time with their family and friends prefer alternative stay options over hotels.

Accommodations like vacation rentals offer more spacious rooms than hotel rooms. These are best for families traveling with children or for a group of friends.

Staying in a homestay provides the traveler with a unique experience. Not only Tourists can explore the culture and traditions of that place. But, he can also enjoy the nature of the place.

Such stays offer basic yet unique amenities to their customers. For example, kitchens, laundry, and outdoor spaces. Travelers find such facilities attractive. Also, such facilities make them feel at home.

Most alternative stays are small in size and budget. Therefore, they provide fewer facilities. People who want various facilities should not book them. 

There is no guarantee that each stay will be identical. For example, Staying in one place can be different from another even though it is of the same type. Moreover, the size of the property also differs from place to place. 

In some cases, such stays are situated in rural locations. Because of this, it becomes difficult to find essential services such as transportation, food, and other necessary things.

In some alternative stays, there is less or no staff available to the visitor. Guests have to solve the problem themselves.

Alternative accommodations do not have a high level of security.

Alternative accommodation has immense potential. Its market also is growing with time.  

Various Online travel agents in the hotel industry, like Airbnb, Yatra, etc have realized its growing demand.

These OTA’s are, therefore supporting this sector of the tourism industry. 

It is high time for hotel owners to understand the changing trend of tourism. They should understand the developing market of alternative stays. 

After which, they should grow and compete in this market by providing personalization and customization in hotels

I hereby, sum up my article on Alternative accommodation.I hope you found my article interesting and useful.

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