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5 Reasons Why Bleisure Travelers are Profitable for Your Hotel?

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The world of travel has expanded beyond its usual boundaries, giving rise to a new generation of travelers called “Bleisure” travelers. These travelers mix work and pleasure travel. 

Blesuire Travel offers a unique chance for hotels to tap into a valuable market sector. Let’s look at five convincing reasons why Bleisure travelers are beneficial and profitable for your hotel.

Why Bleisure Travelers are Profitable for Hotels?

Bleisure travel refers to the practice of mixing business and pleasure travel. There are various reasons behind the rising popularity of this type of travel in the hotel business.

The top 5 reasons why Bleisure travel is profitable for hotels are as follows: 

Business travelers book hotels for long durations and spend more money on their visits. They often stay 2-3 days longer than leisure travelers. It provides your hotel a chance to generate high income. 

Bleisure travelers make more purchases as they have higher spending ability. These travelers own business travel budgets and personal funds for their staycation. 

Business travelers are not only staying for business work but are also interested in dining out, shopping, and visiting the area. 

For instance, a traveler on business would not only spend $100 per day on meals but will also try to explore the city in less time, thus will need your help and services more than any vacation traveler. 

Bleisure travelers generally book hotels on weekdays. It is one of the ways through which hotels generate revenue on off-season and weekdays.

Hotels can earn regular income throughout the year due to these travelers. Otherwise, hotels generally observe low occupancy rates on midweek days. 

Bleisure travelers are more inclined to come back. These travelers expect a comfortable stay experience, and if you provide them with what they desire, then they will be your loyal customers. They will choose you again for business trips or even personal trips. 

For example, if A Bleisure traveler stays at your hotel for a conference and enjoys his stay, then there are high chances that he will come back for a family vacation at your hotel only. For hotels, this recurring business may be quite profitable.

Bleisure travelers are more inclined to tell their friends and coworkers about your hotel. Positive reviews from past guests will increase your reputation and attract new clients. Moreover, you can use positive reviews to grow your hotel business.

A Bleisure traveler, for instance, could brag to their friends about how much fun they had at your hotel and how they were able to balance business and pleasure. This excellent word-of-mouth has the power to draw in a lot more customers.

How to Attract Bleisure Travelers to Your Hotel?

Here are a few things you can do to draw more Bleisure travelers to your hotel:

You can create and provide customized packages to Bleisure travelers. Packages can incorporate activities and attractions or provide savings for prolonged stays. It will attract them to your hotel and will make them feel valued.

Make the direct reservations process of your hotel simple. Allow them to book your hotel quickly. You can launch your Booking website to provide an easy booking process for your guests. 

You can add diverse facilities to your hotel to attract Bleisure travelers. Facilities like a bar, fitness center, and pool help them rewind and enjoy their stay. 

Hoteliers can collaborate with MNCs and provide them with discounts and exclusive deals. It will help you get regular business. In addition, it will also improve the reach of your hotel. 

You should provide flexible cancellation rules for these travelers. Bleisure travelers have tight schedules. Therefore, they highly value the ability to modify their plans without cost.

Ensure that you provide high-speed internet in your hotels. Travelers on business always need to stay connected to their jobs. Hence, they require stay with fast internet connectivity.

Construct a well-equipped business center or meeting room on your property. A well-equipped business center is essential to attract them.

These travelers prefer hotels in prime locations. Such hotels enable them to explore their destination in less time. You can follow these strategies to attract more Bleisure travelers to your hotel.

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