Top 10 Technologies that will improve your property management

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Technology holds the potential to improve the hospitality industry. It can increase the efficiency of hoteliers and ease their management process. 

The current market is witnessing the rise of various new software. Some of the trending hotel technologies include PMS, Point of sales, virtual reality, etc. 

These technologies help hoteliers simplify the hotel management process. Technologies not only save time and effort but also help hoteliers streamline their hotel business. 

Let me share the top 10 technologies of the hotel industry that can reshape a hotel’s property management process.

Top 10 technology of hotel industry

PMS helps hoteliers streamline their hotel management tasks. It efficiently manages hotel reservations. 

In addition, it helps to easily manage the daily operations such as check-in, check-out, room assignments, etc. PMS helps hotels manage their property bookings and operations from a single platform.

  • Front Desk Operations

A PMS enables front desk staff to handle the bookings conveniently.  It smoothens the check-in and check-out process of the guests. 

  • Housekeeping 

A PMS allows hotels to manage their room’s daily housekeeping tasks properly. Moreover, it also enables hotels to manage their maintenance tasks and work orders in the system. 

  • Rate and Inventory Management

PMS helps hotels add, update, and sync the rates and inventory of the rooms in real-time. It ensures that the rooms are never overbooked by the guests.  

  • Reporting and Analysis

PMS comes with interactive dashboards that display various performance parameters of the hotel through graphs and charts. It helps hoteliers track and monitor their hotel’s performance and make effective future strategies. 

Point of sales software helps manage sales and guest orders in restaurants. It manages the records of the orders, payments, and inventory tracking of food and beverages. 

  • Quick Transactions 

It helps hotels to generate the bills and collect payments for the order. 

  • Inventory Management

A POS keeps track of all the inventory of foods and beverages.

  • Employee Management

POS maintains employee performance and sales in the system. Through POS, hoteliers can manage their employees and track their sales conveniently. 

  • Customer Management

POS records the customer data so that you can analyze your customers and improve your strategies accordingly. 

  • Discount and Management

POS enables hoteliers to manage the sales and offers on their food and beverages. In addition, it allows hotels to provide discounts to the customers on their orders.

The online reservation system allows guests to book the rooms of hotels in just a few minutes from anywhere. 

This system helps increase the online presence of the hotel and increase the hotel’s reach.  Moreover, it directly boosts the hotel’s booking rates and revenue. 

  • Booking Portal 

This system provides the guests with a user-friendly and attractive booking website.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

It updates the inventory of the hotel in real-time and works in sync with the PMS. 

  • Multiple platform access

It creates multiple booking sources for the hotel, such as websites, mobile apps, or social media. 

  • Online Payments

You can integrate your preferred payment gateway with this system and allow your guests to pay for their bookings online. 

  • Integration with PMS and POS

You can connect this system with PMS and POS easily to save your time and effort. 

  • Multilingual and Multicurrency System

It supports multiple languages and multiple currencies.

Channel manager allows hoteliers to sell their hotel rooms on multiple distribution channels. It helps them add and update the rate and inventory of their rooms on various channels from one platform. Therefore, it eliminates the issues of overbooking. 

  • Real-time sync and updation

The channel manager updates and syncs the room’s inventory on PMS and all channels in real-time.  

  • Rate Parity 

It helps to maintain consistent pricing across all platforms on all listed platforms.

  • Statistics Management

The channel manager maintains the reports of the hotel’s performance on various channels and the statistics of multiple parameters. 

Guest mobile apps enhance guest’s stay experience. It allows guests to make bookings, check-ins, and payments using their phone. Therefore, saving their time and reducing their manual efforts.

  • It enables guests to easily check in and check out from the hotel using their phones only. 
  • Guests can receive their digital Room Keys on their mobile.
  • Service request facility: Guests can quickly request any service that they want in just a few clicks. 
  • In-room controls: Guests can control the electronic devices of their room such as fans, TV from their mobile only.
  • Offers and loyalty programs: Guests can explore the active offers and programs in the application. 

Revenue management systems help hoteliers to keep track of all the costs and profits of the hotel revenue. 

  • Optimize the pricing 

Using this software, hoteliers can set the most optimal pricing of their rooms. 

  • Competitive analysis

The hoteliers can analyze the competitors’ rates and manage their prices through the Revenue management system.

  • Financial Reports

The revenue management system generates multiple financial reports through which hotelier can perform the financial analysis of their hotel’s profits.

ORM helps hoteliers maintain the hotel’s online reputation across various social review platforms. 

It helps in building the strong brand image of the hotel. Moreover, it also creates strong trust among customers and attracts them. 

It also deals with all the negative feedback and manages the situation well in time. 

Proper online reputation management can help you build credibility for your hotel in the public.

These services and systems increase the efficiency of the hotels and save them time and effort. 

These tools provide guests with a platform to share their reviews and provide hotel feedback. 

Hotels can use AR and VR technology to showcase their property and its amenities to guests. 

These above-listed hotel technologies can act as tools to elevate and grow your hotel business. 

Hoteliers should start using these hotel technologies to manage their properties seamlessly. These technology advancements can help you easily manage your daily hotel operations and stand high in the market. 

The hotel technology helps hoteliers ease their management process. We can conclude that by using these various hotel technologies hotels can make their hotel business successful efficiently. 

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