How to Attract Bleisure Travelers?

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In recent days we can see that people like to have leisure time during their business trips.

This simply means the professionals that look for leisure activities with the business and office work is term as bleisure travelers.

Attract Bleisure Travelers

For example, if any working professional went out of town for 3 days of work in any other city.

Then they extend their visit for 5 days. The extra 2 days are for exploring the new city. This is leisure time.

Bleisure is the new trending term that came into the limelight from cooperative firms. They provide leisure facilities and business tours to their employees.

The leisure facilities are provided to employees to keep them motivated and loyal to the organizations.

This is generally focused on employee betterment. Hence many organizations keep this in mind if their employee is having a business meeting or trip in that they can enjoy their leisure time too.

Therefore, hotels in recent days plan and focus on bleisure activities for travelers and companies. That is, what they can do for business travelers to make their business trips more memorable.

So if you are planning to gain profit by providing facilities to the business traveler with leisure activities then here we are discussing some methodologies of it.

If any professional traveler is visiting your hotel regarding some official work they need working facilities.

So it becomes the responsibility of the hotel to provide the working facility to the traveler.

Give them the basic facility like a sitting arrangement table and chair, internet connection with good speed, notepad, and pen, etc.

You can also give them complimentary coffee in a few hours gap.

After a hectic day, provide a local guide to the traveler or we can tell the customer about the best local area to visit.

Provide basic ideas to your guest that what are the famous places to visit in the city. What are the best cuisine and the food point of the visited place?

It may happen that some travelers are staying for one night so they don’t have much time to explore the food and the famous spots.

So just tell them or advertise that you can offer exclusive services to the business traveler. This results in that they can choose you for your next business trip over your competitor.

If we provide any voucher and coupon that customers can redeem that will definitely attract the customer.

If any business traveler comes frequently make them feel special by providing him the redeem coupon. By redeeming the coupon they can avail of any kind of services.

reward to Attract Bleisure Travelers

Also, you can try to provide them exclusive services like a spa, therapy gift hamper, or anything else that makes their visit memorable.

This will definitely attract bleisure travelers and they can think about the revisit.

Mostly bleisure travelers do not travel alone. They come along with their family, friends, and children.

Generally, what people do, is they go on a trip with family. During working hours, other family members visit the town and explore the famous area.

During the hotel stay during working hours, children can enjoy the amenities for them. For examples gaming area, toy room, children’s park, and many more.

It’s conceivable that a business traveler will decide to prolong their trip before they leave, so let them know as soon as you can about your exceptional deals and services.

To increase repeat business and entice guests to extend their subsequent business trips, send targeted email marketing to corporate clients who have previously stayed.

The business services area of the hotel’s website might also advertise “leisure stay” deals and services.

Corporate clients should receive information regarding extended stay deals in their confirmation and pre-arrival emails, offering them another chance to prolong their vacation.

Lastly, interact with potential and verified bleisure passengers at each stage of the booking process.

Visitors should be able to read information about your bleisure-focused services and amenities as soon as they arrive on your website.

Make sure these visitors are aware that you can assist them in organizing their leisure activities and provide for the comfort and entertainment of their partners and children.

Consider including tickets to popular activities or accommodation upgrades in your package deals.

That’s all for “How to Attract Bleisure Travelers?”

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