Tips to provide good customer service to your hotel guests

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Hands down good customer service is the pillar of the hotel industry. Without it, guests retention is not possible.

After World Health Organization declares covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March 2020, and hotels being shut down for months.

Customers are more concerned about their safety and they need reassurance from hotel staffs to feel comfortable.

Like they used to before the pandemic. Moreover, this crises also change the expectations of guests from their hotels.

But, as hotel staffs are still learning the new normal, it affects the quality of customer service.

Hence, a few scenarios guests may face which are not delightful.

But try to cut down those issues as soon as possible and take measures to avoid them in future.

good customer service

Here are some of the tips to provide good customer service to your hotel guests.

Thoughtfulness and high emotional intelligence in the hotel industry is important for successful service delivery.

Especially when the times are tough due to pandemic.

You cannot understand the specific needs of the customer if you are ignorant.

Human beings have an underlying desire to be understood.

They place a high value on how you make them feel before making a final decision of booking a room in your hotel for another trip.

And they share their experiences with their colleagues, friends and on social media platforms.

Hence, to attract guests and retain the old ones, emotional intelligence plays a vital role.

For instance, Remembering their preferences if they’re repeat guests. Did they require an additional blanket the last time?

If yes, then make sure to keep an extra blanket in their room.

Guests will identify your brand with the level of service provided by your hotel.

They are more likely to take experiences and beautiful memories they enjoy in your hotel to their home.

And will come back looking for the same.

But, if staffs are not good at human relations then it may cause disputes and negativity.

You must recognise that not all personalities are suited to customer service, and you must assign the appropriate staff the appropriate role.

Tips for better guests experience:

  • Listen to their problems, understand their needs and take actions.
  • Don’t pressurize them to do something.
  • Always be polite and radiate a warm smile.
  • Even if the issue is not under your control, assure them you will manage it in meantime.

Install and upgrade technologies to suit the new normal.

The future of hotel customer service is automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Outdated technologies will not work. First and foremost, use technologies for contactless check-in and check-out.

Guests don’t want to stand in long queues.

Moreover, use a digital room key to eliminate the need to touch doors locks for entry and exit in the room.

For allowing guests to smart controls of lights, a/c, geyser, use hotel guest service app.

If you can execute it well, then you can easily enhance the guest’s experience.

For gaining the trust of hotel guests, cleanliness is one of the most crucial factors in a time of crises.

Have cleanliness protocols in place.

It is advisable to use cleaning equipment such as electrostatic sprayers, UV light units, etc. for thorough cleaning.

To provide good customer service, a strong team that coordinate their efforts to achieve the goal is crucial.

To build a strong team there must be transparency, harmony and a customer-focused mindset.

Place a high value on employee training and development and adopt these core values while training them.

Even if your old employees are currently giving excellent service, there is always room for improvement.

Provide your employees with the resources, tools, and encouragement they need to provide quality service.

Make every member of your team aware of the changes and advancements that take place in the hotel.

The ultimate aim is that everyone on the team is able to explain or lead guests through each new services or,

Procedures your hotel is providing.

Benchmarking is one approach for hotel management to develop and learn as they adapt to their competitive environment.

It is determining the acceptable standard service your competitors are providing and where you are standing in comparison to them.

The procedure includes researching the competitors and the environment to determine the best practices and development opportunities.

Visiting other hospitality firms, analysing competition, incorporating consumer input into the model,

And acting on the findings may improve customer service dramatically.

This way you can allow your hotel business to keep on top of market trends and client demands.

Taking feedback and working on it displays you are eager to upgrade your services.

So, grab opportunity whenever possible and ask for customer’s feedback.

You can take their feedback when they are in relax and happy mood or when they are praising something about your hotel.

They will not deny at that time.

And analyse their feedback form and work to improve the quality of services.

Don’t feel disheartened with negative feedback. Take that as a way to learn about customer’s needs.

Your hotel will collapse if you do not work on negative feedback from customer.

Take the time to examine feedback regularly, find areas for improvement, and implement specific changes in your business.

An increasing number of hotels have made service quality a primary focus to stay competitive.

Hence, appoint and train staff to place a high value on customer service and build a strong team.

Moreover, install and upgrade technologies to adjust to customer requirements.

For quality services benchmarking and taking feedback are a must.

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