Why Front Desk Is Vanishing From Hotel?

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The hotel front desk plays a vital role in the hotel industry. When the customer comes into the hotel, the front desk is the first point of contact.

The front desk manager is the person who greets you and helps in staying in the hotel.

In the recent trends, what guests want is that they want to do online check-in and directly want to go to their room. They want to bypass the front desk documents and formalities. 

Guests usually look for the online check-in and digital keys to directly go into the room. This recent trend and behavior were noticed in the customers.

A few challenges faced by hotel front desk managers are also the reason that front desks are slowly disappearing from hotels. These are the loss of luggage, inappropriate questions by guests, long queues for check-in, and many others.

Multiple technologies are easing the front desk work. With increasing technology slowly and steadily the front desk is disappearing from hotels. Let’s know about them in the following points.

A kiosk is an electronic device that is used for the check-in process in a hotel. It helps to reduce the hotel front desk queue and create a smooth check-in process.

When the customer reaches the hotel, they just need to enter the fields asked by the kiosk for the check-in process. Kiosks support multiple languages. Hence it is widely accepted. Hoteliers can place any number of kiosks in the hotel lobby to regulate the check-in process.

Here you can read more about the kiosks in the hotel industry.

There is no doubt that due to COVID-19, social distancing has increased. Many manual processes in the hotel industry are automated now. Online room check-in is one of them.

The guest can select the room by entering their booking details and can do the check-in before arriving at the hotel. They can also make payment of the balance amount while doing the online check-in.

QloApps online check-in addons help your guest in the online check-in process. With this, the admin checks all the booking details. It includes the customer name, room number, booking ID, and others.

With this addon, hoteliers can select to whom they want to allow online check-in and to whom they do not want to allow check-in. 

In today’s scenario, guests like to order food online, even sitting in restaurants.

The QR code is placed at the hotel table. When the customer scans it, they will get the digital menu on their mobile phone. The customer selects the cuisine they want to order.

The customer can pay online for the order. It will reduce the queue at the order counter desk. The order notification will be sent to the kitchen. The customer will get updates on the food preparation on the mobile.

Hotels nowadays are getting very advanced and taking the top use of technology.  Through the messaging system, the customer can ask housekeeping for any basic requirements easily. They do not need to reach the front desk for it again and again.

They simply message the housekeeping department for anything. The housekeeping department replies over the chat system. The customer also gets a real-time update on the requirement.

Once the customer housekeeping is fulfilled, housekeeping can send the request completed message.

Front desk in the hotel industry makes the first impression on the customer. If it is congested and can not handle customers at one time, then it will reduce the brand value. Henceforth, kiosks are used in the hotel industry to streamline hotel check-ins.

Online check-in at the hotel reduces the load of the hotel staff. It is also useful in brand image formation.  When the workload of the staff reduces, you can align them in making the customer relation.

That’s all from the Why Front Desk Is Vanishing From Hotel.  I hope you like our article.

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