What is the difference between hotels, motels, and resorts?

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Hotels, motels, and resorts serve as the hotel industry’s accommodations. Customers book these accommodations as per their needs and requirements.

hotels, motels, and resorts

The purposes of hotels, motels, and resorts are different from each other and they have different customer types. Each type is important in its way. There is a fine line between each of them.

Let’s understand each one by one:

A hotel is a business that caters to tourists and other visitors by providing rooms, dining options, arrangements of parties and functions, and many more.

Due to their advantageous locations inside the cities, these facilities can also host meetings and conferences.

Depending on where they are and how big they are, hotels can be categorized in a variety of ways. The different types of hotels include extra night, flats hotels, boutiques hotels, guesthouses, luxury hotels, limited-service hotels, and inns.

Star ratings, which range from one to five, can also be used to categorize them.

The word “motel” is derived from “motorist’s hotel.” This term was used to describe hotels that have plenty of parking and are easily connected to highways. This is especially helpful for US citizens who routinely drive great distances on interstate and major highway systems.

The doors of the hotel usually face the parking, making getting in and out very simple. This may or may not still be the case now given that several motels now have interior doors leading to communal spaces.

Resorts are similar to hotels that provide room for a stay and basic amenities. A resort is more than a hotel, it has more than the basic amenities. It has a swimming pool, gaming section, shops for shopping, a meditation center, a spa, and many more.

Resorts some time termed as the destination point. Because it not only have the accommodation as well as the extracurricular activities. Resorts focus on providing relaxation to the tourist from day-to-day activities.

Therefore, most of the resorts are far from the city and location from nature’s point of view. Resorts are mostly founded on beaches, in hilly areas, or at any waterfall point.

So that tourists can feel close to nature and refreshed.

After knowing about the motels and hotels, let us know about the hotels and motels on some parameters basis.

Motels are usually out of the city and they have a lot of parking areas included. These are usually used by people who want to stay out of the city. The main door of the motels is towards the outside parking.

Whereas hotels are in the city. Its customers are the people from the local area and the families group too. The hotels have a single main door for the exit from the hotel premises.

Hotels have multiple ratings that start from 1 to 5. So, the higher the rating higher is the price. The rating of the hotel defines how much the hotel is good in providing the facilities and services to the customer.

In Motel, there is no such kind of ratings. Usually, they are cheaper than the hotel. This is due to a lack of room services, facilities, amenities, and outskirts locations.

There is a major difference between the size and the architecture of hotels and motels. In hotels, there are many rooms (it can be 1000+). Depending upon the ratings and size of the hotel the number of rooms can vary from hundreds to thousands.

Also, the higher the rating of the room and the brand name, the customer can see the price of the room is a little bit high.

Hotels also have many floors. Each floor is divided for various purposes and requirements. All these floors are connected by elevators/lifts.

Whereas, the motels are usually up to the first and second floors. Also, the number of room in the motels are very limited.

There is no doubt that we can get my types of services in the hotel. The types of services we can get in a hotel are room services, housekeeping, breakfast buffet,

Whereas in the motel there are no room services, housekeeping, or buffet facility. Only a few services can be seen in the motel like breakfast or basic cleaning of the motel.

Various amenities are offered by hotels, depending on their star classification. Amenities that include everything from game rooms to conference and meeting rooms.

Hotels also offer various levels of rooms at various price points. The price of a room increases with how many amenities are provided. For example electric kettles, water heaters, Water bottles, lockers, cupboards, and many others.

In motels, basic amenities like a room, a power supply, and others are typically offered to guests of motels. Other amenities like a restaurant, gyms, jacuzzis, swimming pools, etc. are lacking.

Here we will discuss the differences between hotels and resorts on basic parameters.

Hotels are frequently found close to airports, or city roads. Therefore, a stand or display of brochures for surrounding and local activities, theme parks, retail malls, museums, and other attractions is typically found in hotel lobbies.

On the other side, resorts provide a large range of activities that are close to your room. Hotels are typically located close to transit hubs.

Whereas resorts require more area for their extensive services and are frequently found close to natural features like ocean coasts, mountains, and woods. This important information is used by several resorts to provide equipment rentals for outdoor sports.

Hotels periodically offer live entertainment for their guests. Though they will typically be able to advise you about entertainment in the city area.

Whereas in resorts there is live entertainment in the evening or during the day time mostly goes on. Most resorts include live music every week, and some even put on festivals and other events that feature food, music, and other things.

Since both resorts and hotels include housing and food options, the two terms are occasionally used interchangeably.

However, resorts frequently provide more activities on a bigger scale than hotels. If all you need is a place to sleep, a hotel might be able to meet your needs. However, resorts are the place to go if you desire convenience and a large selection of services.

The difference between hotels, motels, and resorts is a very descriptive discussion. Which one is best for you completely depend on what kind of accommodation you are looking for. What kind of activities and amenities do you want? Last but not least what is your budget?

That’s all from “What is the difference between hotels, motels, and resorts?”.

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