Wellness and Health tourism: A new Buzz In Hotel Industry

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After the pandemic Covid-19, the public has become concerned for their health. After the lockdown when people start traveling and staying in hotels they are looking for wellness and health facilities in hotels.

wellness and health tourism

Tourists can avail of health and wellness facilities during their stay. So that during any vacation ad trip they can continue with their fitness regime.

Health and wellness programs are in demand because customers are asking for these facilities and programs while doing their bookings. The following are the reasons for demand in the hotel industry:

During the lockdown period, people start working on their fitness and immunity. They started working out, doing meditation, and taking nutritious meals.

Therefore, a customer does not want to disturb their schedule while going on vacation.

Hence, they look for health and wellness programs or fitness facilities. So, that they can continue their activities during vacation also.

In the metro cities, people are staying away from their homes, and are busy with their jobs and fast running life. They do not have time to take care of their health.

The joyfulness and the relaxed mental state are missing from the life by which they are suffering from depression and mental illness.

So, when they took a break from their everyday routine and booked a hotel for vacation purposes. They also want health and wellness programs so that they can work on their mental health.

When people go on trekking it takes a lot of rigorous hard work. Tourist travel many kilometers on foot.

This causes a lot of pain and cramps in the legs. After that, they need massage and stretching to get relief from that pain.

So people look for massage, acupressure, and other health facilities to get relief from the pain.

There are many methods to introduce wellness and health tourism. A few of them are discussed below. Before starting a wellness and health program, make sure it should be a calm and open area.

So that people should get proper peace and rest fullness. Let’s discuss each method one by one:

Cycles are eco-friendly vehicles and cycling itself is one of the best exercises. We can provide the cycles to the tourist and allow them to use that on the hotel campus.

You can have the cycling path in your hotel. So that tourists or customers can use it any time during their stay.

Hotels now have the gym for the fitness freak people. The gym is organized in the hotel with a lot of machines, treadmills, weights, and many others.

It is advised to put safety and precaution guidelines with each kind of gym machine. So that if the gym is tried by any newcomers then they can read and use it accordingly.

If any machine is not working then put a notice of “Not Working” with that machine. This will prevent any kind of injury that may can happen.

The gym is easy to set up as compared to other fitness options to choose from. In one hall or room, you can set up gym machines and many people can use them.

It will add one of the amenities to your hotel.

Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to wellness and health tourism. This wellness activity focuses on mental health and peacefulness.

We can also see that during the pandemic people were focusing on breathing exercises and yoga practice. This will boost the immunity of the people.

Along with this meditation practices are bringing peace and stability to the mind. This is making people emotionally strong and creates more awareness.

The spa and saloon in the hotel are added as facilities provided to those customers who want to pamper themselves.

It makes the customer feel special. This is the place where people get selves to relax through the many kinds of services.

For instance, head massage, body massage, and acupressure services can be avail in the spa. Sometimes these services are customized.

This spa in a hotel is designed in such a way that it soothes and relaxes the mind. They are decorated with candles and a beautiful aroma. This kind of environment refreshes the mind.

In the saloon, people can get makeup and makeover services. There are separate male and female or unisex saloons for customers.

While setting up a saloon and spa in the hotel take care that the services and facilities you are providing is eco friendly and do not produce non-biodegradable waste.

In the hotel, the food and diet planning is started. When few people are planning to lose some kgs they consume food with fat and calories content in it.

Hotelier show on the menu card how many calories and gluten a person consume after consuming any dish.

Wellness and Health

This will help customers keep an eye on their meals and their intake of food. Many hotels have a special plan and diet menu for health-conscious people.

This menu includes meals like soups, salad, multigrain bread, boiled eggs, and many others. If anyone is staying for a longer period they can have a cheat day too with healthier options.

Wellness and health tourism have a lot have benefits. As it is a new emerging buzz in the hotel industry and people are deviating towards it a lot.

After the pandemic wave, people are cautious about their health. So if they were going on any trip or vacation they will try not to skip their fitness routine. So, health and wellness programs attract customers.

When people get attracted to those hotels that have different health maintenance options. Then definitely the booking will increase that will increase the profit for the hotel.

When the demand of the customers is fulfilled by the hotels then their satisfaction will increase. This will help to add new customers to the customer base.

When any hotel starts something new also if that service is in demand, this will add a value proposition for the hotel.

It means with all the basic facilities of the hotel, any hotel is providing extra upon it. This additional thing will make hotels popular in the market.

This will result in brand formation too.

Hence we can say that wellness and health are becoming a vital part of the hotel industry. Because people are very much conscious about their health, especially after the COVID-19 wave.

After the lockdown when the hotel industry reopens the health facilities are the first question asked by customers.

That’s all from “Wellness and Health tourism: A new Buzz In Hotel Industry”.

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