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5 best strategies for a travel agency to build a market share

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Your success in any industry depends on your strategic plan.  A travel agency sets up a market campaign so it can build a market share.

To get more sales it is essential to have more leads. And you will get leads if you market your products effectively. 

Only a better strategic plan can help you in standing different from your rivals. Building a base for your travel agency is not an easy task.

To hit a market is not an easy task for any travel agency. Every agency is coming up with its own strategies. 

Here we are discussing 5 best strategies that build your market share rapidly. By following these strategies you can get more customers.

 You have to make a lot of effort to attract customers and convert them into bookings.

If you invest more in marketing then you can increase your reach also.

Without your marketing efforts, consumers will not know your offerings. And then no booking.

Here are 5 best strategies which will definitely help to build market share

1 Rebranding of your agency 

2 Organic as well as paid marketing 

3 The Value proposition to build a market share

4 Referrals and loyalty program 

5. Screening of reviews 

Here is detailed information about the above-mentioned strategies. These marketing strategies will increase leads and sales of a travel agency.

Rebranding of your agency is very essential to boost your market share. You can make modifications in your website

Travel agencies can also update logos and slogans. A travel agency can enhance the look and feel of its website. 

It can modify its logo to create a brand image in the consumer’s mind.

You will attract new consumers by rebranding and search for further demand from existing clients.

 You should re-examine your brand before taking any action, and then set up a strategy for it.

Sometimes people like it when you come with a new brand. Rebranding hit customer’s minds and helped in covering more markets.

There are two forms of sources available online for promoting your business. One form of marketing tactics is organic. And another is an advertisement which is compensated.

The organic marketing method is SEO (search engine optimization). So ads on search engines are paid for in the form of digital marketing. 

Paid search lists your website on top of search engines as you list your business in it. 

Different types of search engines like Bing, Google lists websites. 

They offer paid search as well as free search also.

In free search i.e. SEO you have to make a lot of effort to show your website on top search. While in paid search your website will show as you make payment.

Travel agencies should offer more than their customer expectations. If customers will get more than their expectations then they will prefer to choose it.

A travel agency should make better packages than its rivals. Consumers always attract where they get more.

If a customer gets a package for less price and more services than its expectations. He will definitely choose your travel agency.

Value proposition builds your market share and creates a brand image. You stand different from other agencies on the basis of offerings.

A loyal customer will make a reservation again and again from a certain travel agency.

The loyalty of your customers is very important for your business. And if you give them rewards for referring to others then it also increases their loyalty.

If a customer is your regular customer then you may offer a discount to him. He’ll be back on your platform soon.
It also encourages customers to refer to that travel agency. 

  1.  Organize events to interact with loyal customers
  2. Give rewards on referrals.
  3. Provide discounts to people who book another time.

Customer reviews give a positive impact on who comes for booking.  Word of mouth is one of the reliable forms of marketing.

People believe in others’ experiences and consider it more while choosing any agency.

 By observing reviews a travel agency can improve its services. You should also know where and why the customer is not satisfied with our service.

Customer reviews provide a chance to improve.  Reviews are the kind of feedback of knowing customers’ satisfaction. 

Positive reviews build the trust of other and new customers. While negative reviews provide change to a travel agency to improve its service. 

The travel agencies should analyze all the reviews. If you just ignore them you will lose a big market share. You will not be able to know your weaknesses.

To build market share it is important to have a strong marketing policy. Before going into the market you should set up a plan.

Travel agencies should focus on their rebranding. And make efforts to show their websites on search engine top results.

A referral is also an important part of it because it increases the loyalty of customers.

Travel agencies can offer rewards points for providing suggestions to improve its services.

QloApps provides a complete solution for all problems of Travel agencies. For more details regarding the travel agency,  you can refer to our blog.

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