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5 ways to deal with an angry guest to save bad hotel reviews

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To deal with an angry guest is one of the most required traits of a hotelier. In the hotel industry, it is very tough to get customers satisfaction as the customer walks in your hotel from different background, with the mindset and expectation.

A hotelier tries many things to make his customer happy. He tries new services, better staff and even cutting edge technology but no matter what he does at a point he has to face an angry guest.

Ergo, if we cannot avoid a situation then why not prepare for it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the ways to deal with an angry guest.

a picture of plastic hulk toy in green color to show an angry customer

There is always a reason behind the frustration of a guest. And no one gets angry from the start of the issue. Ergo, the step to deal with an angry guest is to listen.

Most of the time the reason for the guest’s frustration is that he is not being listened. Your ignorant attitude will cause damage.

If you listen to the guest properly then it will convey the message that you care. And if you have listened properly then you will be able to think of the solution to the problem.

This will not only save from the guest’s exasperation but also it will make your customer feel positive about you. It will send a message that you care for your customers. And your customer handling is above expectation.

Never ever say “Sir, it is your mistake”, even if it is.

Try to find a solution instead of putting the blame on the customer.  Putting the blame on the customer will not serve any purpose. It will make the situation worst.

So instead of making a logical explanation that whose mistake is, try to cool down the guest. Once he is in his normal temperament he himself will listen to you and will cooperate.

Your attempt of blaming the customer will send a direct message that you are not willing to resolve the message.

So it is better to take the onus and find the solution to the issue.

It is very important that your staff has the proper training and guidelines to tackle such situations. Without proper training, there is a chance that member of your staff who is handling the issue gets nervous. And in that nervous, he takes the wrong decision.

It is also possible that your staff does not know his limits. To what extent he can go to resolve the issue. So you must train your staff to deal with such situations.

Define the power of each level of your employee. And when an issue has to be escalated.

For example, there might be a situation when you have to give some sort of discount to the guest. So the employee handling must now whether he can do that or he needs to take the issue to his senior.

The best way to calm an angry customer is to provide a solution. You need to find a way anyhow to assuage the irritated guest. And if there is a way to resolve the issue then you do procrastinate.

Abd to that you must be completely aware of the issue. And there might be some which can take a while to resolve then you can offer the guests an upgrade or a waiver to keep them calm.

And there can also a situation that the issue is above the pay grade of the perticular employee. In such cases issue must be escalated as soon as possible. And the employee that can action should address the situation.

Once you have handled the situation then it is very important to get the customer’s feedback and take follow-ups. It is not necessary that you follow up the guest when he has checked out of your hotel.

You must take his feedback when it is staying in your hotel. You must ask if the issue is resolved and if he does not have any other issue and if he is enjoying his stay. So that the overall guest experience of your hotel is up to the mark.

Then once the guest has made the checkout then follow him up, may with an apology or anything that can motivate him for another visit.

Customers are at the center of every business in the world. And the hotel business is all about customer experience, his comfort, and satisfaction. A business cannot survive with angry customers.

So we must be careful with our customers. And if there is a situation then try to solve it till with all that you can afford.

I hope I was able to cover some points that can help us to deal with an angry guest.

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