Top 5 tips for building strong brand identity for hotels

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When we bring up some names like Apple, Microsoft, Sony etc. then most of the people recognize these brands immediately. They have been successful in communicating their brand to the consumers. The reason is that these brands have created a unique brand identity for themselves.

Creating strong brand identity in the hotel industry is also as important as in any industry. Many hotels like the Ritz-Carlton are the preferred choice of stay for people. Such well-known hotels have worked hard and come up with planned strategies to create an impact on the customers.

So what exactly is brand identity? The brand identity involves the certain elements that make a brand recognizable from its competitors. These elements include a logo, tagline, symbol, brand name, and typeface. What can be the ways that will help you to create a brand identity for your hotel?


Firstly it’s important to figure out what image do you want to project in front of the people. Are you a budget hotel and want to appeal customers that are looking for best rates rather than luxury hotels? Or are you luxury hotels that offer a rich and expensive hospitality experience?

Once you have decided what image suits your hotel, then it is time to go for the brand elements that reflect that image to your target market.


After deciding what your brand will signify the next step is to come up with a specific message. The two components brand image and the brand message should be consistent. This lets your employees deliver the exact message to the customers which related to your brand and in turn sell effectively.

If there is no consistency between these components then your employees may not be able to convince about your brand. Thus, it will become difficult for your customers to determine what you have to offer and make your brand less valuable.


Start to assimilate brand elements that help you in delivering your hotel’s brand and illustrating who you are. You can select a color for your logo or theme color for your website. Another element is the font that you choose to write the brand name. Fonts play an important part in reinforcing the power of your brand’s message that which will let you deliver in the marketing materials. For example, you can develop an unforgettable logo that will help your customers to remember your brand for a long time.


Your team of employees is a group that comes in direct contact with the customers. So why should your brand be presented in the papers? So you can create a work culture that revolves around the theme of your brand. This will result in people to associate your hotel with that brand.


To build a successful brand identity you have to treat customers in a special way. You need to understand the needs of your customers and address them accordingly. Customers have to be treated not only to a highly professional level but also in a social way.


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