Tourists are looking for untapped locations post-pandemic, use them to expand hotels reach.

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Tourists are looking for untapped locations after the coronavirus pandemic.

They are afraid to visit crowded places. But it does not mean they are not reluctant to travel.

It is just their preferences of locations to travel changes from most popular destinations to untapped locations.

It helps them avoiding places with major outbreaks so that they can embrace travel, not the virus.

Due to the uncertainties associated with international travel, luxury travelers are also demanding it, for exclusive vacations within the country.

Hoteliers know that for them recovery is tough but it is not impossible.

The work from home culture and staying in homes in lockdown, make a new trend in travel.

Hence, hotels must pull up their socks to welcome the travelers in their remote places, which are more quiet and less crowded.

Many travelers are looking to travel to offbeat and untapped to avoid crowd and virus altogether.

So, to use this as an opportunity hotels must expand their reach there.

For instance, they can open their branch in a less crowded, non-tourist location.

The location must not be too far away from the main city.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for people to reach there.

Proper roads are constructed from the city to hotel locations to allow travelers to drive to the destinations.

hotel in one of untapped locations

Below are the reasons why hotels should be looking for untapped locations in the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, this new generation eager to spend leisure time exploring places.

Post lockdown younger generations want to identify local leisure opportunities that appear to be beneficial during this pandemic.

It has been empirically proven that once the pandemic was under control, locals began visiting nearby destinations and/or engaging in other forms of leisure.

Travelers are more interested than ever before in their same-day visit or excursion program.

Revenge travel is a term that has been circulating in recent months to describe the angsty and bottled-up desire for travel that many of us are experiencing.

As people are deprived of travel for such a long time. In the current scenario, few places are there where restrictions are on travel, due to pandemic.

The spirit of travel among fellow travelers seems strong as travelers are taking off to nearby destinations to spend some time away from home.

In the current scenario, it’s more about leaving the house to be in another place where the pandemic doesn’t seem like so much of a pressing issue.

Even after the increase in crises, humans who are social beings, have an innate desire to explore and contact others.

Moreover, reductions in tax, easy refunds and discounts available on flight tickets and hotel reservations making travel more affordable than before.

Another trend that has emerged in the aftermath of the lockdown is the increased demand for mid-scale and luxury hotels for weddings.

Weddings have become leaner as social gatherings have been reduced.

This has led to a preference for well-known names in the hospitality industry, as well as a greater preference for luxurious weddings.

Nowadays, weddings are about adhering to social distancing norms, fewer guests, proper sanitization.

It is to ensure the safety of everyone at the wedding. Weddings at international locations are not sensible to operate.

Hence, people will choose a domestic hotel for hosting an intimate wedding affair.

With access to exciting adventures and wildlife, leisure travellers have been flocking to these destinations in recent months.

Your hotel can offer offbeat locations, adventure sports and jungle lodges.

Below are the two major ideas where you can use or want you can use to attract travelers to your hotels.

When you hear the word offbeat locations what comes to your mind?

Isn’t it the place far away from crowd, full of peace and serenity?

Yes, the offbeat locations must not be a part of tour operator itenary, nor does it have major shopping or religious pilgrimage destinations.

Hence, keeping this in mind hoteliers must select places which are not too far away from the city, and has something memorable to deliver to travelers

Many travelers are seeking to go to a new place to escape the threat of virus and hustle of the city.

So, use it as an opportunity to expand your market and increase sales and brand value.

Few instances of offbeat places in India includes: 

Halebidu in Karnataka which is a town of ancient temples, Chembra Peak in Kerala for adventure seekers and more.

These are cabins in midst of forests/ wood just like an inn.

Where one can stay overnight or for a few days and enjoy the landscapes of trees in forests, rivers flowing through them.

As a hoteliers you can use this option to expand your market reach and offer some memorable experiences to your visitors.

Many jungle lodges offer the facilities of safari.

So, you can include this to allow your travelers to explore the place from the jeep or elephant.

They can explore reserves, wild animals, national parks.

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of adventure activities, with scenery ranging from beaches to boulder-strewn hills.

One can also enjoy hiking, tubing, horseback riding, canoeing, banana boat ride.

So, appoint guides under whose supervision you will allow travelers to indulge in such activities.

From the article, we can have a clear idea that travelers are wiling to travel but not at the stake of their health.

Hence, to take care of their need and demand, hoteliers can use it as an opportunity to increase their sales.

By expanding their reach in untapped locations nearby main cities.

So that travelers can drive to that locations and enjoy leisure time without the threat of coronavirus.

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