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How emerging technologies in the hotel industry creating future opportunities?

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Adopting new technologies pave the path for future opportunities in the hotel industry.

Big changes require bold moves and it leads to a promising future.

It is a moment when you can rethink the ways to turn the tables in your favor.

Yes, it is possible to create opportunities for your hotel brand by leaving the old conventions.

And taking a new path in tech trends to give a safer and advance environment not only to hotel’s guests but also to hotels.

When you digitally transform hotels you are that pushing hotel industries toward a more efficient and intelligent future.

The old and conventional ways of doing things will no longer exist because they will not provide a sense of security to people.

Hotels will now be competing in their technologies and build strategies to become distinguishable from their competitors.

Emerging technologies are creating future opportunities for hotel industry

Here are the ways in which emerging technologies are creating future opportunities for hotel industry.

As vaccines are globally spread-out, many countries are introducing digital certificates that they will issue to people who are vaccinated.

These digital certificates are called health passports.

It means three things: one that the person is vaccinated, another he/she has tested negative and the last one is the person is recovered from the virus.

In this way, others can effortlessly identify people who are at lower risk of spreading the virus among the crowd.

This thought process is executed to reopen the travel of people and go back to normal.

Paper-based health passports are also available, but they are quickly forged and therefore have no international acceptance.

More advanced solutions, such as the ones mentioned above.

Include digital evidence of vaccine, negative virus test results, and/or positive antibody test results.

Before checking-in, the hotel the person with the digital certificate presents it to hoteliers and they verify the validity of the “signature” and its belongingness to the individual.

Hotels rely on data and they are using Information Technology systems more than ever before post-pandemic.

However, they could find themselves in a much more precarious situation as a result of this.

Hotels in the past have to pay a huge amount of fines in case of breach of data of hotel guests.

So, to avoid risks and breaches hotels don’t want to hold Personally-Identifying Information(PII) of guests.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Distributed Ledger Architectures are two main technologies.

That underpin health passports and will work together to allow customers control of their data.

Hence, by investing adequately in cybersecurity awareness programs and tools hotels can keep customer data secure along with protecting themselves from paying heavy breach amount.

The self-sovereign identity work for hotels and their guests.

It will protect the guest’s personal information, limit the chances of cybercrimes.

Guests can create one or more profiles and enter their personal information using mobile apps on their phone.

And these are encrypted and for their access biometric authentication is needed.

The guest decides what particular pieces of knowledge to exchange with whom, and under what circumstances.

They can also decide on how long they want to share that information and, for what purpose.

The guest’s name, email, passport, loyalty number, room preferences, and payment card can be shared for the guest’s preferred hotel brand.

If guests are staying in a hotel for only a day then they can only exchange their names.

If a guest books via an OTA, they will choose what information to share with both the OTA and the hotel.

The OTA will send the hotel a key to their name, giving the hotel access to anything the guest has chosen to share (and nothing more).

This is also beneficial for Online Travel Agencies because guests can exchange details.

Ultimately, which allows them to offer their guests personalized services and enhances guests experience.

Hotels can save and use data from the guest’s profile that is use to provide facilities.

And maintain it for as longer period of time, unless it violets privacy laws.

The main point is that they should keep Personal Identifiable Information to a bare minimum.

Hence, reducing the chance of it being compromised in a violation.

Covid-19 increases the need for contactless technologies to reduce human contact.

Property Management System will allow the property to streamline and simplify its day-to-day operations.

Particularly those that require a lot of time and effort.

A next-generation PMS should be able to do much of the difficult operations.

Like from housekeeping duties, complex reservations, inventory management, housekeeping, and other facilities operations.

Covid-19 increases the need for contactless technologies to reduce human contact.

Hence, now guests have access to self-check-in in their assign hotel rooms from their mobile apps.

It also allows guests to control room temperature, turning on lights, control the temperature of the bathroom and more.

Thus, guests don’t have to contact touchpoints.

Moreover, contactless payments are possible for food and beverage at kiosks that print receipts just like automatic teller machines.

Hotel leaders are now rethinking their plans in light of the pandemic and planning the future for uplifting the hotel industry.

Hotels old ways of handling tasks and performing operations will turn out to be disruptive and do more harm than good.

It is better to prepare and adopt emerging technologies to welcome the new normal and pave the path for the future.

These will not only address challenges but helps in creating future opportunities for hotel industries.

In above you can read in details about the technologies which will create future for your hotel industry.

These includes Property Management System, Health passports, self-sovereign identity, contactless technologies and kiosks.

Please share views in the comment box.

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