Qloapps “The Irresistible Hotel Reservation System” for your Hotel

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First of all, let me describe the term Hotel Reservation System in a few words.

A Hotel Reservation System is an online computer based system which assists hoteliers to manage various manual tasks like booking of hotel rooms, maintaining customer records and monitoring the revenue of the hotel.

With rapidly growing competition in the hotel industry, it is crucial for hotels to use a well developed Hotel Reservation System which can save time, help in manage business efficiently and give full control over their managerial tasks.


Qloapps is a free and dedicated open-source Hotel Reservation System which has been built to assist hoteliers to manage the online booking of their hotels & rooms by highlighting its incredible images, features, and prices.

Users can check hotel rooms availability in real time and book them online as per their need. Ultimately increasing hotelier’s revenue.

Till now, we have just given a brief description about Qloapps. Now we’ll explore its fantastic features concisely.


Get an elegant Landing page:

“First impression is the last impression” , though an old cliche but holds true even in this century. You need to have a good looking and an appealing landing page to attract customer’s attention on his first visit to your website. The landing page tells a lot about your hotel. Qloapps has an option for you to write a description about your hotel. It appears on the front page which will help readers know more about your hotel.

You can upload pictures of your hotel on the landing page to give a long lasting impact on customers’ mind and make them want to come to your hotel. Here you can showcase the types of rooms and services available in your hotel. It will help the customers make a faster decision and prompt them for an immediate booking!

Testimonials on Landing Page:

Qloapps provides an option to display testimonials of your customers on the front-end itself which will attract more visitors to your website. Customer reviews are very helpful to create a good impression of your website and business as it shows the experience of previous customers. It helps to build trust and encourages new customers to visit your hotel.

Supports Multiple Language and Currencies:

Qloapps also support multiple languages and currencies similar to other hotel reservation system. Users from other countries can view your website in their own language and have prices in their desired currencies.


Location wise search option:

Like other Online Travel Agency ( OTA ) and Hotel Reservation System, Qloapps also offer users to search the hotels city wise, state wise or country wise with the help of search box. It shows all the rooms available, now user can select any and complete the online booking process.

On-Desk Booking:

One of the most distinct features about Qloapps is the off-line booking system. On-desk booking system is managed from the back-end.

Qloapps is constructed to be flexible and perform multitasks. You can add as many rooms and/or hotels you need, check the availability of rooms, allot them to incoming tourists, reallocate them or swap them as per the requirements. Not just that, you can enter the necessary customer details like their names, addresses, the room numbers allotted to them and transactions. This particular feature is the trademark of Qloapps, try it and you’ll grow your fondness for the way it works.

Partial room booking:

Qloapps gives you the option to book rooms partially, i.e if a customer wants a room from 1st to 10th date of a calendar month and you have no rooms available for this period. You can allot him an empty room form 1st to 5th of that month and from 5th to 10th another room.

This is called the Partial room booking system introduced in our Hotel Reservation System. Currently, no other HRS has such feature available.

Multiple Rooms/Hotels Booking:

This trait is what makes Qloapps stand out from the Hotel Reservation System crowd. Your customers can book multiple rooms of same or different hotels in a single cart. And that too for different dates as well, reducing users efforts and saving their time.

If we talk about other hotel reservation system or OTA’s, a user has to perform multiple bookings by visiting the site repetitively. It  is a very time-consuming affair.


Online Payment:

Customers prefer easy and secure online payment methods. Paypal is the most popular and globally used payment gateway. That’s why it has been integrated into Qloapps. It helps customers to pay for their bookings without any hassle.

Partial Payment:

Another feature which makes Qloapps most distinctive Hotel Reservation System is the Partial Payment option. It is an advance payment method that enables you to add a fixed amount as the advance amount. By doing this you can allow your customers to pay this advance amount to confirm their booking. The due payment can be done on-desk and then you can update the status from the back-end.

Hope the post is helpful. After reading this article you must be feeling enthusiastic to use Qloapps for your hotel reservation website.

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