Responding to Hotel Guest reviews

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You need to be very cautious when responding to hotel guest reviews, whether it is positive or negative.

When one answer can put you at the risk of losing your current and potential customers.

It is important to do proper homework when responding to hotel guest reviews.

Positive reviews are well established to boost the organisation and its brand identity. This is one of the main indicators of future bookings.

This also gives potential customers the courage to book your hotel. Guests often trust other experienced guests to provide feedback.  

Feedback on any review, be it good or bad, establishes a relationship with customers. It gives customers an assurance they have not forgotten. 

First, write a reply to the review and test that the reply is correct. It should not hurt, but promote more feedbacks from visitor and future visitors.

Sending a special thank to the visitor will encourage the current visitor and potential visitors to leave more and more reviews. 

Think before responding to hotel guest reviews

You must keep some important points in your mind before preparing a reply to a review. 

Beginning with “thank you” demonstrates how important your courtesy is.  It is appropriate for analysis; both positive and negative.

This will not only build brand image and integrity but also a long relationship with customers.

This also indicates that you care for their views, which leads to more open discussion.

Today personalization is a key player in the hospitality industry. Particularly, as the travellers enforce new trends!

It’s really simple to have examples, and just reuse them, and it can work when responding to positive comments.

But let the analysis guide you when responding to negative comments. A negative review can sound like a personal insult, avoiding it becomes defensive.

Focus on the main problem and discuss your efforts to fix it.

Respond to the negative reviews within 72 hours, if you do not answer it within this timeframe, then it will further deteriorate your brand image.

Try to keep the reply short and sweet.

If you have an unhappy customer, then take time to apologise when necessary and make them understand that you care how they feel.

Thank the guest for taking the time to share their perspective, recognize their problem and demonstrate empathy.

Being humble will help the reader forgive and prevent you from becoming defensive.

Reassurance is one of the best things you can offer your unsatisfied customers.

Also, the guest may give your hotel a second chance by suggesting a few potential solutions or a plan of action to resolve the problem.

Or in worst cases give a refund, a discount or something else you think is acceptable.

Always keep in mind to give the customer preference whenever possible.

Effective grammar and spelling go a long way, reflecting on your brand, so read through and analyse them before posting.

In addition, think about the way messages sound internationally when millions of people read it.

There is no point getting on the defensive because your guests had a poor experience in your hotel.

Hence, if not properly handle then this may further angry an already tick off guests and destroy new business potential.

Mentioning that you will share the reviews with your team members will alleviate the frustration with the guest. 

This is because they feel that you are doing something to address their problem. It demonstrates that you care enough to make it a challenge for a team that you hope to fix

Guests like to believe they hear their voice.  When, because of their reviews, you suggest that you are making improvements, this will give visitors a sense of self-satisfaction. It will certainly give you a few fairy points and will ease your frustration.

Not only that, but the changes you’ll implement to make your hotel better will also be seen by future guests. Make your property a more tempting choice.

Providing a suitable response to comments is crucial if you want to successfully maintain your credibility. We now know that many travellers are turning to feedback about your hotel for the facts.

When you’re not there to react properly, you ‘re not going to give visitors the right idea or show them that they care.

Your guest has taken the time to write a positive review, the least you can do is to respond with a heartfelt thanks.

Make your answers honest and show them how much you appreciate their input.

It will go a long way to make your guest feel special and reassure other guests that you value their inputs.

You are a brand and you need to display professionalism. But behind every statement, there is a real human.

Your guest does not want to see a generic and robotic response, otherwise it will sound forceful and robotic.

A personal response shows that you value them and their time.

You are a person with emotions and characters too, that’s what really connects businesses and customers.

Hence, show your replies flourish and make it conversational.

If a guest points out something they especially enjoyed about your hotel, make sure to highlight this in your answer and emphasize it.

Not only does the positive review build itself the prestige of your hotel, but it will also increase the future profits of your hotel.

If your guests had a wonderful stay, don’t miss the opportunity to generate more guests. Ask them to like your hotel on Facebook, or sign up for exclusive offers to its newsletter.

Let them know they are always welcome back and they can also bring their friends and family with them.

It is vital to address unfavourable reviews upfront, right away, with an honest and sensible response.

Responding to hotel guest reviews is crucial if you want to successfully maintain your credibility.

For the right online reputation management, not only can you increase your favourable reviews but your sales output will also increase in effect.

We know that many travellers are turning to feedback about your hotel for the facts.

When you are not there to react properly, you are not going to give visitors the right idea or show them you care.

We hope you can find these tips helpful in developing your current reaction approach.

Please share views in the comment box.

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