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How to reduce OTA dependency

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The hotel industry has seen significant growth in recent years, and the online travel agency (OTA) has played a crucial role in this expansion. Online travel agency have made it easier for customers to find and book hotels, but they have also created a new challenge OTA Dependency.

Many hotels have become reliant on OTAs to generate bookings and drive revenue, which can be detrimental to their bottom line. 

In this blog post, we will explore ways that hotels can reduce OTA Dependency and take control of their destiny.

An online travel agency (OTA) is a website or application that allows users to book travel-related services such as flights, hotels, vacation rentals, and other experiences. OTAs act as intermediaries between travelers and travel providers, allowing users to search, compare, and book travel options from various suppliers in one place.

Some examples of popular OTAs include Expedia,, Airbnb, and Kayak. These platforms allow users to search for travel options based on various criteria such as destination, dates, and price and then book the best option for their needs. 

OTAs often offer additional services such as travel insurance, car rentals, and tours.

Before we talk about fixing the problem, let’s understand why hotels rely on OTAs so much. Many hotels use OTAs a lot to get bookings. They do this because of the following reasons:

OTAs help hotels reach lots of travelers, making them more visible in a busy market.

Using OTAs for bookings can be easy for hotel owners because they don’t have to do a lot of marketing and they can easily manage hotels and use the hotel reservation system to make the process seamless.

OTAs give hotels a lot of bookings regularly, which helps them deal with changes in the number of guests during different times of the year and in the market.

Even though OTAs are helpful, they also have problems like high fees and less control over hotels. To fix this and be more independent, hotel owners should focus on getting more direct bookings while using fewer OTAs.

A good way to rely less on OTAs is to make it easier for people to book directly through your hotel’s website or hotel booking software. Make sure these platforms are easy to use and have good booking systems. 

You can also give people special offers like discounts or loyalty programs to encourage them to book directly. This helps you build better relationships with guests and rely less on OTAs.

To get more people to book directly with your hotel and rely less on OTAs, it’s important to have a good presence online. Use search engine optimization to make sure your hotel shows up when people search online. 

Also, use social media, email, and content marketing to talk to potential guests and get them interested in booking directly with you. Doing these things will help people know more about your hotel and make them want to book directly with you instead of using OTAs.

Keeping in touch with your guests and making them feel valued is important to rely less on OTAs. Use special tools to keep track of guest information and send them personalized messages. 

This helps make their experience with your hotel special and makes them want to come back. Doing this will reduce your reliance on OTAs and make more money from direct bookings.

Make your hotel stand out and encourage people to book directly with you by offering extra things. This could be things like free breakfast, spa treatments, or tours around the area. 

These extra perks can make booking directly with your hotel more appealing for guests. Make sure to talk about these special things on your website and in your ads to show people why booking directly with you is better than using OTAs.

Change the prices of your rooms based on what’s happening in the market to make more money from direct bookings and rely less on OTAs. Keep an eye on what other hotels are charging and how many people are looking for rooms. 

Adjust your prices to make sure you’re getting the most money you can. You can also offer special deals and packages to get people to book directly with you instead of using OTAs.

Build relationships with companies, travel agencies, and other places that book hotels to get more people to book directly with you and rely less on OTAs. Offer special deals and perks to business travelers to make them want to book with you directly. 

By making friends with these important partners, you can skip using OTAs and make more money from big group bookings.

Hotels need to rely less on OTAs if they want to have more control and make more money. By following the tips we talked about, hotels can have more freedom, get more people to book directly with them, and do better in the digital world. 

Things like improving online booking systems, being active online, using tools to make customers happy, and making smart decisions to earn more money all help hotels rely less on OTAs.

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