How to prepare your hotel for summer 2021?

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To entice guests to book rooms you must prepare your hotel for summer 2021.

While some countries are still facing a large number of cases, there are many countries where cases are low.

Also, with the emergence of vaccines across the world, we can expect an increase in hotel guests.

So, start preparing your hotel from now and leave no stone unturned.

Investing in the right methods and technology is crucial for success.

Assess all the ways you can adapt to rebound your hotel.

Ensure the strategies you are adopting is the top need of the guests.

You do not need to advertise ruthlessly.

Just focus on things that will solve people’s problem, repeat and reference will automatically follow.

prepare your hotel for summer 2021

Let’s take a look at a few tips you can follow to prepare your hotel for summer 2021.

The first and foremost thing you must do while preparing your hotel for guests is by updating your website.

It includes compiling information about Covid-19 guidelines you are following.

Special deals guests can avail of, local amenities in your area, activities guests can indulge in your hotel and other practical information.

Make sure this content is easily accessible on the website, you can display it on your homepage, or via a separate tab.

You can also use the news ticker block to show any important information to your website visitors.

To know more information about QloApps news ticker block click here.

All your efforts will go in vain if you do not market your website content. Decide ways to reach your guests.

If you have any confusion about your target market then create personas and tailor advertisements to directly appeal to them.

Pandemic leads to barriers in international travels.

Moreover, people do not feel safe travelling long distance. So, better focus on your local travellers and appeal to their needs.

Local travellers will come from nearby places, market your hotel by highlighting local destinations.

Other than amenities or services your hotel is providing.

Collaborate with local artists or partner with other restaurants and spas.

When a property engages locals effectively, it adds a constant stream of sales that can support the property’s bottom line during the time of the pandemic.

Focus on things that assure travellers that you value their money.

Your rate plan descriptions are a brilliant way to give the guests the last bits of crucial detail before they book.

For instances, free breakfast and amenities are included in booking charges.

With new Covid-19 spikes happening, travellers are searching for assurances that if they need to cancel their flight, they’ll get a refund or credit.

Most travellers would not bother booking with you if the cancellation policy is rigid.

Even if is not affordable for your hotel to give discounts, make sure customers are allowed to re-book in the future.

Keep your hotel’s COVID-19 protocols at front and centre, so it is easy to read and don’t go unnoticed.

When your visitors arrive at the hotel, put them at ease by providing specific guidance.

About how to check-in and precautions they have to follow, and other important guidelines.

Use signage ( i.e, signs, symbols and visual graphics) in your hotel to communicate the Covid-19 message.

Create effective signage to increase awareness among guests that leads to easy cooperation from them.

Tips for creating effective signage

  • Choose a background that makes it focus on the main message.
  • The message should be short and clear.
  • Must be readable from a distance.
  • Use bold letters to give priority to certain parts of the message.

People have been dealing with this pandemic past one year. They are weary, sab and confuse.

Many have gone through depression due to various reasons like loss of life of dear one, loss of job, loneliness, etc.

So, when they enter your hotel welcome them with kind words and gestures, do something pleasurable for them at the check-in.

I know maintaining distance and avoiding close contact is advisable in this time of the pandemic.

Also, when everything is going digital it is not possible to interact as effective as it was used to.

But, you can use their data to write a personalized welcome note and send it in their mobile when they check in.

Have a smiling face, say generous words with welcoming hand gestures when they arrive.

Don’t think that your face is covered with a mask so why you need to smile.

Because a genuine smile is visible in the eyes, that’s why it is important to smile.

Pandemic has made it compulsory to adopt contactless technologies for safer stay.

Hoteliers must use innovative technologies in hotels to implement a high level of cleanliness and sanitatio.

As well as to maintain adequate social distance.

Contactless check-ins can be set up using a PMS that supports smartphone self-check-ins.

To streamline and automate hotel operations, encourage guests to use online secure digital registration cards before their arrival.

Invest in technology that can check from distance the temperature of guests and staffs.

Moreover, it is will be better to adopt QR codes for menus and a dedicated concierge app for your services. 

World Health Organization has laid down guidelines that accommodation providers/ hoteliers have to follow.

These recommendations hotels must follow for safer and hygienic guests stay. 

Steps like regular cleaning of halls, rooms, common areas, elevators is a must.

Moreover, they can include advanced solutions like electrostatic sprayers, UV light units as they better cleaning solution than traditional chemicals.

Furthermore, there should be proper ventilation so that guest rooms have clear fresh air.

We can conclude that to prepare your hotel for summer 2021, you must update your website content.

Stick hospitality guidelines around the hotel to avoid confusion, follow digitalization and cleanliness procedures.

Moreover, to attract guests make them feel you value them and their hard earned money by introducing flexible rate policies.

Please share views in the comment box.

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