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What technology trends hotels must adapt in the times of pandemic?

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A few technology trends hotels must adapt the porch of recovery. We cannot predict the future of the hospitality industry.

But we can say there are a few technological trends which hoteliers must adopt for the smooth operation of the hotel business.

We know pandemic has impacted the hotel industry very badly.

Moreover, it causes changes in the behaviour pattern of the consumer and new legislations.

Hence, to cope with this new technology trends hotels must adapt to face the consequence of coronavirus outbreak.

technology trends hotels must adapt

Here are the few technology trends which hotels must adapt in the times of pandemic.

The guests are more concerned about their health and safety amid the times of pandemic.

Hence, they want everything digital from room key to hotel amenities for a safe stay in the hotel.

The digital room key or an app in smartphone eliminates the need to touch door lock and allows keyless entry in a room.

The traditional way of calling reception and asking about services available will replace with details of amenities and other services in the tablet.

Hence, the guests can avail these services within a push of button or voice control.

You can install portable streaming devices which allow guests to watch their collection movies or shows.

Smart controls of lights, a/c, geyser, is so in. If you can execute it well, then you can easily enhance the guest’s experience.

The internet of things benefits hoteliers as they can control the hotel and manage guests effectively.

They can use the internet of things to manage the property and its operations.

Further, it helps them to know their guests better and provide better services to them.

It allows tracking, managing and controlling of the hotel from the dashboard.

Hence, it also saves electricity as they can control the lighting and temperature of gym, spa and other spaces of the hotel from the dashboard. 

It enables hotels to deliver services matching guests preferences, recommending books, sports club, local museums to complement customers taste. 

It makes it easier for hotel staff to serve guests with personalized meal services, special privileges, complementary services, etc. 

Hotel operations network can communicate seamlessly with the real world through integrated apps, sensors, and machine learning. 

Thus, leaving guests with more personalized experiences.

For optimizing the performance of hotels at an affordable rate, Saas technology has emerged as a flourishing tool and platform.

If you are a start-up, then the Saas model will eradicate your issue to depend on the third party for operations, marketing and sales.

You can build a vacation rental website using Saas platform.

Moreover, it will help in making data-driven decisions from your hospitality dashboard.

It will collect data hospitality KPI’s at one place, giving a clear overview of the hotel’s performance.

With Saas, customer can pay in hotel restaurant without cash or card.

Thus, you will know customer buying habits and provide them with personalized experiences in future with backed-up data.

Covid-19 stops everything but still, you can hire people at a faster pace with SaaS.

API is another emerging tool which connects your other tools to work together.

For instance, RMS to PMS. Thus, allowing you to capture the full capabilities

of each platform to work effectively and efficiently.

We can say, all the above features make SaaS and API emerging tools for the new normal world.

Gathering customer’s data is the most valuable resources for standing out from your competitors by knowing your guests better.

Big data may provide tools to enhance the profit management approach, particularly with giant hotel chains.

It provides you with the opportunity to increase the efficiency of sales and marketing activities.

It is because it organizes a large volume of data into the small crux.

Thus, you will analyze, interpret, and disseminate a large number of data collected hourly.

Hence, when your guests book a room, you can start your promotional offers.

Thus, big data not only improves your hotel revenue but also improves your overall business strategy.

For gaining the trust of hotel guests, cleanliness is one of the most crucial factors in the time of crises.

They want to ensure that hotels have cleanliness protocols in place.

They not only want to clean more often but to make the use of cleaning equipment such as electrostatic sprayers, UV light units, etc.

These types of equipment will create a sense of relief among guests.

So, if your hotel is not using these advance cleaning solutions, investing in them in future will be beneficial.

It shows your guests you are taking care of their safety.

Maintaining the quality of air inside the hotel and proper ventilation is required to eliminate the spread of the virus.

Real-time checking the quality of air and taking corrective action will ensure you are concerned about the safety of your hotel guests and staff.

Thus, guests will gain confidence, and your hotel earns revenues.

In the times of pandemic of Covid-19, adoption of technology is required on urgent basis.

If we want to position our hotel with the competitors in the market, the adoption of technology cannot be neglected.

Technology helps to cope with the varying demands of the hotel industry.

Also, it helps to reduce costs and make the business more efficient.

The few technologies which I have mentioned are cleaning solutions, big data, Internet of things, SaaS and API.

Please share views in the comment box.

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