Different types of Covid-19 travellers visiting the hotel and how to make room for them?

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Despite pandemic, there are different types of Covid-19 travellers who are still visiting the hotels

There is no secret that pandemic crushed the travel industry.

But still, there is a certain percentage of people who are travelling in this pandemic despite the chaos.

In this article, we will be focusing on those travellers.

But first, let’s see why certain countries are seeing more number of travels than others.

The coronavirus pandemic grew worse in March for countries like Europe and South America, as new cases have increased.

The virus continues to spread across the globe.

But some countries are seeing high rates of infection while others tend to have the virus under control.

In the consecutive second week of May incidences of both cases and deaths continue to rise in the South-East Asia region.

So, the countries with moderate cases and deaths people are still travelling there.

Now, let’s find out the different types of Covid-19 travellers.

different types of Covid-19 travelers

The people whose income is high than average people are continues to travel despite the ongoing crisis.

Nearly 40% are travelling have their family with them and are spending superfluous on refining items.

To appeal to these families hotels must adapt to their needs.

Larger spaces and kid-friendly spaces are ideal for accommodating families and upselling products.

Corporate travellers are travelling in pandemic for their work-related purposes.

Their more focus is on the amenities and value they are receiving in consideration of price.

Moreover, to meet their busy schedules, these guests value efficiency and self-service.

Hence, regardless of whether your hotel has or not conference facilities.

You should make sure to equip it with a desk, good wifi, fax, photocopier, lots of plug sockets.

Hodophile is used to describe people who love roads or in a better way who loves to travel.

Pandemic has work in their favour as they can travel while working.

Remote working and hybrid working models have been more popular than ever.

So, many people who love to travel are having a ball while working simultaneously.

To attract them you can provide a good Wifi facility.

Along with it, you can inform them about various events happening, or festivals are celebrating in the nearby area.

People will feel safe visiting familiar and nearby locations.

That’s way, it is evident hotels will be welcoming the majority of domestic travelers.

Domestic travelers above 40 years of age are more likely to travel in future.

Despite having a 19% higher salary than the average customer, they seem to be saving money for their vacations.

They want your hotel to be clean and sanitize regularly.

You can also showcase various activities they can participate in while residing in the hotel.

As they will be spending most of their time inside the hotel.

Hotels will see a spike in the number of fully vaccinated travelers.

Fully vaccinated means completely vaccinated with their country approved vaccine

Or a World Health Organization-approved vaccine for emergency use may travel freely.

But still, they must cover their mouth and nose with a mask, keep a distance of 6 feet from everyone and properly sanitize every now and then.

We know every hotel is different and so are their guests. So, here is the way which helps you to create travel personas on your own.

They are the facts about your target audience which distinguishes them from others.

Basic details include name, gender, age, nationality, relationship status, family size etc.

Besides these, you have to include additional information.

About their profession, educational background, social media and content preferences, etc.

They are useful for planning.

If you can ask it out then talk with your guests and note down a few questions to find out more about their lives and motivations.

Why they choose your brand to book a trip? What annoys them the most during the booking process?

Are they attending any events nearby?

Also, use your social media accounts to connect with customers and get answers to the same questions.

Just by asking you can have a lot of information in front of you.

Although the information you gather would be incredibly useful in developing various travel personas.

It will not provide you with a complete picture.

Interacting with your hotel staff to get the complete picture. They can help a lot based on their experiences with each guest.

Hotel brands need to know the hearts and minds of customers.

Especially, during this sensitive time when the world is going through a covid-19 pandemic.

It is crucial to use emotional intelligence to empathize with them, communicate better and improve relations with them.

Understanding who their guests are, what their needs are, what they do and why they do it is quite important.

So, that you can motivate them to book rooms from your hotel.

After understanding the mindset of travellers and their expectations from your hotel.

Your hotel brand can create personalized messages and send them to the guests.

This way you can provide the most valuable offer at the correct time.

You can also send personalized messages based on the spending habits of travelers.

For instance, the money they spend on dining and family-friendly experiences.

Focus on things that assure travellers that you are concerned about their safety and value their money.

For instance, flexibility in cancellation policies, and giving discounts.

Even those who are planning to travel in the next 4-5 months are more likely to choose your hotel.

If they are presented with new travel insurance policies, numerous discounts, and flexible cancellation policies.

From the information above you can understand what are the different types of Covid-19 travellers.

Going through them you can understand you guests better.

Which helps you in building marketing strategies and improve the overall experience.

Please share views in the comment box.

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