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How to optimize Facebook Ads (Now Meta) strategies to boost hotel sales?

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Facebook has come up with a new way, you can use to optimize Facebook ads.

Through it, you can easily create and manage ads on your desktop and cell phone.

And it is called Ad Manager. It will create, manage and run ads. Moreover, it will track the performance of your advertisement. 

Create new ads as per the objective or overall goal of your campaign. Here, you have to define the audience you want to target.

To target the audience, choose when and where you want to place an ad, and set the budget accordingly.

Additionally, you can select the format of the ad, upload videos, images, add texts, links, and more to make your ad more reachable.

Note- Make sure to have a Facebook business page to have an Ads Manager account.

Blue and black colour use in image which talks about how to optimize Facebook Ads
  1. Meta check whether the ad adheres to their advertising policies. And it takes about 24 hours. Hence, prepare an ad a few days before you want to launch it.
  2. When a new ad is launched in the market it takes some time for it to gain momentum. During this time period, the Delivery column of Ad Manager will display “Learning” status. Don’t edit or make changes in the ad during this time because the delivery system will learn about people and places where to target this ad. If you edit during this time then you will not get the best result.
  3. See the outcomes of the advertisements, and check which one best aligns with your business goals. 
  4. Start with selecting large number of audience and narrow them down over time.

It will automatically show ads to audiences who find them relevant and love them.

But, if you want to reach other sections of audiences, then you can do it yourself through audience selection tools.

There are three audience selection tools: Core audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.

Define audiences on the basis of age, interests, geography, and more under core audiences.

Custom audiences help you to establish connections with people who once engage with your business.

Moreover, as the name suggests looklike audiences help you reach new people similar to your current best customers.

You can control your cost by limiting the amount of money you spend on ads through ad control tools.

One is the Campaign budget which uses campaign budget optimization.

Through this, you can set a campaign budget that continuously distributes in real-time to ad sets with the best opportunities.

Another is Ad set budgets, which allows setting individual budgets for ad sets.

It will turn out beneficial for those whose audience sizes vary hugely or who have mixed bid strategies.

Additionally, in both, you can select to apply budget for the entire lifetime or for a single day.

The place where you choose to display your hotel ads is called placements.

You can choose platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

In the following places you can display ads:

Facebook: Facebook news feed, marketplace, video feeds, right column, stories, in-stream videos, search results, instant articles.

Instagram: Instagram feed, shop, stories, in-stream videos, reels.

Messenger: Messenger inbox, stories, sponsored messages.

External apps: Ads appear on the audience network native, banner, and interstitial. Moreover, it appears on audience network rewarded videos.

First, find out the ad objectives available to you and which one will help you achieve your business goals.

Afterward, decide your buying type.

In this, you have selected your mode of payment, how you target and measure ads in your campaign.

Choose their reach and frequency. Understand the difference between different buying types to select the one most suitable for your business goal.

A/b testing or split testing allows you to change variables.

Like your ad creative, target audience, or placement to find out which strategy will yield the best result and improve future campaigns.

For testing, you can use two or more existing campaigns or create a duplicate of an existing one.

But there are restrictions i.e., you cannot use campaigns that are going through another test.

Moreover, you can’t use campaigns that are using the Reach and Frequency buying type.

For all those ads which you run on Facebook, you can check how each one of them is performing. You can view information like:

The number of people that have seen your advertisement.

The total number of persons that have clicked on your advertisement.

The amount of money you spend on your advertisement.

We can conclude that through Facebook Ads Manager you can optimize Facebook ads.

It helps in reaching ads to your potential audiences.

Moreover, you can quickly duplicate your ads and advertising campaigns. Check all the matrices, analyze results, and make changes.

In short, it helps you in easily creating, managing ads and makes them more reachable.

So, it increases your brand awareness, and more people book rooms from your hotel.

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