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How To Leverage Events and Festivals?

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Leveraging events and festivals are very necessary for the hotel industry because hotelier spends a lot of money in organizing any event. Hoteliers plan an event for brand awareness and marketing.

If the hotel is at any tourist place or it is an emerging hotel then hoteliers generally organize events for tourists, parties, or festivals.

Leverage Events and Festivals

This is done because it gives a boom to the popularity of hotels. When people attend any event or ask the hotel to organize any personal events it will increase word-of-mouth marketing and make the hotel popular.

The hoteliers organize the events to attract the customer and to do their marketing. The purpose of these events is for a long-term goal.

When tourists come into the city the hoteliers have the chance to attract them.

If they attend any festive event, music event, or any event asked by the company to organize for a corporate party. Here, hotelier should try their best in planning an event.

If it is organized well and liked by the people then it will make the brand formation. A happy and satisfied attendee of the events will surely leave positive feedback.

If each attendee is satisfied, it can also be possible that you can appear as one of the best hotels for the event organization.

Leveraging events and festivals here means how your event will help in gripping the hotel industry market. If your hotel gives you the facility to organize any event, then how your customer will know? As well as, why they should choose you.

Here we will discuss a few methods to leverage events and festivals in the hotel industry.

Try to know your customer before they come to an event. It will be very beneficial for the hotelier to do the preparation accordingly.

If you know your customer background then you can do the arrangement according to their likes and dislikes. For example: If you are organizing a meeting and the people are from another state, then you can get the refreshment of their choice.

This will make the customer feel special and that you care for them. This will increase the customer experience.

In any particular season went the customers are high then also you can arrange the event. For instance, during Christmas and new year, music festival is in demand and hoteliers organize the same for customers.

At events, many people look for combined tickets and offers. This will attract customers. You will feel the benefit when you see people will buy tickets for any event’s packages.

For example: If the cost of any single ticket is 100 USD then the cost of 2 tickets is 180 USD. Basically in these kinds of events, people go in groups so these types of combined tickets get sold most.

You can make the packages for children and retired people separately. This will also boost and attract customers.

Therefore, it is suggested that try to make the packages according to age group and the customer requirement. So, the packages get sold and return the profit.

Marketing is the key to the success of any event. This is important because with the proper marketing people can know about the event and they will go to attend it.

The advertisement must include all the information about the event. The details of the events like date, location, what is genre, time, and theme of the event.

This will make people aware of the events and the details of the events tell what kind of event is going to happen.

If people know very details via marketing then people or tourists can plan easily how to reach the location and mark the date in their calendar.

The marketing of the event should be started a few months before. Broadcast the advertisement on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also tell about the details of how to reach the event location (if it is far from the city). You can tell them details of the nearest metro station, available public transport facilities, and many others.

When you conduct any event in your hotel, then try to showcase your amenities to all the customers. This will eventually improve the brand image and attract attendees to your hotel.

When customers see all kinds of facilities present in the hotel then they can think about further meetings and conferences.

When any attendees of the event visit your hotel open or show hotel amenities to them. For example swimming pool, parking, gym, and gaming center so that they know about it and use it.

Try to serve them the best snacks from your menu so that they can remember the taste. When a customer comes to the billing counter then pass a pamphlet of the other activities in the hotel in the bill book.

By this customers take it at home and sale conversion can happen.

When any year starts then plan your events for the whole year. This will be very beneficial for you. Because you have ample time to prepare for any events.

By this, you can plan the staff accordingly. If you are organizing any event of the new year then after that you can display your coming year’s event. The guest will get to know about it.

When any event is nearby then you can send any notification and mail to inform them. Open the booking window of the event so that customers can book it in advance.

There are multiple benefits to Leverage Events and Festivals. Let’s discuss a few of them:

There is no doubt by leverage events and festivals will give a boost to brand formation. A lot of the public comes to the event and by word of mouth, you will get a perk in the marketing.

A successful event will not give you monetary benefits but also give you a lot of new customers and the old customer will repeat.

When any hotel gets fame after conducting any event, after that we can see that there is more sale in the hotel. Because people get to know about the hotel.

If your hotel is new, and you have a handful of customers, but once you have conducted any event then you can have at least basic customer formation(regular customers). These regular customers are your loyal customer.

So try to retain them.

That’s all from “How To Leverage Events and Festivals?”.

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