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Event Management In Hotel Industry

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Event management in hotel industry came into the picture because many corporate firms, family, and friends ask hotels to organize their gatherings including a large headcount.

For corporate firms event is considered like a training program, meeting, conference, etc. For families, events can be understood as weddings, birthday parties, garden parties, etc.

Event management in hotel

So managing the necessities of the people is not easy for a single person. You need hospitality skills and proper management for this.

Hence event management came into the picture.

So event management departments in the hotel industry plan to organize business meetings, and social events in hotels.

When large numbers of people gather for any purpose, it requires proper management. This management for arrangements provided to people is done by the event management team.

The hospitality sector has a section called event management. Additionally, the most popular hotel section is this one because it generates good revenue for the hotel.

Hotel event management makes ensuring that any event in the hotel runs smoothly. Depending on a variety of conditions, these roles may differ from one to the next. Now let’s know what are the important points of it.

  • This department’s primary goal is to plan events including parties, conferences, business meetings, and lavish gatherings. Additionally, the hotel event management division is a large revenue-producing area for the hospitality sector.
  • By giving them the necessary resources, tools, skills, expertise, and a conducive environment, event managers assist their staff members in achieving the intended goals.
  • Operations for event planning are ongoing. The staff is under a lot of pressure, especially during peak hours, and works with guests that have varying temperaments and needs.

The event manager is in charge of making sure everything is in its proper location and on time. Also, the correct individuals are doing the right jobs and have received the necessary training.

There are two kinds of events: cooperative and non-cooperative. Let’s know more about each.

Examples of cooperative events are:

  • Business Meetings
  • Product Launch
  • Training/ Workshop sessions
  • Organisation Party.

Business Meetings: Business meetings are those events that are like round table discussions. It can be board member meetings, whiteboard discussions, or any important meeting between the two or more companies for any business purpose.

These kinds of meetings need a sophisticated environment and arrangement like a projector, charging points for a laptop, notepad, pen, etc

Product Launch: The product launch is the announcement of any new product and service that the company is going to start. These can resemble a party or conference in the atmosphere, but they tend to be happier and more promotional in nature.

Here while organizing any product launch event, we need to focus on the promotion of the product. The type of area can vary accordingly. For a new car launch it can be on any ground, any movie it can be any hall, etc

Training/Workshop: The training and workshop are educative events, where many people learn and one or two share the knowledge. These kinds of events are for training purposes given to candidates

The basic requirements and arrangements are different from the above-discussed events. It can require a hall with audio (mice, speakers) and a video system.

Projector with a laptop for presentation purposes. So that if training hall is big the voice can reach till back and one can see the screen easily.

Organization Party: Big organizations conduct their parties in a month or annually. It can be like any reward function, annual function, or team party.

This kind of event requires a lot of management for security(like checking on the entry gate of the party: entry for office employees). It can be a theme party that can require a big area for dining and entertainment purposes.

Similarly, now we will know about the non-cooperative events.

Event management in hotel

Examples of non-cooperative events are:

  • Weddings
  • Festival
  • Social Gathering(Birthday, Anniversary Celebration)

Wedding: The wedding scale can vary from very small to very large. Nowadays there is a trend of destination weddings. Here the families come to the venue and stay till the wedding day.

It needs a lot of arrangements like room accommodations, food and beverages, and wedding functions. Along with these arrangements of traditional rituals too.

Festival: There are many types of music festivals and dance festivals organized by the hotel. It can be for a single evening or more than a couple of days.

For example, the Indian festival Holi is organized in any hotel so event management has to take care of the colors, water to play, safety and security, and many other necessities.

Social Gathering ( Birthday, Anniversary Celebration): These are small events that last for a few hours. All the requirements are told by the customers including what will be the menu for the event.

It can be a small kitty party of 10 people or any kind of celebration for 50 people.

Every event begins with this step of planning. This phase’s tasks include coming up with a theme, creating a budget, setting deadlines, and choosing and booking event locations.

As well as setting up equipment and facilities, organizing transportation, creating a contingency plan, and more. It involves observing and paying close attention to each component of the event.

Check all the resources required for the event day(s). Moreover, get them in surplus amounts if needed. Place the order or generate the purchase order for the resources that you require.

After that, if there is a requirement for human resources then try to hire them as soon as possible and train them.

Event day and its Closure:

On the day of the event or the day before the event check your papers that how much advance is taken from the customer and how much is pending.

As well as, check with the checklist what is asked by the customer in food, decorations, or any other demand, do we have the resources to complete it or not?

After the event tries to get feedback from the customer and check for the loophole that can be covered in the next event.

Now here we will know about the benefits of event management in the hotel industry.

  • Event management is a separate team in the hospitality industry. This team is specified for event management. As they know how to plan and organize things so they save time and money.
  • As the event management team knows how to handle the tough time with customers. This will increase customer satisfaction. Hence it will exponentially increase the profit.
  • In any event, many people come to attend the events. If it is well organized they will suggest other people or companies organize an event in your hotel.
  • As well as, it can increase customer retention if any attendee likes the event.

This was all from the “Event Management In Hotel Industry”. I hope you liked the article.

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