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How To Improve Your Hotel Booking On OTA?

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Hoteliers list their hotels in the OTA and showcase their properties. After that, their room gets booked, and OTA charges a commission for the same.

Customers usually make the booking from the OTA. It is because they get to see the list of all hotels on one platform. As well as they will get the chance to compare the prices among all the listed hotels.

Therefore, we can say that OTA is like a bridge between the customer and the hotel. It sells the rooms of the hotels to customers with some commission against it.

Hence, the hotelier needs to keep an eye on the sale coming by OTA. Now, we will discuss the methods that give perks to your hotel booking.

There are multiple ways to increase the OTA booking. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Whenever you list your hotel on the OTA, always add high-quality and clear images on the profile.

Try to cover all the areas of the hotel. Click the beautiful images of the hotel room, and try to cover all the hotel premises with an attractive background.

You can add images in the profile of different locations like car parking, hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, gym, and kid’s area.

All these kinds of images attract the viewer. They think the hotel has all the basic amenities that will make their stay comfortable. All these things will increase the OTA booking of your hotel.

There are many OTAs available to list the hotel. It will be best if you list your hotel on many OTAs. This will give visibility to your hotel on multiple platforms. In this way, many visitors can see your hotel listed on OTA.

It will increase the chance of more bookings. The high number of bookings due to multiple OTAs improves the ranking and ratings of the hotel. This will also help in brand formation.

Rate Parity means hoteliers have to display the same price of room type on each OTA. If it is different, it will create a disparity.

Therefore, it is vital to keep rate parity on all the OTA. The disparity creates a lower ranking and decreases the booking counts. To avoid this, try to maintain the parity of the room types.

During festivals and vacations, the customer likes to go on trips. They book the hotel room for the stay. During these days, hoteliers have the chance to get more bookings and gain profit.

QloApps reward system is an addon that helps to create offers and increase traffic. This addon helps to retain the old customer and increase the customer base.

For this, OTA can create discount offers that will attract customers for bookings. The offers can be created on the first booking by new customers, discount coupons for loyal customers. 

It is one of the vital parameters to increase OTA booking. Guest testimonials are the review given by the customer after the stay. They share their experience with the hotel.

Customers tell what they did in the hotel. They talk about the food quality and the behavior of the hotel staff.

Try to display the positive and the high rating review in the first and if any negative is there, try to resolve their concerns. The customer reads the positive review and sees the shared image. Depending on that they can decide on booking.

The QloApps cancellation policy of the hotel should be simple and precise. If any customer is planning to cancel the bookings, try to know the reason for cancellation.

Try to hold the customer by offering them special discounts and complimentary services. Also, you can suggest to them the new date and time. It will be suitable for the customer and the hotelier. 

The customer can plan the visit any other day and the booking does also not get canceled.

That’s all from the How To Improve Your Hotel Booking On OTA. I hope you like our blog. Kindly share your thoughts on the same.

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You can ask any doubts on the QloApps forum. We will love to share and exchange ideas with you.

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